Rep Alan Grayson: Republicans And Fox News Are The Enemy Of America, Health Care, Education, Peace, In Short – Everything Decent, Holy, And Good


Via Greg Hengler, Townhall, get a load of this foolish, spittle-flecked, and deranged rant from a man who you just know, five years ago was simpering that Republicans were “questioning his patriotism” every five minutes:

You know, no Republicans in high elected office ever overtly questioned the Democrats’ patriotism. They expressed frustration at the Dems’ blatant politicization of the wars, (which we now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they were doing).

I wanted the Republicans to question their patriotism. I truly did.

But they had too much class to do that.

And now, the left and their leaders have all but declared open war on conservative dissenters; raining abuses down on us like: teabaggers, evil mongers, terrorists, racists, angry mobs, Nazis, right wing wackos, and my favorite, “false witnesses”.

I think the word for this kind of thing is “projection”.



Dick Cheney will be speaking at the Center for Security Policy tonight.

He won’t be questioning anyone’s patriotism…just their sanity. Text of the speech, here.


Greta showed some of the speech on her show, tonight:


O noes!

It turns out…uber patriot, Alan Grayson’s website  is the enemy of House ethics rules!11!

Or perhaps I should say, the House ethics rules are the enemy of Alan Grayson’s website. They ARE the enemy. There’s no doubt about that.

Stupid, un-American ethics rules!


Simmer down Charles Grassley…Propaganda on executive branch government websites is as American as apple pie.

MORE enemies of America:

61% of Americans

Video: Breitbart’s ACORN Unveiled Press Conference

So far, YouTube only has parts four and five of the press conference; I’ll be putting up the other videos when they appear. This is good stuff.

Found them:

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

Part five:

Breitbart posted some Fox coverage of the news conference.

Please note Hannah’s plea to the American people to ask Congress to permanently defund ACORN, as the spigot turns back on October 31.


Sign the Defund Acorn petition!


See also Michelle Malkin’s post from yesterday, on the attempts to silence ACORN whistle blower Anita MonCrief:

ACORN Watch: Fight the thugs

ACORN is a criminal enterprise. It took decades to build up its massive coffers and intricate web of affiliates across the country.

It will take months and years to untangle the entire operation.

And it will take time, money, and and relentless sunshine to dismantle the government-subsidized, partisan racket. It can’t be “reformed.” It is constitutionally corrupt.

Philly Acorn Sting Video (UPDATED – Video Back Up)

Andrew Breitbart has released a trailer for the Philadelphia Acorn sting video; Philadelphia, of course, being the office they were reportedly thrown out of after just a few minutes.

Breitbart’s video has mysteriously disappeared from YouTube, and he’s working on the problem, so keep checking. In the meantime,  luckily, it was copied at The Hope For America, and is available for viewing here. (UPDATE: Oops, not anymore).

Please note, that this is a heavily edited trailer. The audio of our subject has been muted for most of the video….. It’s almost as if Breitbart’s baiting Media Matters and ACORN to come out and call them liars again, before he releases the entire unedited thing. I’m hoping that’s the plan, anyway.

Stay tuned.

Hat tip: Hot Air


Not sure what’s going on with the disappearing videos…

Competing theories:

It was a mistake on Breitbart’s part and he meant to release the video later during his scheduled press conference in Washington DC, or in time for the evening cable news shows, but why did I see a notation at Breitbart’s site, (which has since disappeared) that the problem at YouTube was being looked into?

Evil YouTube is trying to shut his message down…but that doesn’t explain why the video at The Hope For America disappeared.

Neither explanation suffices.


Another theory for the reason the audio of the ACORN worker’s words were muted, appeared in the comments at Breitbart’s site:

For those who were able to view the video before Youtube shut it down, the audio of the Acorn worker was intentionally dropped out to comply with the state’s laws on recording an individual without consent. (Remember Maryland wanting to prosecute James and Hannah!) Acorn figured because of these laws this video would never be released and so they went out and lied about what really happened. What the video does show is that the Acorn workers testimony to Media Matters was all lies. In fact the Acorn worker did meet with, and attempt to council for 30 minutes James and Hannah, individuals she believed to be a pimp and a prostitute looking to smuggle into the county underage girls. She did not throw them out of the office after a few minutes as she claimed. Go FIGURE 6 for 6!!!

That might explain why the video was taken down, because I noticed some audio of the worker at the end of the video, after the camera stopped recording images, but continued recording sound. Perhaps a little more editing is being done to make the video comply with state laws.


The video is back up:

Ed Morrissey says the full audio will be up soon:

Big Government will air the full, unedited video and audio streams later today or tomorrow, in order to demonstrate the poor performance of the media in this story.  Bertha Lewis and ACORN will be shown to have lied, and outlets like the Washington Post and Philadelphia Inquirer will have to scrape the egg off of their faces for accepting their word at face value.

At Western CPAC, Andrew Breitbart described himself as a “merry prankster” in the media.  He’s certainly got reason for merriment today.

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