Video: Of Course, “Oba-Mao” Tee-Shirts In China

Last week, we discovered to our shock, that Obama’s Communications Director, Anita Dunn is a Maoist, although as Andrew McCarthy explained at the Corner, “Maoists in Obama’s attic are not a new story — just a story obstinately ignored by the mainstream media”.

Now we find out that the Communist Chinese return the love:

It seems we’ve come full circle.

china flag w old glory in WH lawn

Chinese Red Flag Flies Over Washington

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

Audio: Glenn Beck Interviews Lord Christopher Monckton

Via The Right Scoop, Glenn Beck’s Interview with Lord Christopher Monckton on Climate Change Treaty and One World Government:


Video Of Lord Monckton’s hour long visit to the Glenn Beck t.v. show on October 30, here.

MSM Ignores Nationwide “Can You Hear Us Now” Tea Parties

If I may be so bold as to answer for the media on this one…NO, they can’t hear you, now. As a result, I didn’t hear you either, until El Marco emailed me about his latest report on the Saturday tea parties at Looking At The Left.

I have personally experienced being in crowds of over one million on three occasions. Once in Santo Domingo, at a Partido Revolucionario Dominicano (PRD) march and rally in the late 1980s. I spent eight hours photographing that crowd. My second experience was when the people of Bali, rallied in support of Megawati Sukarnoputri when she visited Denpasar in the late 1990’s. She was later elected President of Indonesia. Both of those rallies were documented by national newspapers to have exceeded 1 million people.

I was also in Washington DC on 9/12, and I believe based on what I saw there, that 9/12 was a similar rally of over a million.

The “tea party patriots” have been denigrated and attacked repeatedly by corporate media giants and administration officials in the most vicious and lewd terms. They were called racists, nazis, and teabaggers by media and government elites. The size and demeanor of all these rallies goes under-reported or misreported and downgraded. Saturdays “Can You Hear Us Now” rallies in dozens of cities across the U.S. are a direct response to unethical liberal media misreporting in politics, both domestic and foreign.

Here are a few pictures taken by El Marco in front of news outlets in Denver:


can you hear us now


Check out El Marko’s full report which is so much more than a photo essay of the Denver rally, but an at length indictment of the media malpractice for the last 20 years.

Video: More On The John Ziegler/David Keene WCPAC Bruhaha

Yesterday, we saw Jim Hoft’s video of John Ziegler’s reaction to being banned at Western CPAC.  This video shows the interview that led to the banning; an interview that turned ugly when the ACU’s John Keene objected to Ziegler’s pointed questions:

Part One:

Part two:

You know who David Keene reminded me of , there?

The conservative movement can not afford to be led by people like that.

The sad conclusion to the WCPAC drama can be seen in part three, along with John Ziegler’s commentary at Mediaite.

MORE at Hot Air and Gateway Pundit