A Picture Worth A Thousand Words


“teachable moment”

This picture tells the story, but if you’re interested in a good verbal beat down, Thomas Lifson at the American Thinker can oblige:

Sergeant Crowley, the sole class act in this trio, helps the handicapped  Professor Gates down the stairs, while Barack Obama, heedless of the infirmities of his friend and fellow victim of self-defined racial profiling, strides ahead on his own. So who is compassionate? And who is so self-involved and arrogant that he is oblivious?’

Speaking of verbal beat downs, see Ace for more about “the beer summit”.


Compare to President Bush.

My favorite comment from the American Thinker post, from DW Cripps: <!– Comment: #35 –>

From beginning to end, the one person in this little vingette who has shown professionalism, integrity, restraint, honesty and character has been Sgt. Crowley!! Like many others, I was concerned that the Sergeant might end up being used as a PR tool by BO and Gates. I think that was the ultimate motive behind the so called “beer summit” as arranged by BO. However, by being himself – a man of character- Sgt. Crowley has outshined both Gates and BO. This photo really does put the lie to the charges of racism, rogue cop, acting stupidly, etc., and does expose BO for who and what he truly is.


Obligatory caption contest at Hot Air.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs, again.


12 thoughts on “A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

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  3. Good catch, Nice Deb. I like this quote from the piece:

    One of the major subtexts of the health care debate involves the public’s fear of indifferent, powerful bureaucrats ruling their lives. It is one thing to wait in line at the DMV to find out which other line you should wait in, in order to begin the process of waiting for multiple bureaucrats to go through the motions of processing your request. I have spent entire afternoons going through this process.

    But when we get to health care, waiting often means enduring pain and dysfunction longer than necessary, sometimes a worsening of the condition, and sometimes death.

    So true. As someone who spent 5 years taking care of my ex-spouse after he got Alzheimer’s (when none of his relatives, even his own children — my steps — would), someone with 95-year old stepfather (who I take out to lunch every Friday, among other things) and someone who is bit of gimp myself (neuropathy and reactive arthritis), I know the struggles. And I do not hesitate to judge others by their treatment of those who struggle.


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  6. Of course the real issue here is that Crowley is a decent man who I doubt would support any of the vile cretinous rubbish you publish on this blog.


  7. Because of his arrogance, Obama didn’t even realize that he showed his ass by walking ahead…..and those are some very ugly true colors obama has. He probably figured why bother showing compassion to Gates because he will be considered disposable under bammy’s healthcare debacle because of his age.
    It really did show not who obama is, but WHAT he is.


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