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Ace nails it right here:

Incidentally, if we did connect the dots and stopped the Islamically Correct bull**** and arrested Hassan earlier (for any number of violations of the military code) we would not even have to fear any “backlash,” because no heinous mass-slaughter would have occurred.

Oh, and 15 people would still be alive today. If that matters any more. Apparently it doesn’t, because I keep being told by the media that only Muslim lives matter. Only future harassments and inconveniences to Muslims matter; thousands of non-Muslim lives may be sacrificed on the altar of jihadist freedom in order to spare a single innocent Muslim a moment’s worth of stink-eye.

I wish I could say that was hyperbole.


Robert Spencer shared his insights with Jamie Glasov at FrontPageMagazine.

FP: Why does the media and liberal-Left so reflexively deny and ignore these conclusions? (that the Fort Hood massacre was a carefully planned Jihadist’s attack)

Spencer: They reflexively deny and ignore these conclusions because they are completely sold out to the idea that Muslims, as non-white, non-Christian, non-Westerners, cannot possibly be anything but victims. (The facts that there are white Muslims, and that the jihad doctrine and Islamic supremacism are not racial issues, but constitute an ideological and societal challenge, are completely lost on them. Likewise the non-white victims of the jihad matter nothing to them.) We can see from the avalanche of “backlash” stories in the mainstream media – even in the absence of any actual backlash – that it is simply impossible for these people to conceive of a paradigm in which Muslims can perpetrate any kind of evil at all. In the lenses through which they view the world, only white Judeo-Christian Westerners can do anything wrong.


Noah Pollock at Commentary gives us some background on the stooge spreading all the “secondary trauma” b.s. to the media:

Tim McGirk. He went to Afghanistan after 9/11, had Thanksgiving with the Taliban, and wrote a long piece for National Geographic about what a great time he had and how we’re all just human beings doing our thing on this big blue marble, so let’s not judge. Then he went to Iraq and singlehandedly created the Haditha Massacre hoax. Then he went to Jerusalem and spent a few years slandering Israel. Now he’s trafficking in pop psychology on behalf of a likely domestic jihadist. It’s been quite a career.


Some of our trauma patient’s American friends out on the street talking smack about the Fort Hood massacre:


Matthews on Ft. Hood Suspect Warning Signal: ‘That’s Not a Crime to Call al-Qaida, Is It?’


From Ace, who’s on fire:

The lesson of 9/11, it turns out, is “take a wait and see attitude.” Once there are bodies on the ground, well, Detective, you’ve got your proof.

Obama To Visit Fort Hood Tomorrow

The Christian Science Monitor reports:

Under fire from conservatives for lighthearted comments made before his acknowledgment of the Fort Hood tragedy, President Obama will soon arrive at this grief-stricken Army base to assess the investigation, comfort the troops, and pray for the fallen.

Experts say the Tuesday memorial service for troops killed during a deadly one-man rampage last Thursday could be a landmark moment for a president in the middle of a major decision on a troop surge in Afghanistan. Only raising the stakes, Obama is also trying to reverse nearly 50 years of tension between Democrats and the military as US soldiers battle along two major foreign fronts. A large share of that fighting force has at some point walked through the gates of Fort Hood here in the Central Texas brush country.

“Obama doesn’t have a lot of experience with the military, so in a sense, I don’t think he’ll be on trial [at Fort Hood], but he does fight a natural suspicion of Democrats in the military,” says Richard Kohn, a University of North Carolina historian and expert on presidential wartime leadership.

If this advance copy of his speech is correct, those natural suspicions will not be abated:

“I can hear you. The rest of the world hears you. And very soon the individual whose out-of-character and inexplicable actions resulted in the unfortunate deaths of 13 Americans will be hearing from our finest defence attorneys, ACLU advisors and grievance counselors.”

Seriously, one does wonder if there will be an acknowledgment of what has now become obvious due to mounting evidence:

Nidal Hasan’s Imam Praises Fort Hood Massacre

ABC: FBI knew Hasan tried to contact Al-Qaeda

Report: Hasan attended same radical mosque as 9/11 hijackers; Update: “He was a typical fundamentalist Muslim”

18-year-old ‘mentored’ by Nidal Malik Hasan says Fort Hood Victims Got What They Deserved

Major Muslim’s Calling Card: “SoA”, “Soldier of Allah”

Intelligence agencies knew Hasan was a traitor

The Beltway snipers and the Fort Hood killer: Peas in a jihad-inspired pod

Project Valour-IT Monday Update And Links

marines chart monday

The Marine Team has expanded its lead, but with less than 3 days left, we need to raise about $1500 a day to make our goal.

Donations accepted, here!

Remember, it’s a great cause…Project Valour IT provides laptops with voice activated software to wounded soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen recovering at military medical centers all across America.

The winners of the Valour IT video contest are in, and the Marine team took first place!

1st place Project Valour-IT: Help for our heroes from No Sheeples Here

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3rd place How to Donate Video from the Greyhawks at Mudville Gazette.

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Video of the Day: Corporal Bobby Warns. No Sheeples Here also has a new one up!  Go for the video… stay for the sheep!

Hope Radio interviewed Cassandra from Villainous Company.

Obama Calls ObamaCare Dissenters “Teabag, Anti-Government People, Extremists”

Once upon a time we had presidents who knew how to behave publicly; presidents who were careful not to demean the office; presidents who understood that they were  presidents to all the people……

In case you were wondering what Obama told the Democrats, Saturday morning, during his pep talk before the vote, The New York Times has the goods:

According to Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, who supports the health care bill, the president asked,

“Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.”

Yes. That is what passes for a Presidential “pep-talk” among Democrats in Obamerica. The President of the United States, sounding like a Kos kid, or MSNBC host, actually saying : “teabag, anti-government and extremists” about  people who happen to represent a majority of Americans.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 44% of U.S. voters are at least somewhat in favor of the reform effort while 53% are at least somewhat oppose.

And now, even a few DU dummies have woken up from their euphoric haze in the wake of PelosiCare’s great triumph on Saturday to say:

“hey, wait a minute… this bill says I’m gonna HAVE to PAY $2000 minimum with a $2000 deductible. That’s MORE than I pay now!”

“You are REQUIRED to obtain this insurance (if you have no other) or else pay a federal additional incone tax of 2.5%. You make 50K and don’t wan’t to pay Blue Cross (or whoever)? Prepare to fork over a $1500 fine on your next tax return”.

“Employers will also drop employee health insurance and tell them to go on the government plan. This is going to be one big clusterf***”.

“I dont see much in this bill except a big handout to the insurance companies and another kick in the butt for the working poor.
Just where is a family barely making it now going to get another 4 thousand a year to pay for insurance and deductables?
If this is the best they can do..to hell with it”.

“my wife and i are on disability and she has just got her medicare , to show u what this bs bill will do , it will take from the poor and give to the rich , well wife was waiting to get her disability i was getting my part d plan paid for , as soon as she got her 550 buck check a month , the gov decided we make to much money and took my part d away from me and denied her for part d , we make 1200 to much a year , beware about this new health care , it may end up costing everybody more then it gives , i say vote it down and go after single payer and raise the limit on how much the min amount , we bring in 22,000 , and were turned down , they got allot of loop holes no body see’s tell you get into the nuts and bolts , this is just another part d plan , made over to look like a health care for all bill”.

etc, etc, etc….


You know, these Democrat voters seem a little “confused and dispirited” even with those Democrat Reps voting for the “historic” bill.

Another great call by Obama, you go get ’em, tiger!

Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove