Nuclear Proliferator A.Q. Khan Now A Free Man – No Restrictions On Movement

a q khan

The war on terror is dead, just like they say.

The Hindu reports:

In an interim ruling on a petition from A.Q. Khan, the Lahore High Court ruled on Friday that no restrictions should be placed on the movement of the top scientist who was freed from a five-year house arrest earlier this year.

The development is likely to send ripples of worry across the international community that remains concerned at Dr. Khan’s involvement in nuclear proliferation.

Khan’s  position at Urenco, a Dutch-based company making components for the nuclear industry, in the 1970s made him an extraordinarily valuable figure in Pakistan.

Pakistan was an unstable state that had suffered the crushing humilitation of losing half its territority – now Bangladesh – in an Indian-backed revolt in 1973.

When Dr Khan returned with his Dutch wife, Hendrina, with blueprints for centrifuges – the highly engineered machines that refine uranium, an essential ingredient for a nuclear bomb. A grateful government backed his every demand.

Khan Research Laboratories had free rein to establish a clandestine procurement network around the world. Dubai became his trading hub for centrifuge parts manufactured in Malaysia, machine tools and training sourced in Europe, South African manufacturing skills and electrical parts from Turkey.

As the programme grew the trade became a two-way flow, and highly lucrative. Investigators eventually called it the nuclear Walmart.

Dr Khan’s first customer was Iran in 1987 but he also dealt with North Korea, Iraq and Libya.

The scientist was detained in December 2003 and admitted on television in early 2004 sole responsibility for operating a network that spread nuclear weapons technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya. He has since repeatedly retracted that statement.

So he’s nuclear proliferator, and liar, and now he walks a free man.


4 thoughts on “Nuclear Proliferator A.Q. Khan Now A Free Man – No Restrictions On Movement

  1. we now know that the Taliban/AQ was NOT trying to take over Pakistan in their recent incursions into the Pakistan border (and further) regions. they were indeed, as we suspected, out to get Pak’s nukes, as well as cut off our supply lines into Afghanistan. their ultimate goal would be to get at least one working nuke, or even just parts of one…

    we now also know that they did, in fact, attack at LEAST two nuke arsenals – and the success of their attacks are supposedly well-kept Paki state secrets. duh.

    now for some little known history. GWB forced our best ally against jihad in the region, Paki President Musharraf, to “compartmentalize” their nukes. in other words, take them apart and put the working pieces in different secure places. they did. since then, it would now take one of their scientific engineers (they have many) to put the proper pieces together in the right order to make a reliable and ready bomb. Musharraf also placed Khan under strict house arrest about the same time.

    AND SO… the Paki nuke facilities HAVE been compromised, and Khan is now a “free citizen” again.

    …film of the mushroom clouds coming soon? whether it is an Israeli hit on Iran, or a AQ style homemade-in-Pakistan bomblet, its undoubtedly coming soon. just where, is the trillion dollar question…


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  3. Obama: making our enemies laugh and our allies afraid.

    That’s some foreign policy.

    I keep wondering how many of our allies who actively campaigned against Bush now miss him.

    When leftist “community based reality” meets real reality, somebody’s gonna get screwed.


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