Claire McCaskill Town Hall, Blue Springs MO

The event was dubbed, “a kitchen table talk”, which seemed odd since it was held in a library, but it was basically a town hall.  400-500 people showed up to talk to the Senator, only to find out that she was actually in another part of the state, and a staffer, (Kimberly Jolley?) was taking her place.

I don’t envy her for having to face 400+ very skeptical, very displeased tax payers with very few answers to their questions. We were told that the questions were being taken down, and that Senator would post answers on her website in the coming days. We’ll see.

I got there late, (of course), and found a place in the back to snap some pictures:






This woman, from the McCaskill group led the proceedings with a very ….charismatic prayer that went so long, that a few people in the crowd randomly shouted out, “Amen”! before she was finished. People weren’t there for a revival meeting.


I forgot what this woman asked, but she started by asking people to stay calm.




This woman is a refuge from the Canadian health care system. She moved to the US in 2005, and said it was the best thing she ever did.


This man said that Senator McCaskill didn’t need to bother reading any of the various health care bills floating through congress…


The only thing she needs to read, he exclaimed, is the Constitution.


The staffer was respectful, and poised, but didn’t have many answers to our questions.

I asked a question, myself. (Man, was I nervous!) I asked if Senator McCaskill would support tort reform in the Senate bill, and she said she didn’t know. I did get her to confirm that the Senator supported the public option. I then faced the audience and said, “I think we all know, because Obama has said so himself on several occasions that the public option would necessarily lead to a single payer, universal health care system”. I said that many Democrats had admitted this, including Jacob Hacker, the Berkeley professor who designed the plan. He said, ‘this isn’t a Trojan horse…it’s right in there!’ I went on, “Now, nevermind that the White House has been…*thinking feverishly for a more delicate term, and failing*…lying profusely about what he has said, the bottom line is, the American people do not support a universal health care plan” (Applause). I turned to her and asked, “Does Senator McCaskill support universal health care? She shook her head no.


This woman is a retired teacher, if I remember right.

One person, when it was his time to ask a question  asked the crowd if a bus had taken them down there, or if they were on anybody’s payroll. “NOOOOOO!”  they bellowed.


I almost brought some signs in, myself, but I thought it would be kind of weird in the library…



On my way out, the kiddo I was with was hungry for din-din.

Well, the experience was not terribly edifying, but at least I can now say that I am officially part of  “the mob”.


19 thoughts on “Claire McCaskill Town Hall, Blue Springs MO

  1. I didn’t speak, but I spent 10 minutes talking with one of McCaskill’s staffers going over items in the Health Care Senate Summary. I also went through step-by-step, what would happen to private insurance if the House Bill were to become law. He agreed with my logic, but said the Senate would never pass the House version of the bill that would restrict insurance companies from adding new policy holders to pre-existing plans in Jan 2013.

    I then gave him some solutions that I would implement including making private insurance portable across state lines. Allowing individuals and companies to purchase insurance from any company in any state would lower insurance premiums and decrease the number of people who lose their insurance when they move or change jobs.

    The staffer started out polite, but dismissive. Within a couple of minutes, though, I began to sense his mood change from dismissive to interested. By the time we parted, I had got him to agree with me that there were some problematic items in the Senate Summary that need to be investigated. He made a point of asking me for my contact information as I was about to leave.

    I don’t agree with some who say the message won’t get back to McCaskill. Those staffers went through a very stressful situation and I’m sure they’ll let her know how many were there and how passionate we were.


  2. Sen. McCaskill has been one of the more reasonable Democrats on this issue, and has been respectful of dissenters of ObamaCare. Her staffer reflected that respect.

    That’s what I think kept the meeting from turning into a shouting match like we’ve been seeing on youtube. There were a few *expressive* types, and I may have shouted a couple of times myself at the beginning, but for the most part it was controlled..


  3. Nice job, I know it takes some courage to get up and speak in a group like that. You had your convictions to back you and did great. Were people ticked off that Senator McCaskill wasn’t there. How does she have an event scheduled and then send a staffer?


  4. Although I wish Sen. McCaskill would have been there, Sen. McCaskill was never scheduled to come to this event. I received this email on July 30.

    “My name is Kimberly Jolley and I am a Constituent Services Representative for Senator Claire McCaskill. I will be in your area on August 10th 2009 from 6:00-7:00pm at the Blue Springs South Library 2220 S. 7 Hwy Blue Springs, MO 64014 on behalf of the Senator. Please stop by and express your thoughts and concerns. If you have any questions, please reply to this email or call my office at 816-421-1639.
    Kimberly Jolley
    Constituent Services Representative
    Office of Senator Claire McCaskill”


  5. Yeah, I did some googling before I posted this to find out if Darla Jaye was right about Kimberly’s name, (I got there late, and didn’t hear it), and the picture I saw of her at google images and facebook looked so different from her that I just went with “the staffer”. But anyway, I found out that McCaskill holds these ‘kitchen table talks’ frequently with a staffer in her place. So I didn’t think it was really a big deal.

    I’m going to use her name in my post, now that I have some corroboration. I should have asked someone before I left.

    Mary Sue, why don’t I have Ruby Slippers on my blogroll? I’m adding it, now.


  6. Imagine that, the staffer was respectful to the people and the meeting didn’t turn into a shouting match.

    Proverbs 15:1 An answer, when mild, turns away rage, but a word causing pain makes anger to come up.

    I’m glad to hear at least one senator and staff is treating her employers, the people, respectfully.

    Thanks for attending, speaking, and reporting about the meeting.


  7. I got in late, but was there standing next to the lady holding the “Future Doctor with No Future” sign. I was holding my video camera. I got most of the meeting on video and posted it on youtube. It should be up sometime today if anyone is interested.


  8. I believe the staffers name was Cory. She is a trooper. Claire got a letter from me last night complimenting that young woman.

    Nice to see the KC(Red)Star chose to not give one line to this event.

    It was a bit disconserting that so many people dont seem to recognize The House is one body, the Senate another and every Senator is not going to know line by line what is in a House bill. And they dont seem to get it that when a bill is in committee it is not a bill so you cannot go read a Senate bill that is still in committee. But I digress.

    It was good to see the support to kill this garbage. I wish Ike had the stones to come out of hiding.


  9. Specter is doing a town hall in PA right now on Fox. He is getting beaten like a rented mule by the angry mob. What’s striking is that the people asking the questions know more about what’s in the House bill than Specter does. He is also taking a beating on the general out of control spending in DC.

    These town halls are a huge backfire for the donks. They are being exposed as know nothing blowhards who don’t listen to their constituents. Going to be an interesting 2010 election season after this debacle.


  10. I think the main thing is, we’re showing that there’s a lot of passionate opposition to what they’re doing, and we represent a majority of the American people.


  11. Many of us don’t have the opportunity to attend one of these townhall meetings. Thank you so much Deb, you represent many of us, across the country, who feel the way you do. Thanks again!


  12. Thanks Deb. This is exactly what more people need to read. Real accounts with real people like the rest of us and unfiltered through the eyes of the media or politicians which can be biased by literally *anything*.

    With you reporting, it’s a comfort because you live like us, make a living, pay your taxes, and try to keep your nose clean. Reporters aren’t motivated in the same way – they are news whores. Politicians are motivated by money and power. But you knew that.

    The potential loss of control over our own health care is a grave grave thing. And to have it done by those who are supposed to be serving us? Words fail me.


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