Another One?!

No, there’s nothing creepy about  a bunch school kids chanting: “Change has come! Change has come!” No, not at all!

Ann Coulter didn’t mince words on Fox last weekend, when sharing her opinion of lefties who use children this way:


Are these just isolated incidents, or is this type of thing more widespread than we want to believe?

A palatte cleanser via Flying Patriot on Twitter:

34 thoughts on “Another One?!

  1. Oh no! The liberals are taking over the schools and indoctrinating your children! Ann Coulter says its true, so it must be! Of course she is well documented as a total liar making big bucks out of the dumb, but why let that worry anyone. You folks get more shrill and stupid as the days pass.


  2. By the way, ACORN’s been in the news a lot, lately…why haven’t we seen any more of your full throated support for the group? You have been this site’s most avid ACORN defender:

    The only corrupt person in this video is Glenn Beck – an immoral shamster who thinks nothing of perpertrating falsehoods (as do most of the talking heads employed by my compatriot Rupert Murdoch). If you morons think that what you are saying constitutes serious argument, you are seriously mistaken. By the way where is your coverage of the recently exposed Republican registration fraud?

    Or this one:

    More stupidity – where, Deb, are your facts concerning ACORN being ‘radical’ and ‘thoroughly corrupt’. Don’t tell me that you simply accept the assertions of Fox talking heads about this matter. As I’ve said in another message – where is your coverage of recent Republican registration fraud? Hint: search terms might include Mark Jacoby and Young Political Majors.

    Pretty embarrassing in light of recent events, huh?


    Oh really O’Reilly? Come off it Deb he’s a hack with no journalistic credibility at all. Why won’t the other networks handle it – because there isn’t a story. Look, I’m not going to bother you any more, but it’s clear to me that yourself and others who share your far right wing viewpoint are thrashing around looking for excuses to be annoyed at Obama – and to blame the ills brought about by 8 long years of irresponsible Republican governance on him. Why don’t you just come clean and admit you’re racist?

    It’s almost like you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.


  3. It’s interesting to me that people want to tear down the messengers — ad hominem attacks — but won’t address the substance of the argument: is it appropriate to indoctronate elementary school kids to sing praise to a temporary political leader. And is it even slightly reasonable to make it seem that it is Obama who ended segregation, brought ‘hope’, provided opportunities to the oppressed, etc. etc. etc. (The Hebrews were closer to the truth when they wanted to credit a golden calf for bringing them out of slavery in Egypt, but I digress.)

    The adulation has no basis beyond cult of personality. And deluded adults are bad enough without foisting it on trusting children who should be doing something better with their schooltime.


  4. So Mal, are you saying that this creepy stuff isn’t happening? Would you be happy if your kids were made to chant about Bush?

    I’m not sure what’s worse. The idiocy of lefties or their lies.

    But then, why choose?


  5. Good post Deb.

    That being said, the libs pretending that they would not whine and complain if the pubs tried this is really sad.


  6. It wouldn’t be just the Libs screaming and sobbing if Pubs had public school children chanting for Bush. The media would be showing these children every half an hour on local news, and headline the major network news with this kind of sickening crap. Mal is simply a liar. He refuses to face the truth and spews his lies about conservatives. What a sorry simple sap.


  7. Bravo, Deb! Elegant K-O of the suddenly mute ACORN fans.

    To Mal, regarding the exploding ACORN scandal: You wrote, “Why won’t the other networks handle it – because there isn’t a story.”

    ROFL – no, there is DEFINITELY a story, Mal, you poor, delusional, statist sap. The other networks have turned a blind eye because THEY ARE ALL IN THE TANK WITH OBAMA. Even Jon Stewart has taken the fringe media of Katie Couric, Keith Olbermann, Andrea Mitchell, Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson, Matt Lauer, et al. to the proverbial woodshed for being unabashed partisan hacks.

    Now with the NEA scandal (with not only ACORN’s involvement but the White House, too), we’re going to need much more popcorn to watch this growing crime drama unfold… and many of us will be wagering on how long the irrelevant MSM can keep stupidly vilifying Joe Wilson while ignoring the real political scandals.

    Conservative blogs and FOX are the only places to find the truth… plus, reading the doings of ACORN defunding in the congressional records.


  8. Mal has no kids… he’s a creepy metrosexual who trolls bars and picks up lib women who don’t shave their armpits but do shave their Nether Portions. Even if they couple, they don’t become a couple, let alone marry. They’re too cool for that.

    When confronted with actual physical evidence of teachers propagandizing young children to Praise the One, Mel just dips into “neener neener can’t hear you mode” as all these clowns do.


  9. Oh, my.

    Such a nice website filled with so many dicks. Can we all agree that we don’t want anyone else’s politics forced upon our own chirren? Of course, we can.

    Looking at it in that light, can we all agree that the cult of personality, the emphasis on a certain political slant, has no place in the classroom?

    Of course we can.

    Can we all agree that we have the right to raise or, if you prefer, indoctrinate our own chirren however we want to?

    Of course we do.

    So, since we all agree, keep your politics outta my kids classroom, ok? I’ll be responsible for giving them values. You give them math and science and shit.



  10. I’m all for teaching students that progressives are pathologically deranged, maladjusted personality types who express their problems through the theft of other people’s property, engage in unnatural relationships with young children in order to “share the intimate love of the great leader with the little minds” and have uncontrollable envy and fear of those who don’t have a nasty collection of perversions, deviances and personality defects.

    The younger we start explaining that a liberal/progressive is an unwell person, the better. Nobody wants to be a whack job like Obama’s socialist mentor uncle and child molester, do they? Jimmy, put Sarah’s cookie back! You don’t want to grow up to be a Democrat do you? Nothing but weird habits and mental institutions down that path!


  11. I am going to have to agree with the writer calling themselves JaneLovesJesus but in a different regard. It appears to me that many of the people who are replying to what the writer “Mal” wrote are simply using argument Ad Hominem. That is to say, they attack Mal personally. I must give Deb credit, when she discounts Mal for not citing their sources, she uses past postings as proof to back this up. Then we have Jack Dorf who instead uses blatant, slanderous attacks against the user never using politics to make his point. The fact of the matter is that while attacking a person personally makes for a quick and easy argument, it doesn’t make you any better. Flyover Sam complains of liberal indoctrination of children in our schools but then starts advocating indoctrination against liberal beliefs, a use of a straw man if you will.
    Deb, I write this with no disrespect toward you. Although I come from a leftest view, I log on everyday to see your view of the world in order to see some objectivity. I salute you for using past postings to back up your arguments. But when you let people attack each other all willy-nilly without backing themselves up, when they attack each other personally instead of talking politics, then the credibility of the site takes a great hit.
    I remain an interested, if not somewhat concerned reader.
    Nick in Gettysburg


  12. Rick – new here, but LOVE your post! Totally agree…

    Nick – when she “lets” people attack each other? How about free speech, or is that too conservative for you? IMO, she’s the host, and she can let the grown ups work it out. But good on you for at least being open to other points of view–more libs should be like you 😉


  13. Hey Nick-

    Your argument might have a bit more resonance if Mal didn’t pop in here every so often not to make a reasoned argument of any kind but simply to fling ad hominems at Deb and any and all of the posters. He’s been doing it for months and most of us are sick of his childish attacks and just responding in kind. If you have real concern, direct it toward the angry troll from down under. But be advised, he changes his name constantly as trolls are want to do.

    Now, if you care to make a real argument from the left I’m sure there are many of us who will gladly take it on. Be prepared for a serious fact based rebuttal.


  14. I do not have anything against free speech. My apologies for if what I said come out that way. I am all for it, I just feel like fact based rebuttals make for better argument is all. As to what Jack said, Mal is a troll. When I come in here to make an argument, I don’t come in and just say what I want. I make sure I am researched and can back myself up. Mal, it would appear, trolls for trolls sake. I hope that you do not think all people on the left are so hot headed. Some of us do try to make good arguments. Happy to be accepted here for my views.
    Nick in Gettysburg


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  17. And as if trolls were not bad enough, here come the Spammers! I think right and left can agree we need less like her around here.


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  20. Yes I did use a couple of other monikers, basically because Nicedeb blocked me from the site on the basis that she didn’t like my comments. As to the use of ad hominems, yes I do use them, but this whole blog is built on them. There is very little actual policy argument. You want citations but you condemn any that are made by folks left of your own very right wing point of view. In terms of Coulter – I refer you to Coulterwatch, but there are a number of other commentators/researchers who have found many errors of statement in her books (including one recent Democratic Senator that you love to hate). I can’t and won’t take any conservative seriously whose sole source of news seems to be either Fox News (a network devoid of any conception of journalistic ethics) or the bloggers who willingly regurgitate the statements of Fox’s witless troops (Beck, Hannity, et al).


  21. Oh, and just to clear up what ‘ad hominem’ actually means: “An ad hominem argument, also known as argumentum ad hominem (Latin: “argument to the person” or “argument against the person”) is an argument which links the validity of a premise to a characteristic or belief of a person advocating the premise.” A pretty good definition of what qualifies as argument here. Anything even remotely resembling policy debate is usually dismissed here as liberal stupidity.


  22. Uh yeah, Mal, we know what ad hominem arguments are – that’s why JackStraw mentioned your frequent (and self-admitted) use of them. That’s the second factual statement you’ve made at this site, though, so congrats on that.

    Most people, BTW, have enough decency to leave a site when they’ve been banned. Or, if they really want to stick around, they try to correct the behaviors that got them banned.

    So if you want to make some halfway decent arguments, with some nice citations for support, maybe ND’ll let you stick around. Otherwise, we’ll just start deleting or modifying your comments on sight.


  23. Geoff,
    You prove my point. Don’t worry not interested in arguing with fools like yourself and your colleagues any longer. Enjoy your loopy lalaland.


  24. because Nicedeb blocked me from the site on the basis that she didn’t like my comments.

    Yes, but let’s be specific. You were using the poisonous lefty tactic of calling your opponent ad homs like racist, and anti-semite, because you had no cogent arguments to make.

    You can’t argue with crazy, so you left me no choice. It will happen again if you go down that road.


  25. I’m afraid Mal lives on that road. But in his defense, so do lefty leaders.

    When you have the President of the US calling police officers racist (albeit more subtly than Mal), members of Congress saying Republicans want sick people to die and blatantly lying about their proposals, and all of the lefty leadership in Congress calling angry conservatives protesters terrorists and thugs it’s not really fair to think their minions will speak with any more logic or grace.


  26. Don’t worry not interested in arguing with fools like yourself and your colleagues any longer.

    That works for me. Oh yes it certainly does.

    Off you go now.


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