Video: Nobody Took Radical Obama At His Word

Glenn Beck takes us on a trip down memory lane – and makes the point that the far left man Obama really was, (and still is) was right there for all to see before the election:

Half the problem, imo, was that the media refused to play up his more radical statements.

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(I’ll provide a snippet from each, but please do follow the links and read them all).

Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere:

The Lord Detests The Proud Of Heart. Be Sure Of This: They Will Not Go Unpunished.

I’m sure the President had every reason in the world to believe that the press would not call him out on such blatant lies as “If you like your current plan, you’ll be able to keep it.”  or “I have never said I was for a single payer plan.”  And true to form, this has largely been the case.  They have been far to busy filling the airwaves and print columns with their “expressions of concern” about the people who were showing up at town hall meetings with their elected officials and expressing their outrage that they would even consider foisting this crap sandwich down our throats.  It was was too easy to take administration officials and some members of Congress at their word that these righteously pissed citizens were actually shills for big drug companies and insurance companies, rather than people who actually took time to read the bill and and realize that it was not what was being promised.  And a strange thing happened.  The people being targeted were not deterred.

Francis W. Porretto:

False Witness: A Screed-Rumination “Twofer”

As a child in Indonesia, Barack Hussein Obama was educated as a Muslim. Whatever shifts in religious allegiance he may have made later in life — and we should remember that an aspiring politician will often make such a shift to increase his political palatability — that fact is indisputable. And this fact is equally indisputable: It is Islamic doctrine, written into the Qu’ran and reinforced by various ahadith, that lying to an “infidel” in service to Allah, to Islam, or to fellow Muslims is morally licit, in certain circumstances obligatory.

Combine that bit of Islamic teaching with left-liberal politicians’ characteristic readiness to deceive us benighted ones in service to “the greater good.” Then stir in the enormous self-importance of Barack Hussein “I Won” Obama. What do you get?

Do you get the sense that Obama, a supposed Christian, takes seriously the Eighth Commandment’s proscription of false witness, or that he lives by the spirit of the Second Great Commandment, which stands behind the majority of the original Ten?

Do you get an assurance that Obama, committed by his own words to transparency in government, would never dream of emitting a falsehood from behind the Great Seal of the United States?

Do you imagine that Obama, who has openly stated his desire for a “single-payer” health insurance system in the United States, who becomes enraged at challenges to his statements, and who has dispatched union goons to suppress protests against the Democrats’ health-care ambitions, can be trusted on this or any lesser subject?

No, I don’t either.


The Herding

Here’s what the actual policies of this administration are–and yes, there are only two real ones: to foment chaos—the type of chaos which would require a little-s savior—and to reduce escape options.  And the subsequent policies of that savior–the ones not yet evident; the ones which we can only guess at–will indeed stop the chaos from progressing.

While we don’t know what these policies are yet, there is one thing that we can be pretty sure about: this savior’s yet-unknown policies would clamp down on big-L Liberty so tightly that none of us would recognize the United States in which we live at present. At that leads us to the raison d’etre, the ultimate goal: the seizure of absolute power. And that is the objective, the long-term goal. All else is secondary.


5 thoughts on “Video: Nobody Took Radical Obama At His Word

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  2. Another big part of the problem is the same thing that is happening right now. Any criticism of The One is branded as racist just as it was during the campaign. Look what happened to Bubba in S. Carolina.

    Obama sat in a racist church for 20 years, a church that preached black separatism and the evils of the white man and did nothing. He didn’t leave the church, hell he embraced it, until Rev. Wright went completely off the rails and then he gave his famous “this is not the Rev. Wright I knew” craptastic statement. If a white guy had attended a racist church for 20 years he would have been finished. But anyone who criticized Barry or didn’t buy his shtick was a hater.

    It worked during the campaign but it’s wearing thin now. Funny, people seem to resent being called racist for exercising their 1st Amendment right.


  3. They’re like the boy who called wolf. Crying racist! every five minutes. At some point you just stop believing. (that moment came for me a looong time ago).


  4. When someone really is a racist, like ohhhhh…. say Obama’s Reverend, calling him a racist just becomes noise to the average, non-paying much attention person. “There they go again, screaming racist”.
    Just like fascist.
    It’s almost like it’s strategery.

    I actually enjoy being called racist and fascist or homophobe or whatever anymore. I laugh and ask, “Is that the best you got?” and try to make them explain why what I just said is whatever “ist” they found convenient.

    It doesn’t really do anything constructive, but it puts them on the defensive instead of me and makes me laugh.


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