Sunday Funny


Not that under Obama, the CIA would be allowed to do such a thing.

Via Don Surber, who offers commentary on the Washington Post article that finally admitted the obvious; that the “torture” worked.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Funny

  1. That’s pretty funny. I also liked when Glen Beck kept referring to him as The Hairy Backed Guy. No name, no description other than Hairy Backed Guy.

    It seems to me that there are at least two debates worth having. (Partly because I think they’re both debates we’ll win, admittedly). One is on whether enhanced interrogations work (and I think most agree the answer is Yes), and the other is what, exactly, constitutes torture.

    The standard definitions of torture typically include permanant and/or severe injury and risk of death. The EITs I’ve heard of don’t rise to that level. We’re not pulling out fingernails, tossing people off buildings, or burning people alive, or chopping off hands or fingers. (There’s also a debate on whether the lines of what’s acceptable are different for terrorists/war criminals are different than your standard thugs, but I think that’s baked into the cake already.)


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  3. WAX ?….Ohh no…..
    The Epilator had to be invented by a descendant of the Spanish Inquisition Grand Inquisitor Torquemada…or maybe Satan himself.
    I was in a discussion with several women awhile back about the Epilator vs. waxing.
    Among the 7 of us women, all of whom had experienced waxing (some Brazilian), tattoos, and the epilator….we unanimously agreed that we would Never allow an Epilator within 10 feet of us ever again.
    Waxing rips out thousands of hairs all at the Same Time. But the Epilator rips them out One At A Time in very quick succession.
    Doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but there is a HUGE difference.
    The Epilator is a Torture Implement !


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