Video: Glenn Beck On The Obama Administration’s Power Grab Of The Media

I watched this yesterday, and thought it was worth sharing. The Obama administration’s ham-handed attempts to delegitimize Fox News is only one aspect of  Obama’s totalitarian designs on the media. Glenn Beck is one of the few people out there connectiong the dots and sounding the alarm.

More on the Marxist led Free Press, (Discover the Networks profile, here):

The Marxist founder of ‘Free Press’ and the group’s agenda to impose socialism on the Internet

(Internet Czar) Susan Crawford at Free Press Summit calls for govt intervention in newspapers, bandwidth, audio Excerpts


I’ve been meaning to write a post about the administration’s recent attempts to Alinsky Fox News into obscurity, using Keith freakin’ Olberman and Media Matters talking points, but in the wake of the MSM’s deplorable smear campaign against Rush, CNN’s laughable fact-checking of SNL, etc, I swear to God, I’m too disgusted and offended to be coherent on this issue.

I’ve decided you’d be better served if I just offered some links, and videos.

I’ll start with this clip from Fox’s Special Report. Pay special heed to Charles Krauthammer starting at 3:53:

Hot Air: Rove: Obama building an enemies list

Bernie Goldberg: The White House War on FOX

David Limbaugh: Barack’s Enemies List

Mark Levin is pretty disgusted, too:

Ace of Spades HQ: White House Attack on FoxNews Really About Keeping Leftwing Media from Covering Any of Their Scoops

(DUH!) The question is…will it work? Was it even necessary?

Michelle Malkin: MoveOn demands that Democrats stay off Fox News

I say, sic Orin Hatch on them.

Hot Air: The real reason the White House is attacking Fox News: Containment

Bravo Allahpundit.

Hot Air: Tapper to Gibbs: Who are you to decide what constitutes a news organization?

Thank God for Jake Tapper.

Operation Rushbo, Fox News and Obama’s Politics of Hate


7 thoughts on “Video: Glenn Beck On The Obama Administration’s Power Grab Of The Media

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