Obama And Pelosi-Mopping Up Bush’s Mess

They’re comrades in arms, those two…armed with mops, that is:

The Won never misses a chance to take a swipe at Bush, does he?


He and Nan are doing such a bang up job cleaning up after Bush, aren’t they?

Just think how bad things would be without their brilliant intervention.

Hat tip: Breitbart T.V.


Legal Insurrection says: Clean Up Your Own Mess First, Mr. President

Another Black Conservative to Obama: Stop Pissin’ On The Floor!

5 thoughts on “Obama And Pelosi-Mopping Up Bush’s Mess

  1. This really pisses me off. I am so tired of him saying “those policies created this mess” because they did not. It is nothing but revisionist history, just like what was the real cause of the Great Depression. It was not capitalism and the free market that lead to this mess. It was disastrous government policies that were pushed primarily by the left. The CRA comes to mind immediately. Obama- what a unifier. He can’t even tell the truth about what caused this disaster.

    It was too much to say to you on twitter :p

    Have a good weekend.



  2. I heard him say that today and almost gagged. So classless, so arrogant; always blaming Bush. Good God, Obama has TRIPLED the deficit in 9 horrible months, and he dares to blame Bush!??

    This administration is a living nightmare.


  3. obama is mopping up the mess so that he has more space to create a larger mess.
    The severely stupid American people who still support this traitor with all the signs of trouble that we are seeing simply amaze me. Catching small parts of the speeches he made on his campaign tour last week and listening to his voice for only seconds made my skin crawl. Obama is an actor. He is disciplined to change his voice according to the color of the group.


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