Video:Bernard Goldberg Asks Why Obama Doesn’t Release His Birth Certificate

Bernard Goldberg, appearing on The O’Reilly Factor,  asked the same question that Lou Dobbs asked on CNN; the one that caught him so much flack, why doesn’t Obama just release the darn thing, and put this matter to rest? I’m glad that more and more people are asking this question. It’s a reasonable one, and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask it.

There are differing theories as to why he Obama won’t do it, and none are flattering to him:

Goldberg gets extra credit for bringing up the college records.

I’ve been saying the same thing, what’s the deal?…what’s he hiding?…where’s the transparency? And if he’s only keeping the birth certificate under wraps so he can say naaa naaa naaa to some conservatives who believe he was born in Kenya, shame on him. Many people are concerned about this, including members of the military. Watch this video of a town hall meeting in Delaware which erupted in enthusiastic approval when someone brought up the issue. The Commander in Chief  should put a stop to it, and forget about the politics for just one second, but we can’t ever expect that much from Obama, can we?

Oh man!….

I’m not even through reading this, but it’s so good, I have to share: Andrew McCarthy weighs in at NRO: Suborned in the U.S.A. Read it!

Okay, I’m done, and HUBBA HUBBA! My feelings exactly! Short version: Obama is a demonstrable liar, there are still outstanding questions about his citizenship, and the media is not doing its job to get to the bottom of it.  I am so glad people of his stature are not afraid to speak up when there are so many people, even on the conservative side, who mock and ridicule the “birther” stuff.


Sir Gregory at Teh Resistance Blog makes some good points, too:

10 Reasons not to get mixed up with the Birther Movement

I agree with some of that, but not the “Birthers are playing into the hands of the left” part. I think the left is running scared on this, and the more scared they are, the more they lash out, as we’ve seen with Sarah Palin. I think the people on the right who are are lashing out are doing it out of fear, too. Fear that this stuff damages all of our reputations, collectively.

But I see nothing wrong with demanding the transparancy Obama promised to deliver as President. Why does Obama continue to resist releasing the COLB? What’s on that long form that he doesn’t want seen?

Sort of Related:

Atlas Shrugs:

It’s 1984: Do not question dear leader! Two Cops off the force for Obama Background Check

Why’d they do it? Hm.


14 thoughts on “Video:Bernard Goldberg Asks Why Obama Doesn’t Release His Birth Certificate

  1. Off Topic, but I find this remarkable.

    I don’t hide my faith, I basically don’t have one, but stuff like this kinda drives me nuts.

    Don’t know if I agree with proselytizing while on deployment in the service, but that seems heavy handed.

    (in case I screwed up the href


  2. You silly morons – he’s produced a birth certificate, and the Republican authorities in Hawaii have verified it – when the heck are you going to put yours online, as well as your qualifications. Pathetic! and Racist!


  3. So now I am a moron along with a racist. obama can refer to the police as stupid..and is nor seen as a racist. We want to see proof that this person is a citizen and we are racist morons. When all else fails…call the people names.


  4. >>is ozz a troll? or a fool?

    What do you get when you combine a troll with a fool? A tool. I’d say that about sums it up.

    It comes in here under many names to give his unique Australian view of anyone who doesn’t like Obama’s act, “You’re a racist!”. I suspect that will have about as much success as Barry had when he tried to label the Cambridge police as racist.

    Best to just ignore it.


  5. Actually, since Dr. Chiyome Fukino, from Hawaii’s Dept. of Health (says she) has seen the birth certificate, and just issued a definitive statement that Barack Obama was indeed born in Hawaii, as his Certificate of Live Birth states, that should satisfy most people. But it’s very odd that Obama has fought so hard to keep it hidden from the public. That’s the thing that bothers me.

    And of course, there’s all the rest of his school/travel/medical/etc records he refuses to release.


  6. And most birthers these days aren’t concerned with his place of birth, but his citizenship status due to having a father from Kenya, and being adopted by his second father in Indonesia.

    None of which I follow very closely.


  7. Uhh. If all these “authorities” have seen the long form birth certificate why can’t it been released to the public?
    Too late to say it is lost, after all, so many “authorities” have seen it.
    When someone, or a group, who has NOT seen the document, says “nothing to see here, move along,” that makes them a classic bootlicker. I don’t like bootlickers. So, I want to see the document.


  8. I’m gonna rant a little.
    There are many “types” in this debate. There are the types who lump you into the “truther” movement, or the “JFK conspiracy” crowd if you say you want to see the birth certificate.
    Newsflash: you haven’t. The document on the internet is not what “the Republican Authorities” have looked at and said was copacetic.
    How comfortable would you be if the Zapruder film was kept from the public, but looked at by “Republican Authorities” who assured everybody that there was nothing to see?
    Imagine the footage of 911 only existed for a select few to see and they assured you that there was nothing there. “Trust us!”
    But the part that truly cracks me up are the people who look at the internet COLB and act as if they are looking at the document in question. That’s like commenting on the Zapruder film because you saw a Woody Woodpecker cartoon.


  9. I have never been to Hawaii but my aunt and uncle lived there in 1941. My uncle was in the US Navy and their daughter was born there. My uncle sent them back to the mainland in July 1941 and he remained. The carriers and subs were out at sea on Dec 7th so my uncle survived. My aunt and cousin are still alive and have been back to Hawaii on several visits with old friends and I spoke with my cousin recently and she told me what a “long form birth cert was – it is no longer used. The purpose of the form was to prove native Polynesian ancestry….it was “long” because one needed to show their ancestry to prove grandma and grandpa were of Polynesian ancestry – then the child/ grandchild could be eligible for some financial benefits like college tuition assistance. Since he is not of polynesian ancestry he was given the short form. I think the reason Hawaii has discontinued the long form is that there have not been any requests for it for some time. I work with a gal who is of Native American ancestry and her tribe was just “recognized” as an official tribe and now her kids will be eligible for tuition benefits. Hope this may help with some of your concerns. God Bless.


  10. I think most of those people, like some of us, are considered “birthers,” has little to do with any specific controversy that we believe in, but rather the absolute and positive fact, that this man his hid every bit of personal documentation from us.

    You people (the ones who know my mother moniker) know more about me, than this country knows about this president.

    and I’m just some guy who tells interesting (well sometimes) stories.

    This man is an enigma, and THAT is why so many of the populace voted for him. They C&P’d their own ideals on a “blank slate.” and everyone thinks they are a good person, until everyone else lets them know that they aren’t.


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