Fox News All Stars: Van Jones Will Be Gone By Monday

When I watched that earlier today, I was amazed at how how unimpressed they were by revelations that there was a Communist in the White House. That’s what’s wrong with the “Washington bubble”. Maybe that’s why the media (even right leaning media?) avoids reporting on Obama’s radical background and associations, even as he now brings these associations into the White House to work with him. They think it’s no big deal? Here, in flyover country, that’s still considered a big deal.

Meanwhile, Van Jones seems to be hoping that a lame disavowal that he was ever a truther will suffice until this blows over:

Van Jones, the Special Advisor for Green Jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, is Number 46 of the petitioners from the so-called “Truther” movement which suggests that people in the administration of President George W. Bush “may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war.”

In a statement issued Thursday evening Jones said of “the petition that was circulated today, I do not agree with this statement and it certainly does not reflect my views now or ever.”

He did not explain how his name came to be on the petition.

“My work at the Council on Environmental Quality is entirely focused on one goal: building clean energy incentives which create 21st century jobs that improve energy efficiency and use renewable resources,” Jones said in his statement tonight.

That was basically the answer Glenn Beck got from the White House when he asked them why a Communist was a close adviser to the President. Seems to be their pat answer to all questions about Van Jone’s radical background.

And what does Jones want us to believe about how his name got on that list? Allahpundit explores the possibilities.


Here’s Glenn Beck, rubbing his nose in it.


Oh man.

After telling us that the the truther petition he signed in 2004 didn’t “reflect his views, now or ever”, it comes out that he was one of the earliest truthers in the movement, having helped organize a march to agitate for a congressional inquiry of 9/11 and the “‘war on terrorism’ which endangers the lives and liberties of free peoples everywhere”: Take it away, Gateway Pundit.

20 thoughts on “Fox News All Stars: Van Jones Will Be Gone By Monday

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  2. Ditto, Ricky. That’s the real point. Obama is the Communist. Pressure and vigilance needs to be constantly applied in both areas.


  3. How could the people of this country allow this to begin? How can anyone vote for a president without attempting to check on their background? No one surrounds themselves with the kind of people obama has unless you are from the same mold.


  4. I can tell you how this happened. We have been asleep. Most folks go to work, come home and flop down on the couch. The TV comes on and we trust the news media to tell us if there is anything wrong. We have been politically asleep trusting our Congress and President to take care of things. Congress has been busy with their hands in the cookie jar and no one has been protecting the country. The FBI’s leaders are turning a blind eye. The CIA has to spend all its time fighting lawyers and protecting their own back. This Congress will never listen to the people, most are in the pocket of special interest. So, what do you do? Glenn Beck is leading the charge. Watch him. He makes sense. Use the Internet, there is more info there than even Government can control. Write those letters, call those congressmen, let them know what you think. Fight and come election time, vote them all out. “We the People Term Limits”

    Sorry got carried away…


  5. Maybe, if we had a law prohibiting illegal space aliens from holding office this never would have happened.


  6. Good Lord….when I entered the military, one of the questions on the form was…”have you ever or are you currently affiliated with the communist party”. You couldn’t even become an E-1 private, but now we have a communist working in the White House. This is sickening.


  7. Not all of us were asleep, LewBrown. Some of us have been banging the drum about Obama and his minions for years. We were the ones called crazy and racist. Take a good hard look at the rest of his Czars, advisors and assorted hangers on.

    Not looking so crazy now.


  8. Coming from an Obama liberal such as yourself, Malky, that means less than nothing.

    Hey, did you see we hit 9.7% unemployment today? Going higher thanks to Dear Leader’s absurd stimulus plan. The only question is whether Obama’s approval rating will sink faster than unemployment rises. Too close to tell.


  9. Only two excuses for passing that stimulus, Deb. Either the entire Obama administration is criminally stupid when it comes to economics or they did it on purpose.

    Given Obama’s penchant for Cloward Piven tactics, you know which way I am leaning.


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  11. But the question is, will he be any less actively, diligently working to implement Obama’s plans just because he no longer has the office.


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