Required Reading:What the President’s Attack on the CIA Really Means

Herbert E. Meyer, who  worked in the CIA during the Reagan years writes this salient piece at The American Thinker.

A highlight:

President Bush made the same kind of decision that FDR had made 60 years earlier.  Rather than just go after those who had launched the attack on our homeland, he undertook a Global War on Terrorism to defeat all of those states and groups that subscribed to the radical Islam ideology.  Just like FDR, President Bush threw the switch from defense to offense.  Whether he played offense well or poorly during his years in office is something that historians will debate for the next thousand years.  But there’s no doubt that after 9-11 the US was playing offense.

Btw, you can thank Bush for keeping us safe, here.

That’s now over.  Look hard at everything President Obama has said and done — this week’s attack on the CIA, his banishment of the phrase “Global War on Terrorism” and its replacement with the milquetoast “overseas contingency operations,” his apologetic Cairo speech, his seeming indifference to the recent bombings in Iraq, his unwillingness to seize the opportunity of the students’ uprising in Iran to knock over that dangerous regime, his trashing of our special relationship with Israel, and all the rest including his longtime personal relationships with vicious America-haters like Bill Ayers and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright — and the conclusion is inescapable: President Obama is throwing the switch from offense back to defense, and returning the US to its September 10 mindset.

Don’t forget Honduras.

Read the rest of at The American Thinker.

A good companion piece:

If I were taking over a country, what would I do next? An exercise in thinking like the enemy.


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