ObamaCare AARP “Listening Session” Organizers Refuse To Listen To Members’ Concerns

Here is an  example of the “artificial”, “manufactured” “angry mob” we’ve all heard tell of. And the Dems are right, these disruptive malcontents are members of a powerful lobbying group, the AARP:

Odd, I didn’t spot any swastikas.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin via Jeremiah Films.


Karl Rove explained the Dems’  discomfort with protesters earlier today on Fox News with Megyn Kelly:

Video: Robert Gibbs Responds To Question About WH Snitch Network

Jake Tapper asked the question:

By “misinformation” he means putting out the uncut tape of Obama’s words in  2003 about supporting a “single payer” or universal  health care plan. The truth to these liars is misinformation because it doesn’t serve their purpose.

So when asked by Tapper, “Is it misinformation that in 2003 Senator Obama supported a single payer health care system”?, he responds with the usual b.s. about Obama’s words getting spliced and diced, and taken out of context. They just keep digging themselves deeper in a hole with this nonsense, because you can watch an uncut video of Obama making his statements about “being a proponent of single payer” on YouTube.

The only conclusion one can draw from this is that there is a misinformation campaign going on, all right, and it’s coming directly at us from the White House. But the jig is up. Too many people are on to their lies.

Both Gibbs, and Douglass insist that “Nobody is collecting names”, but as Tapper noted at Political Punch, Gibbs conceded that:

Obviously, the National Archives documents correspondence with the White House.

Regarding Gibbs’ answer to his question about Obama’s words in 2003, Tapper reports:

When asked today whether it is misinformation that in 2003 President Obama, then a state senator, supported a single-payer health care system, Gibbs suggested that since as a presidential candidate and president Mr. Obama has changed his position, and dropped his advocacy of single payer, the clips are misleading.

“If you look at the statements that have been put up on other Internet sites that splice a bunch of stuff together, and I think if you look at the answers that state senator, U.S. senator, and President Barack Obama has given on that,” Gibbs said, “we hope to provide people with a full and accurate picture, not… only the words that opponents might want to see.”

I think it’s inaccurate to extrapolate  from that, that the the Obama administration is admitting an evolution in Obama’s thinking on Single Payer. I don’t see that in Gibbs’ quote, and they have steadfastly refused to admit that Obama was ever a proponent of single payer, instead they have consistently tossed out the canard that he was being taken out of context. That excuse was being made as far back as January of ’08.

In sum, they have repeatedly said that he was taken out of context, not that his thinking had changed on single payer.

So I call b.s. on that.

Yes, there’s some editing in these Naked Emperor News videos. It was necessary in order to pack all of the damning evidence in the short videos:


At Breitbart t.v.:

Pam Keys of Naked Emperor News responds to the hub-bub in reaction to her latest video, and explains how it came about.


allahpundit says he’s not reassured by Gibbys remark’s.