Krauthammer: Van Jones’ History of Radical Politics A Reflection Of Obama

Thank you Charles Krauthammer, this needed to be said.

This was no failure of the vetting process. Van Jones was exactly what Obama had in mind for his green jobs Czar: a community activist cut from the same cloth as himself. Dan Calabrese hit the nail on the head, here:

All Jones did was adjust the focus of the same “career” he’d always had – that of radical left-wing activist – to focus on pushing the latest fashionable excuse for all the same policies the left always wants.

The “revolution” Jones seeks would re-order the entire economy to take state control of private wealth and redistribute it to the hapless proletariat. This is the same agenda the Democratic Party has embraced for more than a generation, offering whatever excuse might sell the idea. They’ve been trying to sell poverty and health care as excuses to do this since at least the 1960s. Even the anti-war movement is, at least in part, about wanting to re-allocate the Pentagon budget for social do-gooder programs administered by the agencies and nonprofits that employ so many of these people.

Now the environment is the excuse to impose massive new taxes and regulations on industry.

It’s all to accomplish the same thing, and that’s why Jones the civil-rights activist became Jones the environmental activist. Every problem that has ever existed is solved by massive taxes and government regulation, and Jones – formidable radical activist that he is – knew how to pivot from issue to issue while really pursuing the same end goal.

More and more Americans are beginning to understand the radical nature of our President, and are finding it very difficult to trust such a man.


Here’s one such man who asked Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) about the constitutionality of Obama’s czars:

Ed Morrissey commented on the public displays of mistrust people are showing for this administration:

Note the standing ovation given to the lecture. Perriello and other Democrats had better start learning something from these reactions, because mistrust is beginning to rapidly increase for this administration.


If nothing else, this demonstrates the end of George Bush as a talking point for Democrats. People weren’t really worried that the NSA was listening to their conversations with Aunt Millie. The czars and the government takeovers of health care and energy production, on the other hand, will impact every American in fundamental ways. Bush as a vague and ambiguous bogeyman has been eclipsed by the very real encroachment on liberty that Barack Obama and his czars promise.