Tea Party Express Kick-Off Rallies In CA A Huge Success – To Keith Olbermann’s Dismay

A few  days ago, the always douchetastic Keith Olbermann scoffed at the Tea Party Express, crowing that only192 people had RSVP’d on Facebook for one of their rallies.

What he had failed to mention, was that they had only put up the page a few hours before the report.

As expected, thousands of fed up Americans showed up, today at the Tea Party Express kick off rally in San Diego,  as it started it’s second tour across the country.


Wow – folks this is incredible. To those in the media or on the political Left who keep insisting the tea party movement is dead, or its astroturf, etc… well the people of San Diego have turned out and spoken a message loud and clear: WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!

Here’s a quick video someone took on their blackberry:

A thousand more people rallied in Los Angeles:


Conservative Republican Assemblyman Chuck DeVore spoke spoke at the rally.

He is running against Sen. Barbara Boxer (Liberal-Democrat) and is one of the “good guys.” The GOP establishment is trying to woo Carly Fiorina (former HP executive) to run. But she represents more of the same – politicians who believe in power and ‘going along to getting along.’ We’re so excited to see Chuck DeVore passionately articulating a strong, conservative message – and the crowds love him!

The route this time around.


See the Tea Party Express website for schedule.

Why are they going on a second tour, already? Tea Party Express organizers, Lloyd Marcus and Mark Williams appeared  on Fox this morning to explain:

Make sure you show your support if it comes your way.

Let’s make Keith Olbermann cry.


Another tea party broke out in O’Fallon, MO, this weekend. Blogging machine, Bob McCarty has all the details.

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