Video: O’Reilly Factor – Nidal Malik Hasan Profiled

From everything I’ve been hearing, I have to wonder why this dirtbag hadn’t been discharged. The feds had been tracking his posts online for six months?…How could the FBI say this was definitely not terrorism knowing this background?

Now they are saying Hasan acted alone, he’s alive, and being treated at a hospital. The officer who shot him has also survived her wounds.


Michelle Malkin reminds us of past Muslim soldiers with attitude problems.

Here’s Greta discussing Hasan’s poor performance evaluation at Walter Reed with retired General Robert H. Scales, and his free education courtesy of the federal government:

And oh, according to Hasan’s cousin,  he wasn’t a Muslim convert, but a lifelong Muslim, and “good American”.


Newsbusters: CBS & NBC Fail to ID Hasan as Muslim; ABC’s Raddatz Relays: ‘I Wish His Name was Smith’

And Cassie Fiano goes above and beyond the call of duty, going where few conservatives dare can stomach:

The DailyKos reaction to the Fort Hood shooting is typical. Rather than sympathizing with the families of the killed or the soldiers who were wounded, or waiting to find out all the facts, they’re showing an awful lot of sympathy to the shooter, and they’re making up their own facts and motives. And of course, what Daily Kos diary would be complete without the resident Free Republic outrage? A few commenters tried to examine the facts and offer condolences. Most simply blamed the Army, George Bush, or conservatives, and plenty expressed sympathy for the murderer. One person even said that violence is caused by… Texas? Classy.

Check out the comments at Cassie’s, if your stomach can take it.

Or you can offer prayers and condolences to the families and friends of the slain soldiers.



9 thoughts on “Video: O’Reilly Factor – Nidal Malik Hasan Profiled

  1. The President’s expression on tv was rather bizarre. Mr. Obama kept referencing “ME” and delayed discussing this horrific event for quite some time, making so nice with the crowd in a rather delusional manner in respect to the horrid nature of this tragedy.

    It is more than Ironic, to realize the expression of this Radical Muslim Killer, is basically the same as many Democratic Partisans, who once held signs that read “bomb Texas, not Iraq”.

    Even MR. Obama’s claims about the USA being a wrongful aggressor, having bombed women and children, etc., mimics this horrid killer.

    REGARDING THE STRANGE treatment of this Nidal Malik by the FBI, this is a direct product of the Obama debasing of the CIA, and changing the GWOT into a law enforcement issue, giving all the work to the FBI.

    There might be some ‘change’ to treating suspects, now that we have the appeasing Democratic Partisans in charge.

    In fact, one has to wonder why this Nidal was being sent to Iraq in the first place?

    It really smells, and we know full well about the various Obama Radicals who have been given positions at the Pentagon.

    The Liberal Democratic Partisans, making this some case of Post-traumatic stress disorder, look even more absurd, as we know this monster was never in combat.

    It makes the stomach turn, knowing for years, Democratic Partisans debased the serious nature of the threats for their own personal gain.

    All these concepts, that Obama would bring such ‘peace’, have proven utterly absurd. Predictable nonsense.

    Things have grown far worse under the Democratic Party leadership, and this horrid killing only remind all, the utter denial the Democrats pushed on the American Public.

    Yes, the reality remains, as GW Bush accurately grasped, we are in a Global War against Monstrous Muslim Radicals, and it will be a long, painful, fight for many years to come.


  2. How did such a loser become a major? Could it be a fatal instance of affirmative action? How did he avoid being stopped short after he posted materials praising suicide bombers? Could it be a fatal instance of multi-cultural “tolerance?”


  3. Interesting, as I saw Pre Obama discussing this. A little ironic that Pres Barak Hussein Obama asks for a minute of silence regarding killings done by Nidal Malik Hassan


  4. You know some people can not speak badly about their own. We will not hear much from D.C. Sad to say…if Bush were there we would.


  5. BLATANTLY OBVIOUS RED FLAGS AND CLUES that this person was unfit to serve in the US Military at all, let alone be deployed to FIGHT FOR THE USA AGAINST HIS OWN KIND could/should have prevented this massacre. Where in the hell was Homeland Security?! You don’t even have to be on special-alert to recognize that Nadir Malik Hasan is not fit to serve in the US Military. To read details that most of the media chooses to omit, Google: times online fort hood killer was devout muslim who suffered inner conflict. It appears that the US Military and the FBI were remiss and negligent in this particular incident.


  6. The whole situation sickens me that our far left delusional supposed patriots have tied the hands of good men who want to protect our country from such incidents that have as the cowardly masacure at Fort Hood. The idea that he was mentally unstable is ludricus. He knew exactly what he was doing asd executed it with prcision. Radical Islamics sm happened like himself take advantage of our non violent natures. Yet they claim we are violent. The nieve in our country must take a better look at the obvious. This is a war as declared by extremist muslims and we to must use the same war cry as Hasan did if we are to survive there desired take over or we will be tortured and beheaded if we do not bow to there so called peaceful extreme muslim faith.


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