Did ACORN Have A Role In Getting Al Franken Elected?

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Katherine Kersten, one of the few sane voices at the MN Red Star is wondering the same thing I’ve been wondering. What would that election have looked like had there have been no ACORN involvement:

Here in Minnesota, ACORN has boasted of playing a major role in the 2008 elections. It claims to have registered 43,000 new voters, which it describes as 75 percent of the state’s new registrations. Franken’s margin of victory in the Senate race was razor-thin: 312 votes out of about 3 million cast. And Minnesota’s laws on proof of voter eligibility are notoriously loose. Did ACORN folks pull some fast ones to help get their favorite son Franken elected — a win that handed Democrats the 60-vote, veto-proof majority that they needed to enact their liberal agenda?

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie assures us that Minnesota’s system of voter verification protects electoral integrity.

But here’s an uncomfortable fact: Ritchie himself was endorsed by the now-notorious ACORN and elected with its help.

I also seem to remember George Soros’s involvement.

So with ACORN and Soros’s help, Franken was able to eke out a big 312 vote win, after being beaten on the first count.

That’s some mandate Al (Porn-0-rama) Franken has.

I think he should be heretofore known as the “ACORN Senator”.


Armed And Dangerous wonders how successful Dems are going to be in the next election, – post ACORN’s power and influence:

I’m not talking about the mere aura of scandal, the prospect that some of the smell coming off of ACORN might cling to the general run of Democratic politicians. That’s not going to happen, not while most of the mainstream media seems ever more intent on operating as an unpaid auxiliary for the Democratic National Committee. No stench will be allowed to adhere, not even if the stalwart partisans of the Fourth Estate have to lick it off with their own tongues. No, the real problem is this: ACORN was the linchpin of the Democratic electoral-fraud machine. Without it, the party’s position going into the next round of elections may be seriously weakened.

Read the whole thing for some excellent analysis.

One more related item:

Awesome Bill Whittle video at PJ media t.v: The Destruction of ACORN, The Strategy of Breitbart, and Why We must All Remain Vigilant.

Hat tip: Big Government


6 thoughts on “Did ACORN Have A Role In Getting Al Franken Elected?

  1. . . . maybe THAT’s what Jesse Jackson really meant by that quote:
    “I’d like to cut his [ACORN support] off.”

    nahhh, that’s nuts!


  2. If McCain Feingold gets overturned along with ACORN getting neutered the donks are gonna be in a world of hurt for the next couple election cycles.

    I wonder how long Patrick Gaspard can hold out in the White House?


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