9/12 March On Washington

Holy cow, what a crowd, I wish I could be there:


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More live pictures, here.

See Freedomworks for continuous coverage throughout the day.

Michelle Malkin has more, here.

Do you think anyone in Washington is paying attention?


More coverage of today’s events in DC at:



Frugal Cafe


Michelle Malkin reports The crowd has been estimated at two million.

(She has since issued a correction on that estimate).


R.S. McCain reports from tea party central.

Atlas Shrugs: A Failed Presidency…


Breitbart has a CNN video FAIL . Correspondent decides to cover protest by talking about Joe Wilson’s “outburst”, as protesters chant, “Tell the truth!”, and “Glenn Beck!”

El Marko has his pictures up from  The Conservative Woodstock.

dc teaparty

hell no

Video;Proud to be American :

Video: Glenn Beck, special Saturday 9/12 protest edition:


This article from USA Today Jan.20, Obama’s inauguration day, explains how the Park Service estimates crowd size:

Estimating the size of a crowd requires aerial photographs, dimensions of the gathering space, and an estimate of the crowd’s density.

If the National Mall is densely packed from Third Street to the Washington Monument, and if the area from the monument to the Lincoln Memorial has an average density, the space could contain 1.5 million people, Barna said. Average density is one person per 5 square feet. A tightly packed crowd has a density of one person per 2.5 square feet, an area slightly larger than this newspaper.

Clark McPhail, a University of Illinois professor and expert in crowd estimation, said it’s “very important” to provide a number, even if only an estimate. “These are events of historical significance,” he said. “A president ought to be able to know how many people turn out for his inauguration.”

Thanks to Nick.

Via The rhetorican, here’s an time lapse ariel video of the crowd:

Video: Glenn Beck Notices Lack Of Media Coverage On ACORN Story

You’ll never guess who’s been covering the story the most:

You would think Olby would make Glenn Beck his worst person in the world for the umpteenth time for his part in what was obviously  racist, and illegal entrapment. But no. 0 coverage at MSNBC, not to mention CBS, ABC, NBC.

And nobody, not even Fox, has thought to ask anyone in the Obama administration what Obama thinks of all this ACORN corruption. After all, he has worked for them, trained ACORN workers, and was supported by them. He famously promised ACORN in Dec ’07, that they would help him set his agenda. Why doesn’t anybody ask him about that?

Incidentally,  two Washington DC ACORN employees were fired, today, bringing the total of fired employees to four, and ACORN contends that an internal review of “practices and training” is forthcoming. No word yet on whether or not any of the ACORN employees will be prosecuted for agreeing to help enable sex slavery.

Our two young film makers, however, may see up to five years in jail apiece for violating Maryland’s wiretap laws.