So How’s That Swell Single Payer Health Care Working Out In Canada?

Oh, I don’t know….not so great?

The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority is planning to shut down nearly one-quarter of its operating rooms and cancel thousands of elective surgeries between Sept. 1 and March 31 in a bid to bridge a $90-million budget gap, NDP health critic Adrian Dix charged yesterday.

Mr. Dix, MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway, said documents leaked to him by “health authority sources” propose cutting 6,250 surgeries, about 24 per cent of all scheduled procedures, to the end of fiscal 2009-10.

“What they’re doing is deferring these surgeries until the next fiscal year to save money. It’s going to increase wait times for people, and thousands of medically necessary procedures won’t be performed,” he said.

The plan targets cataract operations, coronary bypasses, joint replacements, certain types of neurosurgery and a variety of elective procedures, Mr. Dix said.

At an average of $6,000 per surgery, he estimated the move will save the health authority more than $37-million.

However, the VCHA’s senior media relations officer, Anna Marie D’Angelo, described the proposal as “a planning document that outlined one possible approach we might be looking at.”

“No decision has been made to implement it … so it’s inappropriate to say it’s a done deal,” Ms. D’Angelo said. “It’s certainly not going to be implemented any time soon.”

While the organization’s $90-million deficit is “significant,” Ms. D’Angelo said it’s manageable in the context of the VCHA’s $2.9-billion annual budget.

Last month, health authority officials announced plans to save about $600,000 by postponing one-third of scheduled surgeries during the 2010 Olympics and this year’s extended two-week spring break.

Likewise, the Fraser Health Authority, facing a $130-million deficit, announced it will “postpone” 2,000 elective surgeries over a four-week period during the Olympics.

Now….isn’t this the same sort of single payer, government run, free health care for all, Utopian dream liberals are trying to trick us into getting? I mean I’m sure it’s not exactly what the left has in mind, but pretty close, right?

It almost looks like there’s some sort of….I don’t know…what’s the word?….Rationing? Yes, I think that’s it-  extreme rationing is going on. The sort of rationing of health care most Americans would be appalled by.

A while back, Steven Crowder made a video based on his experience with his friends trying to access the free health care in Canada. It wasn’t pretty:

3 words: Do. not. want.

Hat tip: Jackstraw.

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