Thank You James And Hannah


It took the efforts of a couple of young conservative activists to do it, but it looks like ACORN’s taxpayer money grubbing days may be coming to an end.

Yesterday, the Senate voted to cut off federal funding to ACORN.

Today, the House GOP called for a total cut off of federal funds to ACORN.

What more, in the wake of this scandal, the U.S. Census has cut off its ties with ACORN, Republican lawmakers are calling for congressional hearings and IRS audits of ACORN, and Fox News reports that officials from the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in NY will be “taking a look” into Brooklyn’s ACORN office.

This has all happened without the MSM’s help in reporting the story.

And  James and Hannah aren’t even through, yet.

Can’t wait for the next shoe to drop.


Big Hollywood Exclusive: Acorn Illegally Operating In Maryland


Next shoe scheduled to drop  at 4:00 pm Eastern.

Brace yourselves…

Oh. my. gosh. There are no words…

21 thoughts on “Thank You James And Hannah

  1. Thank you! I’m so happy to see some young people out there who are paying attention to what’s going on in our government. You are making our country better and stronger. Thank you Hannah and James!


  2. J&H are fantastic!!

    We need to be prepared to fund their legal defense fund – maybe we stop paying taxes until they stop wasting the money – but wait – we can’t because the feds take the money before my family gets it!!!

    I agree with the libs it’s time for choice, I choose to NOT let the govenment get my money before me!


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  5. Please tell me that photo is shopped. Really James? Thats your pimp outfit? Good God lad, you look like to mugged Huggy Bear, a nineteenth century Dandy, and a banker on his way to work. I have a feeling that many of the earlier failures in their project may have been due to people laughing at that get up. James, listen, stop watching your movies and go out onto the street to see real pimps in action. Till then, find an ostrich feather for that cap. Sorry, this post had nothing political, just had to get that off my chest.


  6. I meant when they went to the first few offices and they didn’t go along with it. They noted that they went to a few other offices and it didn’t work out. Lately though, it seems to be working quite well for them. I am not being serious about this being the cause of them ofcourse, I am merely writing on the the costume.


  7. Lol, I know I know, that post was meant to be more tongue in cheek as well. Sorry if it got lost in translation. They need to make it so sarcasm can be understood over the ether of the net. 🙂


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  10. Firstly, thanks for what you did.

    Secondly, if you need a fund to keep you both out of jail then let’s start collecting now for the both of you.


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