It Had To Be Said

I’m sorry, but after all of the insults that Republicans have had to take for the past eight months from this man, who even when addressing a joint session of Congress can’t restrain himself from attacking the previous administration, who has the audacity to lecture us about civility after he and his cronies insulted and demeaned protesters for months… it’s just not fair to ask Republicans to sit on their hands and bite their tongues when the President gets in front them and continues to spew out lie after demonstrable lie:

So hurray for Joe Wilson, my new hero:

It was Obama’s idea to hold a joint session of Congress on this very divisive issue, and give his eleventy hundredth speech on the subject. It was his idea to continue trying to sell it by offering pie in the sky solutions with no negative consequences. Americans have been educating themselves on the facts of what’s in these health care bills, and are finding out that just because Obama says something, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Republicans in Congress shouldn’t be expected to put up with it.

If this is the beginning of  UK Parliament style proceedings, with lots of yelling and cat calls, so be it. That can be Barry’s  legacy. The man who promised to end divisiveness will go down as the man whose shameless and audacious lies inspired an uprising not only amongst an alarmed citizenry, but also amongst Washington pols forced to listen to them.


The apology was almost immediate:

“This evening I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the president’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the health care bill,” Wilson said.

“While I disagree with the president’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable.  I extend sincere apologies to the president for this lack of civility.”

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32 thoughts on “It Had To Be Said

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  2. welcome to the Revolution II. i thought it would begin this weekend, but it looks like it may have officially begun tonight. unofficially, it began back in Feb with the first Tea Parties. remember the phrase “the revolution will not be televized”???

    KUDOS to Rep Wilson!!!


  3. >>remember the phrase “the revolution will not be televized”???

    A huge piece of irony on that one. That phrase was coined and made famous by Gil Scott-Heron who is both a poet and song writer/performer who was hugely popular in the ’60s, ’70s and early ’80s. He is widely considered to be one of the godfathers of rap and was a spiritual leader of the radical black community of that time.

    That song was meant to be an message to the radical community and associated far lefty organizations telling them to get off theirs butts and start working for change because they couldn’t wait for it to be brought to them packaged like a product from Madison Avenue. He disappeared from public view for a long time as drugs took over his life and he went in and out of jail. He resurfaced earlier this year and had this to say in an interview with the Washington Post.

    >>Q. In the early 1970s, you came out with “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” about the erosion of democracy in America. You all but predicted that there would be a revolution in which a brainwashed nation would come to its senses. What do you think now? Did we have a revolution?

    >>A. Yes, the election of President Obama was the revolution.

    Gil was a brilliant talent but he was all about the Obama type revolution. And for the most part, he was right, much of it real agenda wasn’t televised during the campaign and still isn’t being televised save for people like Beck who are willing to tell the truth. Let’s hope the counter revolution gets more coverage.

    Still, to this day, The Bottle remains one of my favorite songs. I saw him do it live in Miami many moons ago…….


  4. I was never a hippy, Deb. Just traveled in some interesting circles and spent a long time living with the enemy. I’m not sure you can truly understand the lunacy of liberals unless you have been surrounded by them for years.

    To quote one of my favorite movies, I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.


  5. I’m glad there are other citizens as pissed off as I am about him calling a joint session of Congress for a mess he created and is NOT a crisis! Then he has the audacity to lecture Republicans, some Democrats, and the public on civility while he insults all of us. It was very telling… because in his narcissistic mind there WAS a crisis… his poll numbers were plunging, people weren’t kissing his ass and calling him genius and actually weren’t intellectually competent enough to realize that he, a person who has never worked for a living, got government handouts all his life, never started or owned a business… knows what’s best for us peons. If I were a member of Congress and had to sit there while he lied and misrepresented the facts I would have been making fart noises with my armpit! I would have dedicated a real “juicy” sounding one to the first lady and the Speaker for all the “class” they’ve shown over the past year. “America’s soul is broken?” “The CIA lied about waterboarding?” “Astroturfing Nazis?” I would have shown more class than these two socialist America haters have shown lately… I would have put a Whoopie cushion under Pelosi’s chair! I wonder if her silly putty face would be capable of showing surprise. Would the sudden burst of man-made artificial flatulence remind Joe Biden of a good story that inevitably ends with him being the hero? Just think of it, we have to put up with this for three more years!


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  10. I’m glad he spoke up — ‘You lie’ ? That was long overdue. Goddam Obama for calling everyone typical whites, gun clingers and ‘terrorists’ (that gem especially for our Vets and tea party protesters). Dave above posted everything regarding the urgency of last night’s special-session propaganda retread: Obama’s agenda, his dropping poll numbers and Marxist plan are all at stake.

    I just donated $$ to Joe Wilson’s campaign, as linked via Lucianne and Red State. I’m sorry he felt the need to apologize due to pressure from McCain. Ol’ Johnny Mac is losing me today as one of his newsletter subscribers. That was the final straw, actually. His daughter seems to spout in public what she hears at home, huh? Well, my money then went for Palin anyway. She’s just knocking it out of the ballpark… great pummeling of Teh Zero.


  11. Even the elected neanderthals who run the Republican Party think this moronic bozo was out of order – but you dumb thickheads apparently that it’s ok. Heaven help the US if your sort ever get into power.


  12. Not a lot of booing there, Nicedeb. Also do you really want to hero worship a man who voted to cut healthcare to vets on at least 4 occasions?


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