Obama To Summon His Purple Army In Conference Call, Tomorrow

seiu bus

On Thursday, Barack Obama will host a conference call with his SEIU supporters.

Via Michelle Malkin, here’s SEIU chief, Andy Stern’s  message, (in part), that went out to union members:

I’m getting on a call with President Obama tomorrow and I want you to join me.

The President is holding a live health care reform strategy meeting on Thursday at 2:30 pm EST. He’ll lay out our strategy and message going forward, and he’ll answer questions from SEIU activists and supporters like you.

Click here to RSVP and submit a question for President Obama: http://my.barackobama.com/forum

You can read the complete letter at Michelle’s site.

As the WSJ reported last week, the left is planning and already implementing a massive astroturfing counterattack:

The AFL-CIO has allocated $15 million for mobilization and communication. Individual unions plan to advertise in states with moderate Democratic lawmakers. The Service Employees International Union is sending members to more than 400 events this month, including an “ambulance tour” across Montana, home of Democratic Sen. Max Baucus, a key player in the health debate.

“America deserves an honest, civil discussion on how to fix our broken health-care system,” said SEIU President Andy Stern.

By “honest, civil discussion”, he means lies, obfuscation,  and busting heads of people who don’t agree.

Jim Hoft reported today, that for a pro ObamaCare rally last week in Jackson, MI, Organizing For America and the SEIU bused in supporters from as far away as Muskegon and Detroit, 146, and 78 miles away respectively.

But we’re the astroturfers, remember.

The SEIU has been so busy lately promoting ObamaCare, you would think that it wouldn’t have time to concern itself with  other destructive boondoggles, but you would be wrong:

Labor unions and environmental groups across the United States on Tuesday announced plans for a nationwide campaign to boost support for a climate change bill that is aimed at promoting “clean energy” and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Leaders of the United Steelworkers, Service Employees International Union and Utility Workers Union of America were to join heads of major US environmental groups on a conference call Wednesday to formally launch the campaign, AFP reports.

The coalition said in a statement that the “Made In America” Jobs Tour will open Thursday in Ohio – traditionally a critical political battleground in US presidential elections – and visit 50 sites in 22 states.

According to the statement, the tour “is aimed at highlighting the benefits to American workers and businesses of transitioning to a clean energy economy that will create millions of jobs”.

Oh joy.

3 thoughts on “Obama To Summon His Purple Army In Conference Call, Tomorrow

  1. I saw SEIU ANDY was quoted in another article the other day, mouthing off about how the Republicans weren’t interested in Bipartisanship. I wondered why SEIU ANDY was bitching about it in an article when there is no shortage of leftie Congresscritters to do so, especially since they’re the ones actually in Congress.


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