House Votes Overwhelmingly To Defund ACORN

Publius at Big Government reports:

Rep. Darrell Issa  (R-CA) offered the Defund-ACORN bill to the Student Loans bill.  The House voted convincingly to cut ALL federal funds to ACORN.

Vote: 345 to 75.


Ace and Gabe were wondering the same thing I’ve been wondering:

Oversold? Gabe tips me that in the Senate they slipped the amendment into a HUD bill that didn’t provide any money for ACORN. So I don’t know that these amendments apply to all other spending or just the spending in the bill — in the latter case, may be of very limited usefulness, except forcing Democrats to admit by their votes ACORN should be defunded when a bill that actually affects them comes up.

I do not know. I am more ignorant than usual.

A Moron Answering a Question:

Gabe asked me: Question: In your latest post, what does “de-fund” mean? Does it just block all current appropriations directed to ACORN or does the bill say (as was threatened) that they can never receive federal funds again?

I wasn’t sure if it was quite time to celebrate after the Senate HUD bill, passed, myself. ACORN and its affiliates have many ways of obtaining federal dollars, but it sounds like the Republicans are crossing all Ts and dotting all their Is.

Byron York explains what’s next, here:

Nebraska Republican Sen. Mike Johanns, who sponsored the successful amendment to ban federal housing funds from going to ACORN, has introduced the same amendment banning funds for ACORN in two other appropriations bills: the Interior Department appropriations measure and the Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations bill. Johanns is expected to take to the Senate floor today to argue in favor of banning ACORN from those areas of federal spending.

In the new amendments, Johanns is attempting to bar federal funding for ACORN at some departments that currently do not send any money to the organization. The idea is to make sure that federal funds for ACORN, once banned from the Housing appropriations bill, do not find their way into other parts of the federal budget. GOP Senate aides point out that ACORN is connected to hundreds of different organizations across the country, and it will take a lot of work to make sure federal dollars do not go to ACORN or its affiliates. “They have tentacles everywhere,” says one aide.

Still in the works is a larger, standalone bill that would bar all federal funding for ACORN. Republicans in the House have already introduced such a measure.

See also Hot Air: The fallout continues…

Michelle Malkin says this is “Just the beginning. Far from the end”.

But it’s a great beginning.

Meanwhile in an alternate universe….Keefy Olbermann triumphantly celebrates the San Bernardino ACORN Office’s  “punking” of Hannah and James:

Skip ahead to 53 seconds in:

WTF? Hello McFly?!

12 thoughts on “House Votes Overwhelmingly To Defund ACORN

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  2. Okay, the Olberman bit was funny.

    He says things I would say thinking I was being ridiculous.
    He’s why I stopped doing satire trolling. People used to get to mad.


  3. For some reason I think Olbermann is an idiot (okay, more than just one reason; gawd!)…just me…I mean, we got Maureen Dowd that hears “words in the air”, and he’s mocking the folks reporting ACORN!!?? holy moly…


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