Citizens Protest At NJ School Over Obama Indoctrination Song

school protest

Parents and other concerned citizens gathered outside of the New Jersey elementary school to express their dismay over this video, which appeared on YouTube, last month, revealing children in grades K-2nd grade singing songs of praise to President Obama, something, we’ve never seen in this country, before.

“Educate, don’t indoctrinate; Educate don’t indoctrinate,” they chanted.


The demonstrators protested across the street from the “B” Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington Township. They carried signs saying “No Kiddie Propaganda” and “No Politics In The Classroom.”

They are angry about a video made at the school last March.

The school claims that all of the parents involved had a chance to read the lyrics to the song, and attend the assembly where the kids sang the songs, but that is disputed,

“These words never came home. Obama. Say yes to Obama. Find your inner Obama. That’s brainwashing,” Gina Pronchick said.

“This is not America. This is a communist country.”

Added parent Gina Altokova: “I came from former Soviet Union as a kid. I was singing songs to the leader Brezhnev and all the others. They were bigger than God.

“Millions of us were singing songs to Gerat leaders. This is a shame. This must stop.”

A smaller group of people held a counter protest, chanting “Barack Hussein Obama; Barack Hussein Obama.”

“I have no problem with the song. Kids sing songs and make rhymes,” one person said.

I bet she would have had a huge problem if they had been forced to sing songs about George W. Bush.

“I have a little cousin who goes to this school when the whole thing was going on and I personally think this is ridiculous,” added Lauren Robinson of Burlington Township.

Protesters maintained the song crossed a line.

“They need to stick to reading, writing and arithmetic,” one person opposed said.

You can watch the counter protesters unironically chanting “mmm mmm mmm! Barack Hussein Obama” on the video at the link.

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