Pro-ObamaCare Forces Held Their Own Rally In DC On 9/13

A Daily Kos blogger calls the turnout, “weak”.

I guess!:

dc rally fail2

DC Public Option Rally Turnout Weak (w/ pics)

I just returned from two hours at the rally.  Turnout was maybe approaching 800-1000 when I left….more like 500-700.

Huh? Which was it, 500-700, or 800-1000?

We had at least as many people show up in the cold, last Feb, for the first KC area tea party to protest Porkulus.

Hey, how about a compare/contrast of the two rallies?

dcprotest faillive

9/13 DC Public Option Rally…………………………………………….………….9/12 march on Washington

Which group would you say has more momentum?

Thanks to: Karen

James And Hannah Take Their Pimp/Ho Act To New York…

With predictable results:

Watch part two at Big Government.

First they went to Baltimore, then on to Washington DC, and then on to New York – that’s three strikes against ACORN.

Bertha Lewis, the Chief Organizer for ACORN had previously said:

This recent scam, which was attempted in San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia to name a few places, had failed for months before the results we’ve all recently seen.

Who do you believe? Bertha Lewis, or your own lying eyes?

ACORN is now accusing James, Hannah, and Fox News of conducting a long term political plan to smear the group, saying the tapes were doctored,  and is now threatening to sue them all:

Most of the MSM either ignoring this story, or as James O’Keefe notes, “covering for ACORN” by actively attacking the two film makers, instead of getting to the bottom of the story.

Still, four ACORN employees have already been fired, with more in NY surely to follow. ACORN has been dropped from the Census, and now, fresh, new calls for an ACORN investigation are coming from Republicans in Congress.

I’d say O’Keefe’s pimp hand is stronger than ACORN’s.