Why Obama Is Bombing On Healthcare

Holman W. Jenkins of the WSJ says it’s because people were not fooled by the b.s.:

President Barack Obama made a “public option” his centerpiece not because it’s the answer to what’s broken in the U.S. system, but because it’s a halfway house to a single-payer setup that liberal Democrats have always wanted. Team Obama also knew the public is concerned about rising costs, so they jammed together a hooey-filled argument that the public option was somehow the solution to rising costs.

Obama repeatedly tried to convince the American people that he wasn’t interested in government run health care, only “competition”, and driving down costs. But he and the Dems were on record espousing their support for a single payer health care system, and were caught on tape saying so. Those videos were posted on YouTube for everyone to see:

Jenkins concludes:

Mr. Obama’s health-care thinking always lacked the bite of real “reform.” He never claimed he was a wonk. He claimed he was a political mobilizer. He meant it.

He might have honestly sold the Democratic dream of a single-payer system, forthrightly explaining how resources would be allocated. He might have spoken of putting the price tags back on health care so consumers could decide instead. He did neither—and has botched an opportunity for real progress.

Ironically, as I write this, Obama is on t.v. giving yet another speech to the Natl. Institute of Health, characterizing ObamaCare as real progress.


13 thoughts on “Why Obama Is Bombing On Healthcare

  1. What does he really want? He’s not pushing this hard because he cares about uninsured citizens. He could fix that with a simple bill to fund health insurance premiums for those who couldn’t afford it for a tenth of the cost and a lot less headache.
    I think he’s after a bigger prize. If I was paranoid, I might think it was the same thing his buddy Hugo has. If I was paranoid.


  2. The American people simply don’t believe our government, don’t believe politicians anymore, especially Hussein bin Obama – a man who insults this country, it’s history and our people almost continuously.

    They realize Obamacare is essentially a transfer of wealth from the huge, white middle class to the non-whites, namely Latinos, many of whom are illegal aliens. Period.


  3. He has failed utterly because he, like all Democrats, is an arrogant fascist. They tried to ram this down America’s throat and the people rose up in resistance. We’re on to him now. We know what he is and we know what Democrats are. Even the idiots who voted for him and for his cult members now realize that what Republicans have said about Democrats for years is true.

    Democrats are communists too gutless to admit it.


  4. Universal deathcare lives. There’s a stealth vote next Thursday, orchestrated by Dingy Harry. Check Rush’s site (around 7 p.m., Wednesday) for all the details. Pray hard.


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