New Low: DNC Urges Supporters To Battle Sarah Palin On Facebook


I didn’t think the DNC could get any lamer than they did last winter when they went after Rush Limbaugh, but, what can I say?  This is lameness on steroids. The Dems never cease to amaze.

Gateway Pundit reports:

From the DNC website:

If Sarah Palin wants to spread lies on Facebook, we’ll call her out in the very same place.

Click the share button below to share our note — and make it clear that people who lie about reform will be held accountable, no matter where they spread their misinformation.

The DNC is furious at Sarah Palin for suggesting that their nationalized health care plan would increase costs, drive up the deficit, squeeze out private insurers, and ration care.

How maddening…Stop telling lies the truth, Sarah Palin!

Hey, you know what the DNC should do? Host an anti-Palin slogan contest.…yeah that’s it! The super-duper, totally not  “dud on arrival” winning slogan could be announced with much fanfare, and then be put on a billboard.

That’ll show her!

9 thoughts on “New Low: DNC Urges Supporters To Battle Sarah Palin On Facebook

  1. I wore a Sarah Palin mask for a Halloween party. I was hoping to scare some Democrats and Liberals, but since the party was at a church, no Dems or Libs were there!


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