Video: O’Reilly Factor – Nidal Malik Hasan Profiled

From everything I’ve been hearing, I have to wonder why this dirtbag hadn’t been discharged. The feds had been tracking his posts online for six months?…How could the FBI say this was definitely not terrorism knowing this background?

Now they are saying Hasan acted alone, he’s alive, and being treated at a hospital. The officer who shot him has also survived her wounds.


Michelle Malkin reminds us of past Muslim soldiers with attitude problems.

Here’s Greta discussing Hasan’s poor performance evaluation at Walter Reed with retired General Robert H. Scales, and his free education courtesy of the federal government:

And oh, according to Hasan’s cousin,  he wasn’t a Muslim convert, but a lifelong Muslim, and “good American”.


Newsbusters: CBS & NBC Fail to ID Hasan as Muslim; ABC’s Raddatz Relays: ‘I Wish His Name was Smith’

And Cassie Fiano goes above and beyond the call of duty, going where few conservatives dare can stomach:

The DailyKos reaction to the Fort Hood shooting is typical. Rather than sympathizing with the families of the killed or the soldiers who were wounded, or waiting to find out all the facts, they’re showing an awful lot of sympathy to the shooter, and they’re making up their own facts and motives. And of course, what Daily Kos diary would be complete without the resident Free Republic outrage? A few commenters tried to examine the facts and offer condolences. Most simply blamed the Army, George Bush, or conservatives, and plenty expressed sympathy for the murderer. One person even said that violence is caused by… Texas? Classy.

Check out the comments at Cassie’s, if your stomach can take it.

Or you can offer prayers and condolences to the families and friends of the slain soldiers.



Shooting At Fort Hood


The largest Military installation in the world is on lockdown…Fox news is reporting at least two shooters, another one possibly on the loose.

One shooter is in custody, one is surrounded, and another one was reportedly still shooting as of a few minutes ago. The only description of the shooters is that they’re wearing fatigues.

NBC reports 7  dead, 12 injured.

No word yet on whether the shooters are military or civilian.

It’s hard to imagine that three shooters would all be soldiers. This seems like a coordinated attack.


As many as 30 wounded.

Local schools are also in lockdown.

On Fox News, General Bob Scales US Army Ret. says the shooters used M-16 rifles…could be a small group or disgruntled soldiers or terrorist attack.

I’ve heard conflicting reports on what the I.D. requirements are to get into Fort Hood. The General says it’s very lax security.

The man in custody is said to be a 40 year old, and so far that’s all that’s known about him. Still no word on whether he’s military or civilian.

No more word on the shooter who was surrounded.


Shooters were soldiers!

Man in custody possibly an officer.

Fox Analyst: The FBI will be looking into who these folks were…possibly moles, or sleepers.

New death toll:

12 dead 31 wounded.

Houston Chronicle:

The Army says that one of the shooters is dead, and two others have been captured. One civilian police officer is among the dead.

Via AoSHQ, ABC reports:

The suspected gunman was identified by ABC News as Major Malik Nadal Hasan.



A convert to Islam?

At some point Shep Smith on Fox News will catch up….he’s reluctant to report the Major’s name.


Was Hasan a lone gunman?

The two other suspects have reportedly been released.


Emergency House Call At The Capitol (Updated)



As concerned citizens gather peacefully at the Capitol in DC to protest the Dems’ trainwreck of a health care bill, pro-Obamacare protesters have already distinguished themselves by getting arrested:

First out of the gate – 8 Protesters backing a universal health care system briefly occupied Sen. Joe Lieberman’s office this morning.

Protesters were arrested, one by one, and dragged out of his office amid chants of “Everyone in and noone out, universal healthcare now!” and “Represent Connecticut, not AETNA!”

The whole affair, from occupation to final arrest, lasted 40 minutes.

“Represent Connecticut, not AETNA!”?

Hm, I wonder which overwraught MSNBC news host might have given them the impression that Senator Lieberman  was on the take from insurance companies?

Stay tuned for more news on the DC rally.


Gateway Pundit has the latest: Michele Bachmann Rallies Troops Before Massive DC Protest (Audio-Video)

Michelle Malkin: Battling Pelosicare; Update: Thousands descend on D.C., “You work for us!”

The American Spectator: Storming The Capitol

AP: Thousands Rally To Protest Health Care Bill

Political Pyromania: Health Care House Call with Rep. Michele Bachmann

If you’re on Twitter, use the #housecall hashtag for news.

Fox News has Livestreaming of rally, here.

Livestreaming at CSPAN, as well.

Some housecall pix can be found, here, ya gotta love this one:

housecall sign

More pix can be found, here and here and here and here and here.

GOP Reps descend the stairs of the Capitol building.

Lloyd Marcus tweets: crowd estimate around 50,000!!!!! w00t!

Not bad for such a spur of the moment, weekday event!


Video of Mark Levin’s speech via Freedom’s Lighthouse:

A Better Copy:


Project Valour-IT Update and Links For Thursday


Marines: 22481
Army: 16920
Navy: 7266
Air Force: 8495

The Marine Team has expanded its lead. Help us be the first to cross the finish line. Donations accepted, here!

Remember, it’s a great cause…Project Valour IT provides laptops with voice activated software to wounded soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen recovering at military medical centers all across America.

Some great Marine team posts are up, today:

Pundit and Pundette: Some Gave All

Cassie Fiano: MCMAP In Iraq

The Daley Gator: Thank God for our Marines

Villainous Company: How God Created The Military Wife

Villainous Company: Those Magnificent Marines


Invitation To Join House Republican Online Townhall

Mike Pence is sending word of the House Republicans’ “interactive broadcast marathon” to be held from 1:00pm. EST to 1:00am. EST. at

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin, who reminds us:

Rep. Michele Bachmann, Mark Levin, and Jon Voight will join other House Republicans and grass-roots activists from across the country on the Capitol steps at noon today to protest the Democrats’ government health care takeover plans. Be there in spirit for Operation Housecall by melting the phones today.

See Michelle also for The CBO score of  the GOP health care reform alternative.