Organizing For America Launches Its Own Bus Tour (UPDATED)

What to look for

OFA has launched its own bus tour to counter the anti-ObamaCare bus tours that are currently making their ways across the country. Conservative activists take heed. There is not an easily accessible schedule posted online of the 11 stops the bus plans to make. The reason for this should be obvious. They want their people at these rallies, not you.

US News reports:

The “Health Insurance Reform Now” bus will make 11 stops between tomorrow and when members of Congress return to Washington, hitting up Albuquerque, N.M., Denver, Raleigh, N.C., and Pittsburgh.

The president’s supporters seem to have been drowned out when it comes to healthcare reform, with activists on the right flocking to healthcare town halls around the country and getting a lot of attention for doing so. Conservatives already have a bus, too, the “Hands Off My Healthcare” bus, created by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity. It has toured the country for several weeks, this week stopping in Arkansas.

I suggest that  conservative activists continue to drown out their voices by “flocking” to these pro ObamaCare rallies wherever possible. I went to the OFA website for a schedule, but, believe it or not, was unable to find one. I was able to track down three of the stops by scouring the internet:

Wed, Aug 26 – Phoenix (IBEW Hall) (too late)

Thurs, Aug 27 – Albuquerque (National Hispanic Cultural Center)

Fri, Aug 28 – Denver (Tivoli Commons, Auraria Campus)5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

More cities were mentioned in this article:

Organizing for America plans a bus tour beginning Wednesday in cities including Phoenix, Albuquerque, N.M., Denver, Des Moines, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, N.C., and Milwaukee. The bus will make 11 stops between Wednesday and Sept. 3. Some 2,000 events are planned around the country through Labor Day, according to Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine. The wide range of events include phone bank calling and rallies. “We want our members of Congress to head back to Washington with calls for reform still ringing in their ears — and knowing that those who are working hard for reform have our thanks,” said an e-mail sent by Organizing for America inviting supporters to bus tour events. “But we can’t do it without a massive show of support from the voters who know what’s at stake.”

Deborah Johns, Vice Chair of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee, the organizer of the Tea Party Express issued this statement:

“It is not surprising that Barack Obama’s supporters feel the need to hold a bus tour to counter the “Tea Party Express” – given the outpouring of support the Tea Party Express tour has received before we’ve even logged one mile of our tour “This Friday the Tea Party Express will embark on a nearly 7,000-mile journey across the country holding tea party rallies in 34 cities.  This effort marks a ramping up of the tea party movement which has shown a passion of the American people to speak out against the errant ways of their government.

“Barack Obama and his supporters believe that if they simply attempt to replicate the Tea Party Express that they can counter this powerful tea party movement.”While we will be traveling nearly 7,000 miles across the country and rallying Americans in 34 cities, they will be holding made-for-television rallies in just 11 cities.  It’s just the latest example of the Obama administration’s obsession with style over substance.

Their tour schedule is posted prominently online, details, here.

The schedule for Americans For Prosperity’s “Hands Off My Health Care”  bus tour, is right here.

Let’s try to make it to as many of these events as possible.


For Kansas City area patriots:

Just heard from a KC area 9/12 Project:

Health Care for America Now is holding a “Health Care Can’t Wait Rally” at Dennis Moore’s office, 5th & Minnesota Ave, next Wednesday, 9/2/09, from 6pm-7pm.
We are planning to be there in opposition.  It is IMPORTANT that we get as many people there as possible with our Free Market Health Care Signs.  I’ll be sending more information out in a few days.
Because there is safety in numbers, we will be announcing a location for us to meet up prior to driving to his office.



105 thoughts on “Organizing For America Launches Its Own Bus Tour (UPDATED)

  1. So…do all these people get paid with a Burger King gift certificate? What a sad time for this country all in the name of power.


  2. I would only advise that those of you on the side of the Constitution HOLD YOUR GROUND, but do NOT be drawn into screaming or fighting with this ‘brown-shirt’ army! We shouldn’t be surprised that they’re doing this…rest assured that none of those people WORK for a living, so they’re not sacrificing anything! It’s a free trip for them – and they probably are being paid (as per Craig’s List ads) – no doubt through back door taxpayer money!

    They will try to draw you into fighting – screaming matches…ignore them. If they want to debate quietly – fine. Otherwise, ignore them. Do not let them goad you into fights – that’s what they want! they want it to look like we are the ‘roudy’ ones…we KNOW the truth! and we have the TRUTH and the CONSTITUTION ON OUR SIDE!

    Go with God and pray along the route that God will help you awaken people to reclaim this nation for Him! U.S. was founded upon a strong Faith-belief….and we will return to that through Faith in Him! We must bear witness to the truth – their lies cannot overcome truth!

    My prayers are with you! God bless you! God bless America!
    They have tried to kick Him out! – WE will bring Him back to His righteous place in our nation’s life!


  3. I love that all the Union Goons/Astroturf are the army of this tour. No Union member will be aubject to this health care plan of Obama’s. No wonder they support it for all the other “Lesser” people of our country, LOL!

    The people are not stupd, but you Union Goons sure are!


  4. When are people going to get their head out of their a$$ and realize that the obamacare is nothing but government control. WAKE UP!


  5. What is reallly discusting is that the obama tour and all the expensives involved are probably being paid for by “stimulus dollars”. That’s kinda like going to a gunfight and getting killed by your own gun.

    Let’s all really PRAY hard that our God will deal with obama and all the other crooks and communists of the White House. He’s really turning the “White House” into a “Black House” it seems.


  6. Well, Deb, I got here via the daily email sent out by the Tea Party Express, sponsored by Our Country Deserves Better.

    Hope you have lots and lots of links!



  7. I pray to God, that every lie that is brought forth from the Obama Administration and it’s cohorts will be exposed and their frantic attempts to take away our freedoms will be countered with what is true and right for our country and our freedom! All Americans should see that unless we stand together for what is right, no one will. I liked the sign I saw at the last Tea Party I attended, “King George didn’t listen either”. Obama and Obamacare are both bad for our country.




  9. It is no wonder why the Obama bus stopped at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. They are relying on the support of illegal aliens for what would amount to free taxpayer-funded health care for them


  10. I agree that this is a time to pray as never before. Evil of the greatest magnitude is occupying the White House and this planned destruction is supported by many who have infiltrated government, education, media, and countless other groups. America’s future as a free nation is threatened. Stand shoulder to shoulder for FREEDOM! Pray as if your lives depend on it! Go in the grace of God and tell it like it is.


  11. Barack Obama’s blind followers, think our rallies, and their counter-rallies, are all about “healthcare”. How dumb, how stupid! It is about our Liberty, our Freedom, our Nation -all of which are about to disappear. Dear People – Please wake up!! This man is all about “control”, “control”.
    I’m just a simple, 83 year old Georgian, who served this country in WWII as a United States Marine, and I love the U.S.A. I say to myself “O.K. lets all concede that our healthcare system (including Medicare, Medicaid) is fraught with problems, for which there are solutions”. Let’s assume, for the moment, there really are 47,000,000 “uninsured americans” as to healthccare. There are not 47,000,000; it is more like 10,000,000 to 15,000,000. Can we then concede, and basically agree so far? Thank you.
    Now! Here’s is my question to all you Organizing For America disciples – Why, from his opening salvo, hasn’t Mr. Obama, suggested “providing some kind of healthcare” for those uninsureds? He was loudly voicing the “47,000,000 uninsureds,when he was running for office. The answer is so obvious, and so simple, that even this southerner can understand it – solving the healthcare problem for 47,000,000, while do-able, and economically feasible, it does not give your beloved Centralized Government, the Obama Administration, the lobbyists, and liberal, Democrat members of both houses of Congress, complete control over your,and my, lives and/or deaths. They want control over the entire 350,000,000!!
    Am I a conspiracy nut case? I don’t think so, not by a long shot. What I am is one, lone individual who, in his twilight years, is bearing witness to the transformation, downfall and eventual extermination of this ‘Republic”. remember the words of Benjamin Franklin “Gentlemen, you have a Republic – if you can keep it”


  12. Stand tall and don’t back up that how this country was form, take this country away from those lazy welfare no working baster, they don’t no what our people fought for, out tax money has Ben given away for nothing, GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU STAND TALL, AND TAKE NO QUARTERS,


  13. It is extremely necessary of us to focus right now on preventing Obama from getting his government takeover of health care passed in congress. However, after we hopefully succeed in stopping this bill, the next step I believe should be a national movement demanding that Obama, Biden and Pelosi resign from office for failing to perform their constitutional duties to protect America. Each knows that the health care reform that they have been advocating will bankrupt America. That is sufficient ground to justify their call to resign and allow the American people to have a new presidential election not later than January 4, 2010.


  14. I concur with Carol Derbis. Satan is right in the middle of this. Let us pray and stand stong and know that our Heavenly Father is behind us. As a ntaion we need tokeep praying and thanking him for every blessing. Who could be on a better side of a war? God bless America!


  15. I think there are millions of prayers being lifted up right now, as well as my own. There are so many folks afraid of the evil that has permeated the White House. Obama and his cronies are soooooo concerned that the CIA followed all the rules. HA! They are the most underhanded, deceitful, lying thugs I have ever seen. I have never been afraid of my country until now and it is not a good feeling. Lord help us!


  16. As usual, everything is secret. You must really be afraid of Conservatives. Such childish behavior, which is what you have been doing for a few months now. I am sure your tour is full of your community organizations.


  17. Hubby & I will see you in DC… coming from Chattanogoa.
    Gods speed through your travels.
    You’ll be in our hearts & prayers till you arrive safely there.

    Ogodfather, Thug Leader of the New World Order Mob of Chicago Dirty Politics Control is being exposed.
    His empty suit is now a clear vynil suit… yet, still empty & held together with the wires connected to his telecrutches.

    Not the first time in my adult life — but definitely one of the most memorable times — I have felt disgusted by our government. Unlike Michelle — we USED to feel SAFE & secure that this land would never bow to Socialism.
    Thank God the Silent Majority are shouting out … “We’re mad as hell — and we’re not going to take it anymore!”
    God bless America & all that love, serve and defend her!


  18. Obama has to go, for the good of America, and all of his goon squad, what a joke on this country, the forefathers are turning in their graves. G OD HAVE Mercie ON THIS COUNTRY.


  19. The Obama nation is not going to give up on this socialist health care system no matter what. It’s a new low when Palosi calls us ‘brown shirts’ and ‘terrorists’ when we are expressing our voices against this appalling bill.


  20. How I wish I could be a part of the Tea Party Bus Tour to Washington. My state of Utah is more than any other in the Union, unofficailly on board with the purpose & goal of those at
    the organizing level of the Tea Party Express. I wish you much success in raising the awarnes to the fact that this Health Care legislation is much more about a HUGE power grab by the
    Dems that it is about fixing what problems this nation has about ourl Health Care. My participation wil be to email, phone
    and blog until my computer gives us to all within the sound of my electronic voice to warn others about the REAL agenda of
    the Left leaning Liberals on this issue.


  21. I did not vote for Obama because I knew he was so crooked and just alot of hot air. I still have a hard time beleiving how many people did vote for him. I think people are finally realizing they made a MISTAKE. Now they are mad and do not want to put up with his bull, but it is too late he can do as he pleases. Now we have to pay for all of his mistakes. He has put my country in so much debt. May God take care of us from this EVIL MAN.


  22. Not all Hispanic or Asian Americans will buy into this healthcare plan once they are told that their grandmother will be on the “to go” list. My daughter has completely mobilized people in her neighborhood by pointing out those facts. Any family oriented group will recoil in horror at what is planned. At Physical therapy centers that is all they can talk about. No amount of young Acorn paid activist will be able to sell this to the Seniors who have actually heard what is going on. As I understand it 3 GOP Senator are meeting to work out a compromise. THEY need to go! Everything the others have commented on is spot on–PRAY-PRAY_PRAY! God Bless you all.


  23. Once a community organizer always a community organizer. Obama hasn’t been able to let go of his old ways because he doesn’t know how to move on. He is stuck in the past and doesn’t think our system works or he would drop his old school ways of community organizing. That is why he is still doing townhall meetings because he can hand choose who will be there and what will be said. He couldn’t have a real debate if it killed him because he would have to think on his own without his teleprompters and written note cards. This government has gone way beyond out of control and needs to be stopped. The American people will be heard if he likes it or not, there will be a revolution and Obama will be known as the worst President in the History of the United States for what he is doing, trying to do and has done. Don’t be fooled Americans he wants the power and so do all the liberals. It’s not just about health care but if they get this passed then the rest will be easy. Don’t give up! Fight to the end! Be Strong Against Big Government!


  24. Hitler said “the winners write the history”. It is so true, if we let the Obamas win there will be No history remaining of a once free country, the USA. Future generations will never know what is possible with Liberty. We must win at all costs.


  25. As I read all the comments made here by all my fellow Americans, I am filled with joy and pride to see so many patriots standing up to defend our freedom. We must not give up the fight. Many of us can not go to Washington but perhaps someone can come up with a “virtual Tea Party Express bus” website link so that we can be there for moral support. I would hope that someone out there can set this up.


  26. To really understand Obama and his minions, just realize that he is the most successful CONMAN in the past 100 years. Ponzi stole millions, Madoff stole billions, Obama is stealing trillions (thousand billions) from our kids and gtandkids. A successful conman is glib, attractive, convincing so that even intelligent people are taken in and trust him with their savings and investments. Until it is too late.
    The stalinists around Obama are in clover, they are trying to do to the USA what they failed to do in the Soviet union.


  27. I recieved this from someone, I think it says it all” “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

    1948 – from an interview during the presidential campaign, [Ed. note: Norman Thomas and Gus Hall, the U.S. Communist Party Candidate, both quit American politics, agreeing that the Republican and Democratic parties by 1970 had adopted every plank on the Communist/Socialist and they no longer had an alternate party platform on which to run.]


  28. After reading all of the replys my heart is filled with joy and pride to be an American standing up for our country. Our soldgers gave their all for us and our country and to see where Obama wants to kill our wounded and our older citersons and our young disabled babies makes me sick. This is the Antichrist ; and I pray he won’t succeed. With God watching our backs we will win and defeat the Antichrist. God bless America and all of the people fighting for our Country, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the American way that the whole world was envious of.
    Please add me to your list of traders Obama the Antichrist.


  29. Please try to get to a rally near you if you can’t go to DC! It’s so important that we are no longer the “silent” majority, and that we intelligently, peacefully, and boldly demand our freedom. Healthcare is one issue, there’s also Cap & Trade, insane “stimulus” packages, Cash for Clunkers, the takeover of the banking and auto industries, the list goes on, they’re giving us plenty to talk about! What a shame we have to do this, but WE WILL!!! See you in DC fellow Patriots!!!


  30. In these dark days when our beautiful Republic is threatened, I’m so proud that true patriots are standing up, speaking without fear and turning to God for help in fighting this evil. Those of us who cannot go on tour with you will be with you in spirit! Stand firm. God go with you!


  31. Richard Poirier, ” Each knows that the health care reform that they have been advocating will bankrupt America.”
    It’s not just that it will bankrupt America. What they are doing, and have done, is ALL illegal. The Constitution does not give them the Power or Authority to do 99% of what they have done since 1-20-09. I encourage everyone to follow this link. The writer expresses it much more eloquently than I.


  32. To Don Broome, a member of “The Greatest Generation”, I say
    “Thank you”. My father was also a Marine…in the Pacific..Marshall Islands, Ie Shima, Okinawa.


  33. To all of you — both older and younger, veterans and non-veterans, who believe in freedom and are willing to stand up for it. NOW IS THE TIME ! Obama is following the tactics of Hitler’s German Socialist Movement almost exactly. Complete with a health care proposal that will control our bodies and therefor us, a proposal for a “brown-shirt” style “Army”, and now a goon squad bus. WE HAVE TO COUNTER THE OBAMA MOVEMENT WITH A MOVEMENT OF OUR OWN ! I go to rallies with a 1776 Continental Army uniform on and I carry a large Betsy Ross flag. Search the Internet, get a similar uniform and flag and JOIN THE SECOND CONTINENTAL ARMY in peaceful protest!


  34. Robert, did you see that he’s also having the Natl. Endowment for the Arts encourage artists to create art to push his agenda?

    I’ve tried to refrain from making Hitler comparisons, but that right there was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


  35. I am so proud to be an American and to be apart of the Tea Party Express. This is one way that I can help take back my country . I am proud to be a Patriot and With God’s help we can fight off the evil one. We can open the eyes of the blind people to see the truth. In the name of Jesus Praise the Lord


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  37. I feel truly sorry for you all, suffering under these delusions.

    The good news is, health care reform will benefit you too.

    BTW, it’s very easy to find out about Organizing for America and its activities, as it’s not a conspiracy. Just go to the website, enter your zip code, and click for events in your area. Funny you never thought of that.

    And I think you’d be welcome to attend the events too, if you sign in and behave in a civilized manner.

    If you have an open mind and really believe in honest discourse, you just might learn something.


  38. And by the way, you might want to actually read our Constitution sometime. The founders of our country weren’t perfect (many were slaveowners, didn’t believe black people WERE people, for instance) but they certainly believed in the natural necessity of change, and set up a system that allows us the FREEDOM to change, adapt, grow, make progress. Fortunately very few Americans share your fear of change.

    You might also want to revisit other aspects of American history. You might learn that NEW MEXICO was colonized by Spanish farmers from the colony of Mexico about the same time as the British and French were concentrating on stealing everything they could from Native Americans further north and east. The state capital of NM, Santa Fe, is the oldest capital in the country, founded as the Spanish colonial capital three hundred years ago. Albuquerque, site of the National Hispanic Cultural Center, was founded as a Spanish farming community over 200 years ago.

    The Spanish heritage in New Mexico is at least as old as the Anglo heritage of the East Coast. We’re not talking illegal immigrants, in other words.

    Your racism is showing.


  39. The reason the unions are for Obama’s health care is because in the bill they are going to get 10 Builon and the AARP is for it because they will make an untold amount of
    money. It’s always the money. And they put that before their country.
    Why! Does Obama want to have a civilian army trained as well as as the Army. Is this to protect the borders, to keep the Moslems in order, I don’t think so. What is the threat
    inside of the USA that we need a civilian army trained like the millitary? Is for the list of traders Obama is making and red necks who carry guns; like the one in New Mexico that all of the news programs show just his back with a gun because he was a black man and they did not want you to know that. Who or what is it needed for. Why do we need
    the Brown Shirts Army? Take a look at history and you will see that every country that was socillized did not make it.
    Even the USSR failed. Yes our founders were not always right but they did form a country that became the greatest
    and most evinous country in the world. We had slavery for what 100 years or more? The world including Africa had slavory for thousands of years. At least we changed it in time.Why do so many people want to come here? List me one other country that have so many people wanting to get in. As far as New Mexico goes they had a choise to become a State. They volted for it. Every place in the world was explored and had settlements. Maybe you need to read History!


  40. Is it not so visible to everyone, as has been noted in so many comments that this is truly the work of EVIL in our country, especialy what is going on in D.C. There is no such element of religion or GOD there and this is why all events in Congress, Senate and White House have risen to the level that it has!!
    I have been praying for a long time to St. Anthony to intercede for us to the Lord to rid our country of the evil that is being perpetrated everyday!!
    I hope that with this bus event that WE THE PEOPLE WITH THE HELP OF GOD thake this country back. For it was was with His blessing that we were created. Please all of you out there make this a peaceful, prayerful movement. It is what JESUS WOULD DO!!


  41. Can you believe those bunch of liberal Dem, Kennedy not coal and they are trying to used his name to pass that bunch of crap, do those people think we the people are fools, out of touch, Washington needs a good flushing, lets take our country back, and return it like our forefather wrote it and get read of all the lawyers in Washington, thats the problem, put some people with common scene, and i hate to say a lot of those women in congress, should not be in government, it hard but the truth. and for get hurting some one feeling.


  42. And as far as Kennedy he done more to hurt this country, than good. a bunch of crap, sorry for his family, and the girl that he help kill, they for got that.


  43. I watch those town meeting and most of the speaker don,t have a clue, what the hell are we the tax payers putting our money on those clowns, what a jok.


  44. Just go to the website, enter your zip code, and click for events in your area. Funny you never thought of that.

    I would have thought of that if I had seen it. I googled health insurance reform now bus tour and got this:

    And no, I had no intention of submitting my zip code or email address.

    People are looking for a simple link to a schedule.

    I suspect most of the people here, have read the Constitution. I truly feel sorry for you, because your dreams of health care utopia are about to go down in flames. It turns out that most people are not interest in government control over their lives from cradle to grave.


  45. Well, folks, enjoy your echo chamber.

    I thank God every day that most Americans have more sense than to let irrational fear put them in the thrall of insurance company shills.

    You’ll never appreciate it, but the citizens with sense, the ones who’ve worked for progress, are the ones who’ve made this country as good as it is, will make it better in the future.

    Oh, and we’re also the ones who’ve insured your right to be just as noisily foolish as you want to be.

    God bless you and keep you.

    Peace be with you.


  46. Also, the “Listening tour” schedule posted on the OFA mainpage, which is on the east coast this week, is not the same thing as the “Health Ins.Reform Now” bus tour I’m talking about, which kicked off on Wed. in Phoenix.


  47. Nice Deb, sorry your paranoia keeps you from becoming informed.

    Even to get the Tea thingy Express schedule I had to enter my ZIP CODE.


  48. Leah, the founders would never have considered gross government largess and control over our lives to be “progress”. I think they called that “tyranny”.


  49. I thank God every day that most Americans have more sense than to let irrational fear put them in the thrall of insurance company shills.

    If you were worried that Leah might have something informed or useful to say on the subject of health care reform, you can set aside those worries now.

    You’ll never appreciate it, but the citizens with sense, the ones who’ve worked for progress, are the ones who’ve made this country as good as it is, will make it better in the future.

    Most of us believe that the country has gotten progressively worse over the past 40 years. Nice to see you stepping up to take the blame for it.

    Oh, and we’re also the ones who’ve insured your right to be just as noisily foolish as you want to be.

    …and that’s why you’ve stacked the deck in the “Townhall” meetings and support the return of the Fairness Doctrine. What a blindly partisan, bigoted retard.


  50. Silly — I had to enter my zip code to find out here the events were being held.

    Maybe I didn’t — I stayed up late last night, as you can see from the time stamp on my posts, might not have been seeing the monitor too clearly.

    I ALWAYS see history and the present quite clearly, however.

    Glad you think that we should all be living in the 18th century. Enjoy your website much? Antibiotics? The right of women to vote? The right of women to own property?

    See ya, woudn’t want to be ya.


  51. Nice Deb and her followers, sitting in a corner, with their fingers in their ears:

    “I’m not listening I’m not listening I’m not listening”

    We’ll talk when you’re done with your time out.


  52. Hey Leah? Did it take trillions of dollars and a *loss* of personal freedoms to get women the right to vote?

    Enjoy my website? Yes, but unfortunately, now I get to worry that Obama’s “Cyber czar” may curb my freedoms.

    By the way…what happened to the faux Christian, “peace be with you” talk. I was enjoying that.


  53. >>I thank God every day that most Americans have more sense than to let irrational fear put them in the thrall of insurance company shills.

    Absurd. Your side is losing this argument badly even with majorities in the House, Senate and Presidency. Go argue with your own team. But before you go, tell me why I should support Medicare for all when current gov’t programs such as Medicare for the elderly, Medicaid and Social Security are trillions of dollars in debt. Show your work.

    >>You’ll never appreciate it, but the citizens with sense, the ones who’ve worked for progress, are the ones who’ve made this country as good as it is, will make it better in the future.

    What progress? The New Deal programs are only loved by the left and they are responsible for driving this country into monsterous debt. Is that your idea of progress?

    >>Oh, and we’re also the ones who’ve insured your right to be just as noisily foolish as you want to be.

    You’ve done nothing of the sort. The Constitution, which the left has done everything in their power to chip away at, is what guarantees our right to dissent. If Pelosi, Reid and Obama had their way, us “astro-turfer” and “right wing terrorists” and “members of a mob” would be shut down. It’s people like us, people who support the Constitution who have guaranteed your right to dissent. You just don’t like it when we execise the same right. Too bad.

    Unfortunately for you, the vast majority of Americans don’t want this craptastic bill and that’s why lefties like you are reduced to lashing out with your pathetic “racist” smears.


  54. “I’m not listening I’m not listening I’m not listening”

    Leah with her mouth gaping open: “I’m babbling, I’m babbling, I’m babbling.”

    Noting that you didn’t say a single thing about health care reform, I’m still waiting for something to listen to.

    Here’s just the most obvious reason that Leah is just adding substanceless snark to the discussion: One of the biggest objections to the reform bills is due to the Individual Mandate. That’s not something that the insurance companies oppose – in fact, from their perspective, it’s the single redeeming feature of the reform bills.

    So Leah’s accusation that we’re “in the thrall of insurance company shills” is just wishful blither.


  55. Nice Deb, I can wish you peace, without wanting to be LIKE you.

    Good heavens, if everyone were the same, what a dull, stagnant world this would be.

    Last comment here from me, because I know when I’m wasting my time.

    Shalom, everybody. See you at the OFA events!


  56. By the way, Leah, Susan B. Anthony, who fought so hard for the woman’s right to vote would be appalled by a bill that would use federal dollars to fund abortions.


  57. Oh, sorry, one last thing — I missed Geoff’s [same Geoff as on fivethirtyeight, by any chance?] comment about the individual mandate.

    I don’t support the individual mandate either — but I know that for most Americans to get some relief, we’ll have to make some compromises. That’s the way adults get things done.

    There isn’t a final bill yet. I hope we can squeeze out the insurance companies’ insane profits entirely, at some point. It should be a no-brainer that that’s essential to saving our country TRILLIONS of dollars.

    And funny remark, Deb, about critical thinking — I was mulling the same idea in regard to you and your friends.

    Bye, now.

    Have yourselves nice lives!


  58. READ the ever-lovin’ bills, for God’s sake.

    There’s NOTHING in any of them about federal funding for abortion.

    You people give pro-lifers a bad name.


  59. Typical lefty. They make bogus and unsupportable claims spiced with a few slurs and then run away when they are challenged to prove what they say. But they feel they have won the argument because they occupy some mythical high ground based on emotion.

    So wonderful to have our country now run by this ignoramuses.


  60. Leah, um… you really think this congress, with this President would push a health care bill that doesn’t fund abortions? Seriously?

    House and Senate sponsors defeated a total of seven different attempts, in four committees, to restrict the use of federal funds for abortions. In the House, an amendment successfully sponsored by Rep. Lois Capps, California Democrat, specifically provides for abortion coverage. For instance, Section 4 (B) reads as follows: “Abortions for Which Public Funding Is Allowed. — The services described in this subparagraph are abortions for which the expenditure of Federal funds appropriated for the Department of Health and Human Services is permitted. . ..”

    You really should leave now. The lies don’t play here.


  61. >>READ the ever-lovin’ bills, for God’s sake.

    >>There’s NOTHING in any of them about federal funding for abortion.

    >>You people give pro-lifers a bad name.

    I have read the bill. So has Apparently, you haven’t or you didn’t understand it.

    >>>As for the House bill as it stands now, it’s a matter of fact that it would allow both a “public plan” and newly subsidized private plans to cover all abortions.


  62. Pro-lifers who tell half-truths give pro-lifers a bad name.

    Thanks for the factcheck link.

    I see that there’s language supporting reproductive care coverage in some of the proposed legislation, and the possibility of coverage for abortion in the public plan. Of course that’s not final. Even if it ends up being included, it’s only for SOME abortions, as already allowed under Medicaid per the Hyde Amendment.

    Of course poor people shouldn’t have the same health care rights as people with money. Everyone KNOWS that health care is a privilege, not a right. [deliberate snark]

    The only way to prevent abortion is through changing the hearts and minds of sexually mature human beings. If it’s illegal women will die.

    Yes, I know babies are dying through abortion. But the right-wing championing of the repeal of Roe V. Wade etc has done NOTHING to change the law or stop abortion, even when Republicans controlled Congress and the White House. The number of abortions has actually gone down during periods of Democratic control.

    Republican crusading against legal abortion is a blind, a red-herring, designed to keep people politically divided when it’s in their own best interests to work for the social and economic justice so inimical to corporate capitalism.

    I came back just so you couldn’t accuse the lefty of running away.

    If you think calling me a typical lefty is some kind of insult, sorry to disappoint you. As lefties are typically well-educated, compassionate, and critical thinkers, it’s quite a compliment.

    I’ve got to go to work now.

    Have a nice day.

    God be with you. (And He can do that, because He loves EVERYBODY.)


  63. Leah, nobody is interested in getting into an abortion debate with you, which you’d also lose. The fact is, ObamaCare would fund abortions, and you, the great critical thinker believed you could fool people into thinking otherwise.

    Think again.

    And hey, thanks for the explaining God’s love to us. You are quite the Evangelical.


  64. those people on the left should be made to fight on the front line and maybe that would keep them from running their mouth


  65. I don’t understand the liberals, what they are pushing for is actually a straight jacket of the majority including themselves. They are going to be part of that group trounced on and held down by the ruling elite. They just don’t get it. All u freedom loving people go to the web site–


  66. >>Of course poor people shouldn’t have the same health care rights as people with money. Everyone KNOWS that health care is a privilege, not a right. [deliberate snark]

    >>If you think calling me a typical lefty is some kind of insult, sorry to disappoint you. As lefties are typically well-educated, compassionate, and critical thinkers, it’s quite a compliment.

    I self-parody.

    Leah, never confuse educated with intelligent. You display a basic misunderstanding of the founding principles of this country, the law and how the courts interact with the legislative branch, rights and responsibilites in our society and conservative beliefs of small government.

    The institution of higher learning you attended clearly failed you. You should put your time and efforts into getting a refund.

    Oh, and you’re quite welcome for the link to and I accept your implied apology that you were flat wrong in your assertion that the House bill does not authorize public funds for abortion.


  67. READ the ever-lovin’ bills, for God’s sake.

    There’s NOTHING in any of them about federal funding for abortion.

    and then

    Even if it ends up being included, it’s only for SOME abortions, as already allowed under Medicaid per the Hyde Amendment.

    And you presume to lecture us about half-truths? Before you dig any deeper into that hole, you just might consider the idea that we aren’t terribly forgiving of back-peddling and moving the goal posts.


  68. I think Leah has been unintentionally demonstrating why ObamaCare is losing support. They keep repeating the same lies over and over, but they’re having trouble getting most people to believe them.

    Must be frustrating.


  69. If you think calling me a typical lefty is some kind of insult, sorry to disappoint you. As lefties are typically well-educated, compassionate, and critical thinkers, it’s quite a compliment.

    You mistake well-credentialed for well-educated, in much the same way lefties confuse being ‘generous’ with other people’s money with being compassionate. There is no direct corrolary between the concern you might have for others, and the amounts of our taxpayer money you and others like you believe you have a right to take and use to have the government address the problem for you. As for the ‘critical thinking’ of the left, it is largely occupied with contemplation on various hopelessly boring ways to say “Shut Up!” to the people who start asking for the Constitutional authority to under take such endeavors as the Tragic Teddy Health Care Power Grab Act of 2009, or the basis of the notion of ‘Fairness’ and ‘Justice’ that demands a further imposition of mediocrity upon a people, who when unrestrained by government and the foolish notions of those who typically run it, tend toward the excellence that is characteristic of the ‘American Exceptionalism” that Barack Obama feels so compelled to apologize for.

    If your looking for applause for a superior intellect and moral view that you have yet to demonstrate here, I think that you will find yourself underwhelmed by the din of you patting yourself on your back.

    Don’t look so sad. Why should we alone be disappointed in the poor showing of your debate skills?


  70. I wish the Tea Party Express was making more stops.I know you can not stop at every town.I live in Austin Texas,I don’t see A stop here but if I am correct you will pass threw north bound from San Antonio.A lot of us would like to see you go threw town or join the convoy if just for A little while.I bet other town’s would do the same.What C B channel will you all be on. we have many group’s in town fighting the good fight.Let us know.Be careful,&GOD bless. Pokey


  71. I need to let everyone know who is in the Denver area. More trickery by OFA. The counter rally that was supposed to be held this evening, Aug. 28 at the Tivoli will actually be held at North High School, 2960 N. Speer Blvd
    Denver CO 80211 from 5-6. Please check out this website for further details.


  72. Words are very powerful tool. Generally, the first casualty of revolutionary propaganda is the use of and meaning of words. I have noted in the comments by Leah below that she, just like Obama in his speeches, exemplify the misuse of words under the guise of communicating. For example, at 1:09 AM she wrote ‘The founders of our country … believed in the natural necessity of change, and set up a system that allows us the FREEDOM to change, adapt, grow, make progress. Fortunately very few Americans share your fear of change.” What does this sentence mean? A change to what? Adapt to what? Grow in what way? Make what kind of progress? She, just like Obama, dose not say. Why? Because the more specifics they reveal about their real agenda, the more opposition they generate. Thus, they use a lot of words ambiguously without any intent to explain themselves. Americans should not be required to buy insurance or to pay for other people’s insurance coverage. That is not progress. That is losing a right to make our own decisions about our spending priorities we currently possess. If you desire to read more about an analysis of Obama during his campaign, which was presented at a philosophical conference, check the link below.


  73. Pingback: Top Posts «

  74. watching that bunch of liars, and bull crap about what he had done for people, ever thing he had done was for his own person, what a bunch of lies, old man Kennedy was a Rum runner, and god noes what other things he was in, i think people for get history, to watch this on TV you would think he was a saint, what a joke.


  75. I have read all the posts and I am greatly encouraged by all the “right on the money” responses I’ve read.We are not the uneducated masses that the W.H. and our derelict reps would like to believe.We are truly in a perilous fight for our freedoms and for the very soul of our great nation.The Usurper and his minions are taking us straight to hell.We can and must stop them.As a former Marine I have always had great respect for this Nation,our Constitution and our history. I will not now give up the fight. IN GOD WE TRUST..Thank You all and God Bless..Allen..Longview,Wa


  76. Pingback: Claim:ObamaCare Supporters Duped Into Signing Pro-ObamaCare Petition At Denver OFA Rally « Nice Deb

  77. Thank you Allen and others, for your love and commitment to God and country. I am truly encouraged by the faith and patriotism in this room!
    Regarding the OFA, the ACLU, the GLBA, Planned Parenthood, Moveon .org and all like groups of Obama worshipers ; We have yet to see any evidence of this self-proclaimed intellect they have been spewing and asserting, if anything, I see a bunch of followers in anything that Barack Obama puts forth including but not limited to, entitlements they are convinced they deserve! They, refuse to admit what is really taking place here, to them, it is all about me, me ,me , how can I get more and what will be best for me. They really don’t care about the future of our country, our children and even more importantly, our freedoms. They pretty much want to take over and do it their way which is not, in my eyes, God’s way or the American way.
    As one person stated earlier, ‘it is about, power and control’.They have been held back and angered to a frenzy. I believe this goes far beyond and much deeper than what we see taking place right now.
    Let us refuse to accept anything less than what God has planned for us! Let them think what they will, for we know the truth! Let us stand in peacefull and powerful protest to what we know to be evil.
    My plan is to be in D. C. On Sept. 12 in support of our God given freedoms and our Constitutional rights! God Bless you and God Bless America!


  78. I wish someone would stand up in one of these townhall meetings and say: “We are showing our extreme anger and frustration through shouting, because we’ve been emailing, faxing and writing you assholes for months – some of us for years (Bush and the SPP) – telling you we are against the socialist direction you are taking us, the New World Order, open borders, illegal immigration, anchor babies, the TARP, the bailouts, the government takeovers of banks, mortgages and car industries, the stimulus packages, and now the government takeover of our healthcare. We are angry because you’ve ignored our emails, faxes and letters, and treated us like we’re idiots who need you to know what’s best for us. This is what happens when you ignore your constituents – they come to meetings already angry and screaming. And NO, we didn’t come here to discuss the healthcare bill or to listen to more of your lies. We know what’s in the bill – better than you do, because, unlike you, we’ve read it. We came here to tell you we don’t want it. No discussion needed. We want you to return to DC and vote against it. So don’t whine that we are disrupting debate. No debate is needed or wanted!”


  79. My, my, all this whinin’, hand-wringin’ and complainin’. If ya’ll don’t like what Obama’s doin’, all ya’ll have to do is get behind the eligibility effort and kick his skinny butt out of office. The quickest way to get America back is to get him out of office…and the quickest way to do that is to force the courts to require him to present his docs to prove eligibility. It would all be over after a 10 minute review of them. Hell, it wouldn’t even go to court – it would be over in discovery! So, why are ya’ll standin’ around, watchin’ what he’s gonna do next? You know, he stated in his book that his daddy was a British citizen when he (Obama) was born. That fact alone – disregarding whatever his birth certificate states – disqualifies him from being Pres. It means he wasn’t born of 2 U.S. citizen parents, therefore not a natural born citizen. So, we can kick him out, like yesterday. But we have to come together to do it. Can’t do it individually. BTW, I give him an F for what he’s done to America, but an A for accomplishing what he planned to do.

    And now, for a message to all the talk show hosts: when are ya’ll gonna stop sayin’ that what he’s doin’ isn’t gonna fix the economy? Of course, it’s not – Obama’s goal was never to fix the economy – get it? His goal was to gain control through government ownership of the economy – to change America, to cut America off at her knees, and make the playing field on the level of the U.N. and third world nations. Get it? Well, he’s reached his goals re: the car industry, bankin’, economy, and now he’s tryin’ health care. He never intended to fix anything. In fact, his goal was to create chaos in the economy, tear it down and then put in his own brand of socialism, using the rules of Saul Alinsky. Obama intended from the start to have a government take-over of everything in America. When are ya’ll gonna admit that? And, he told us all what he was gonna do durin’ his campaign, but we just weren’t listenin’. We were giddy about his skin color and his teleprompter skills, in that order. We wanted to make history. Well, we sure as hell did, didn’t we?


  80. Obama intended from the start to have a government take-over of everything in America. When are ya’ll gonna admit that?

    If you’ve been following this blog at all, you’ll find that we admitted it well before the election. NiceDeb wrote post after post to that effect starting, IIRC, back in January ’08. So none of this is news to us.

    As far as the Birther stuff goes, NiceDeb’s a bigger fan than I am, so she may be more sympathetic. But as I said last summer when it came up, I don’t think it has any merit. We’re going to have to do this the hard way.


  81. Geoff, I’m glad to hear you all have hashed out the fact of Obama’s true intentions re: “getting the economy fixed”. I’m new to this blog, so didn’t realize what had transpired earlier.
    As for being a birther, I’m a full-fledged one. I’ve studied the evidence, after initially being skeptical, and all the evidence points to him being illegit. Of course, none of the evidence has been reviewed in a court of law, as all the cases to date have been dismissed for other reasons – lack of standing, etc. Disregarding the bulk of the evidence, there’s other activities that appear to be committed against the law – one is the fact that he used a false SS number for school registration. If that proves to be true, then that’s something an illegal alien would do. I actually have come to believe that he grew up in a family of grifters, and he carried that forward as an adult.
    I agree with nicedeb – he should end the widespread speculation by proving his citizenship.


  82. geoff Says: “…As far as the Birther stuff goes, NiceDeb’s a bigger fan than I am…I don’t think it has any merit….”

    nicedeb Says: “Eh. I’m not a birther….”

    Well, nicedeb’s “not a birther” and geoff doesn’t think it has any merit. But apparently Judge Carter thinks there’s something to it. Here’s the result of the hearing today in Santa Ana…not that you’re interested, but I thought someone else might be.

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009 5:35 PM
    “Jeff Schwilk”

    The expedited trial has been set for Jan. 26, 2010, just 4 1/2 months from now!

    I and many other concerned veterans and citizens attended the hearing today in Federal Court in Santa Ana in the lawsuit against Barack Obama to determine his eligibility to be President and Commander in Chief. About 150 people showed up, almost all in support of the lawsuit to demand that Obama release his birth certificate and other records that he has hidden from the American people.

    Judge David Carter refused to hear Obama’s request for dismissal today, instead setting a hearing date for Oct. 5, since Obama’s attorneys had just filed the motion on Friday. He indicated there was almost no chance that this case would be dismissed. Obama is arguing this lawsuit was filed in the wrong court if you can believe that. I guess Obama would prefer a “kangaroo court” instead of a Federal court! Assuming Judge Carter denies Obama’s motion for dismissal, he will likely then order expedited discovery which will force Obama to release his birth certificate in a timely manner (if he has one).

    The judge, who is a former U.S. Marine, repeated several times that this is a very serious case which must be resolved quickly so that the troops know that their Commander in Chief is eligible to hold that position and issue lawful orders to our military in this time of war. He basically said Obama must prove his eligibility to the court! He said Americans deserve to know the truth about their President!

    The two U.S. Attorneys representing Barack Obama tried everything they could to sway the judge that this case was frivolous, but Carter would have none of it and cut them off several times. Obama’s attorneys left the courtroom after about the 90 minute hearing looking defeated and nervous.

    Great day in America for the U.S. Constitution!!! The truth about Barack Obama’s eligibility will be known fairly soon – Judge Carter practically guaranteed it!

    Video from the press conference after the hearing coming soon. Congratulations to plaintiffs attorney Dr. Orly Taitz! She did a great job and won some huge victories today. She was fearless!

    Jeff Schwilk, Founder


  83. I don’t suspect we are going to find that Obama was born in Kenya but I am curious to see why he has gone to such incredible lengths to hide not only this but much of his past. You’d think there would be at least one reporter interested in digging into his life. I guess they are too busy vetting Van Jones and the other czars.



  84. There are times when it is legitimate to argue that a case is frivolous or was filed in the wrong court. The issue of Obama’s place of birth filed in any federal court is not one of them. Obama’s unwillingness to voluntarily prove to the American people that he is a citizen is de facto proof that he is hiding something that could be very damaging to him. Congratulations to those who have made substantial progress in pursuing this matter in federal court. We will soon see what Obama is concealing in his so-called transparent presidency.


  85. Wow! Just got back from the Tea Party in D.C. and it was amazing. We travel there with friends from Ohio and all I can say is, it was well worth the trip! One friend with us is a former police officer who had worked large crowds of 500,000+ and he said our crowd seemed larger! Telling you this because I’m hearing estimates as low as 10K which I know is not true. While there, they announced that the crowd was estimated at 1.5 million so that will give you some idea of the actual “Sea of Patriots”! I especially loved when we cried out, “can you hear us now?” Quite an experience!!! Lots of really good signs and, there was a huge contingent of doctors from across the country who stood with us to protect their patients and their reputation as healers and caregivers, not as greedy uncaring people as portrayed by Obama. Now we must keep up the momentum, continue to contact our Representatives and Senators and pray with all our heart that our voices are truly heard! Always and forever, PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN !!!! God Bless America


  86. To Mary Ann from Cincinnati:

    Thank you for traveling to D.C to attend the tea party. As you may know, you represented millions of Americans who may have wanted to attend but could not, myself included. We’re grateful that you made that effort to make your voice heard for yourself and for us.


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