Video:Dick Cheney On Fox News Sunday

In case you missed this earlier this morning:


5 thoughts on “Video:Dick Cheney On Fox News Sunday

  1. Murph, he’s not running for anything. He’s writing a book.

    Even when he was VP, he wasn’t really running. Bush was. Heck, a lot of people I know voted for Bush thought Cheney was evil.
    His job under Bush was to say reasonable stuff in such a way as to drive leftists crazy so they would blare what he said out because it’s “so self-evidently wrong thinking!!!!”.

    Then, Harry Joe American hears his message undiluted by ellipses. Look how he’s been beating Obama over security.

    Sarah Palin is learning that power, she was probably good at it in Alaska but then she met Katie Couric and the Beltway crew.
    She learned a lot more in that election than any other GOP pol.


  2. I should make clear, I didn’t think that Cheney would give Teddy a tongue bath, I didn’t know he would be on.

    For all of last week, I didn’t watch any news except for that show and some Cavuto until this afternoon.


  3. ABCNews reports: “National Security Adviser: Obama Having Greater Success Taking Out Terrorists — Than Bush!”

    How the hell does this guy KNOW that the human beings killed were terrorists? How does he know that they weren’t innocent Afghani civilians in the wrong place at the wrong time? Were there trials? Were they read their Miranda warnings before they were so ruthlessly slaughtered? How is it that torturing these innocent Afghanis by blowing second-hand smoke in their faces is unconscionable, but separating their brains from their skulls, their spleens from their torsos, and their limbs from everything else is not only A-o.k. but something this Administration brags about?


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