Video: Judge Napalitano Digs Into Spamgate On The Glenn Beck Show

The judge is hot on the case, and the fear mongering Andrew Breitbart provides him with sinister conspiracy theories galore:

Key quote from Breitbart:

People are starting to realize that Barack Obama has two tricks…he’s mellifluous, he speaks well, and he uses the teleprompter, and on his behalf he has people that intimidate and community organize….that’s it – he has no other trick.

How The Dems Plan On Getting The Public Option In The Health Care Bill Against The Will Of The American People

Howard Dean explains all on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:


By the way, Charles Grassly did a great job defending himself against allegations of hypocrisy, on Fox, this morning:

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MORE Howard Dean:

Howard “Yeaarggghh” Dean: GOP Wants to “Kill the Bill and Kill the President

“Fear Mongering” And “Sinister Conspiracy Theories” Caused WH Email Controversy


WH Media Director, Macon Phillips denounces wingnut fear mongering and conspiracy theories

Fox News is still all over this bizarre story:

The White House is blaming the controversy over its Web site and mass e-mails on viral rumors, “fear-mongering” and “sinister conspiracy theories” even as it acknowledges problems with its online practices.

After confirming to FOX News over the weekend that third-party groups could be responsible for official White House e-mails that have been sent to people who never signed up for them, President Obama’s new media director took to the official White House blog to “clear up” the confusion.

In a posting Monday night, Macon Phillips again pointed the finger at “outside groups of all political stripes” but downplayed the backlash over the unwanted e-mails.

“An ironic development is that the launch of an online program meant to provide facts about health insurance reform has itself become the target of fear-mongering and online rumors that are the tactics of choice for the defenders of the status quo,” he wrote. “Despite reports by some bloggers and others in the media that have invoked a variety of sinister conspiracy theories, more people signed up for updates last week than during the entire month of July.”

Speaking of status quos, if it wasn’t for Major Garrett’s “fear mongering”, I guess the White House would still be spamming people who never signed up for WH emails, and that would be just hunky-dory, I guess.

You know what a really ironic development is? The “online program meant to provide facts about health insurance reform” is actually a propaganda site that steers you away from the truth.

By the way, is it a sinister conspiracy theory to note that the WH snitch site hasn’t been eliminated, it’s just changed homes?:

To better understand what new misinformation is bubbling up online or in other venues, we want your suggestions about topics to address through the Reality Check site. To consolidate the process, the email address set up last week for this same purpose is now closed and all feedback should be sent through:

I wonder what sort of “sinister conspiracy theories” the left would have come up with had President Bush done anything like this.

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Thousands Of AARP Members Have Quit Since July 1

Up to 60,000 people have canceled their AARP memberships since July 1,  according to CBS News. The reason?


Elaine Guardiani has been with AARP for 14 years, and said, “I’m extremely disappointed in AARP.”

Retired nurse Dale Anderson has 12 years with AARP and said, “I don’t wanna be connected with AARP.”

Many are switching to the American Seniors Association, a group that calls itself the conservative alternative as CBS News Investigative Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports.

It’s about time. Although it bills itself as an independent organization, the AARP was hijacked by the far left a long time ago, and no longer looks out for the best interests of its members, an example being its support for the death tax, which most seniors oppose. The proposed cuts in Medicare are a deal breaker.

Last week, Obama told a town meeting in Portsmouth, NH, “We have the AARP on board because they know this is a good deal for our seniors.”

The AARP called the President’s statements “inaccurate,” saying it hasn’t endorsed any plan or bill.

Although the AARP is not overtly supporting ObamaCare, members believe they’ve been actively promoting it through “the backdoor”, which seems to be verified by this youtube video from a couple of weeks ago:

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Pre-election, the media became so obsessed with the youth vote, that we overlooked the sheer determination of the elderly. And it left the pols caught like deer in a mobilized scooter`s headlights. How ironic is it that the folks most easily called to action are those with the poorest of hearing.

Enchanted Media Moment Winner Week of 8/16


These Enchanted moments have slowed down quite a bit from earlier in the year, but the media still has its moments, as the Exurban League noticed in an  Az Republic article, yesterday: This one clocked in early, folks, and I can’t imagine anything else this week beating it, I really can’t:

For tourists at the Grand Canyon Sunday, the political star power of President Barack Obama and the First Family temporarily eclipsed the landmark’s majestic natural beauty.

Just wow.


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