Experts Agree: Obama Administration’s Attacks On Fox News A Mistake

It’s hard to surf the internet today without running into one commentator after another sharply criticizing the Obama administration for it’s broadside against Fox News. Everyone is talking about it, and everyone agrees that it’s petty, whiny, and self destructive.

So why are they doing it? Rush, on his show, today, darkly hinted that the chaos Obama causes with with his attacks against opponents, is purposeful.

The Curmudgeon Emeritus posits that Obama’s malignant narcissism is at fault:

” It would be unreasonable to imagine that Obama, whose opinion of himself is so high that it’s a wonder his nose doesn’t bleed continuously, would tolerate any degree of dissent from his apotheosis. He lives for adulation; he believes he deserves it. If you fail to grant him his due, that makes you evil. Therefore, Fox News is evil and must be destroyed”.

Could it be that?….or is the Obama administration just, as Neil Cavuto suggests…overworked and snippy?


19 thoughts on “Experts Agree: Obama Administration’s Attacks On Fox News A Mistake

  1. Yes it’s a mistake attacking FOX. Last time olberman went through that long seige of attacking O’reilly…their rating just grew. Same as during the Presidential campaign. I am sure FOX will take the higher ratings. Shows us just how mature this administration is.


  2. He continues to denigrate himself with his repeated attacks on Fox or any critics for that matter. Looks bad for him. In the history books too.


  3. The current administration will continue to boycott Fox until it folds into the “PRAVDA” mold like all the other MSM outlets. Welcome to your unfolding ultimate nightmare. We are slowly getting to where our great president wants us. Each and everyday becomes closer to a socialist/communist country with a huge and powerful central government. I am sure the privledge I now hold dear to type these words will be short lived. Speaking your mind will not be allowed in the furture. Chants of praise will be the order of the day.


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  13. When will we start seeing the billboards and statues erected throughout the land glorifying The Chosen One? Why does no one mention the obvious? Hugo slammed Fox News while here in the states, and so, apparently, the White House had to follow suit. Let’s just do as the dictators do. Wow….where are we going?


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