Why Did DHS Just Grant ACORN $997,402?


Sen. David Vitter (R-LA)writing for Big Government:

Earlier this month and despite the public scrutiny over the voter fraud and felony criminal activity associated with ACORN, the Department of Homeland Security went ahead and granted $997,402 to ACORN under the FY 2008 Fire Prevention and Safety Program.

To most people, the timing and the amount of the grant would seem off base, but when you take into account the fact that DHS awarded ACORN–an organization with no clear expertise in fire safety and prevention–a fire prevention and safety grant, it’s just plain offensive.

I don’t think “offensive” is quite strong enough. How about obscene… disgraceful…despicable, vile?

What are they thinking?!

Is it okay to be “outrageously outraged” over something like this?

Vitter wrote to Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of DHS, last week, requesting that she rescind the grant. So far she hasn’t responded.


SHOCKER: ACORN and Its Planned “Oklahoma Takeover” Plot, Per Released GOP Documents

Welcome AoSHQ morons…….would it kill ya to comment?

19 thoughts on “Why Did DHS Just Grant ACORN $997,402?

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  2. What does ACORN have to do with fire prevention and safety? Why is the DHS even funding this as every city has a fire chief who does this already?


  3. Give them a million and you’ll have a lot less fires. That’s prevention, right? You’ll pay it if you’re interested in your “safety,” so to speak. Unnerstan’ now?


  4. So many ways to pay off your political buddies today. Frankly, I think conservatives need to be more aggressive about going after government money. The grants are out there (even if they shouldn’t be), and if we don’t take them, groups like ACORN will.


  5. Volunteer fire departments ( I’m a member of one) have been told that grants are severly restricted, no need to apply. We just had to obtain a commercial loan to expand our building, no taxpayer help. We’ll either bum the money over the next 10 years or close up and let the bank have all assets. Several members wanted to shut down a few months ago and leave several thousand people with a fire dept (next closest) response time of 30 minutes or more. Meanwhile BO and MO take seperate jumbo jets on a trip that cost the taxpayers in excess of $2 million for fuel alone. (I’m also a former jet mechanic, family member was a crew member for GWB)


  6. I’m an Ace of Spades moron, and I don’t think Acorn has a snowball’s chance in hell of taking over Oklahoma. Last year not a single county went for Obama. The state that Elected Coburn and Inhofe will have Acorn for breakfast. I know whereof I speak for Oklahoma is MY state!


  7. That’s a grant for Fire Prevention and Safety, as in “That’s quite a nice community you’ve got there…I’d hate to see it BURNED TO THE GROUND, ’cause SOMEONE MIGHT GET HURT if we don’t get this grant…”


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