ObamaCare Supporter Bites Off Elderly Dissenter’s Pinkie Finger (UPDATED)

Pro-Obama thuggery at its worst:

Ventura County Sheriff‘s Capt. Frank O’Hanlon says about 100 people demonstrating in favor of health care reforms rallied Wednesday night on a street corner. One protester walked across the street to confront about 25 counter-demonstrators.

O’Hanlon says the man got into an argument and fist fight, during which he bit off the left pinky of a 65-year-old man who opposed health care reform.

A hospital spokeswoman says the man lost half the finger, but doctors reattached it and he was sent home the same night.

An eyewitness, who was able to recover the finger for the man, called in to the Rush Limbaugh Show, and said that the senior was actually targeted by the thug, who has not yet been caught.

I’m a little annoyed that substitute host, Mark Steyn finds it all so funny.

It’s not.


Video here.


Captain Ed reports that the assailant may have been a Move on.org member, and notes:

…this does demonstrate — again — that most of the violence in these protests have come not from Tea Party activists or gun-carrying protesters, but from the counterprotesters from unions and left-wing groups.

But of course


Michelle Malkin says the Moveon crowd’s misinformation colored the early reporting of the incident, which explains why the first stories reported that the the dissident bit off the finger of the ObamaCare supporter.

That was the story first discussed by Mark Steyn before the eye witness called in and corrected him.


A fuzzy picture of the finger biter has surfaced:


Police said the biter has not been identified. Rice has admitted to throwing the first punch but says he did so because he felt threatened, Buschow said.

Rice gave investigators a photograph (above) taken just before the altercation.  Rice is wearing a khaki T-shirt and olive drab shorts; his opponent is in black at right.

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the biter could be charged with mayhem, an offense by which the perpetrator deprives another person of a body part, and Rice could be charged with battery for throwing the first punch.

William Rice chose not to have his fingertip reattached.


Rice appeared on the Neil Cavuto Show –

17 thoughts on “ObamaCare Supporter Bites Off Elderly Dissenter’s Pinkie Finger (UPDATED)

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  2. Ever notice how these mutts always choose the elderly or women to target with their “in their face” BS? Just serves to prove that lefties have no cohones. Punks – the lot of them.

    I’m 63, punk – care to take me on?


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  4. Well before we get too far into this, are we sure it was an Obama person who did the biting? Perhaps it was Iron Mike. Hell, no one knows where he is going to show up!


  5. The AP reported that the injured man “retrieved the finger and went to a hospital.” A hospital spokesperson told the news service that the man, who had Medicare, “lost half the finger, but doctors reattached it and he was sent home the same night.”

    Stupid AP can’t be relied on.


  6. Who threw the first punch? Oh that’s right, the guy who lost the fight! Yes, it was also the guy who used his socialized medicine to make a hospital trip whether or not he actually had the finger attached. His socialized health care paid for the medical evaluation …. what was he protesting again?!

    Social Security, medicare collecting moron. Quick someone take his benefits away so he can protest with a clean conscience.


  7. Who threw the first punch? Oh that’s right, the guy who lost the fight!

    Because the Moveon moron had gotten up in his grill. Most guys would have reacted the same way.

    Hey, doofus. The almost insolvent Medicare system is the one the elderly have to live under at the moment. The man has every right protest the expansion of a failing system.


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