Unhinged Libtalker Alleges That Dick Cheney Eats Babies

I don’t know why I’m even wasting your time with this…it’s not like worse things haven’t been said about Dick Cheney. But jeez, it’s not just a one-off joke – he goes on and on for over a minute, talking about blood dribbling down his tux, even assigning religions to the babies. WTF?

Video via Radio Equalizer

The pretext for this bizarre tangent was even off. Going back to look at Cheney as he gave his foreign policy speech Oct. 21, his complexion looked normal,  tan, but  not “ruddy”. And “dithering” is somehow an illegitimate word to use because it’s old?…or something?…huh?

This guy, Mike Malloy, is seriously deranged, but he apparently has an audience. Judging from Alan Grayson’s recent similarly bizarre comments made on Hardball a few days ago, I suspect he’s a member of Malloy’s audience.


5 thoughts on “Unhinged Libtalker Alleges That Dick Cheney Eats Babies

  1. DAMNIT !!
    Where’s my shovel ?…I’ve got a nice big, heavy shovel with Mike Malloy’s name on it.

    What the F*** is this idiot On ?….
    Or maybe he’s Off his medication.
    This is the most idiotic drivel yet.

    Maybe we could get him in a room with Cheney.
    All Cheney would have to do is smile at Malloy for Malloy’s head to explode.
    We could sell tickets !


  2. He also once said on one of his shows, ” … they (Republicans) rape their wives, they eat their own excrement, …”

    I heard that with my own ears while flipping through radio stations one night about two years ago. I’m surprised that slimeball still has a radio show.


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