Did Nancy Pelosi actually say that she’s confident that she’ll have a health care bill as a “Christmas present to the American people”?

No…she wouldn’t that obtuse…would she?

She would?


Hat tip: Breitbart T.V.


8 thoughts on “Egad…NO

  1. Dear Mister Santa,

    Can I please have coal this year.

    LOTS AND LOTS OF COAL! post cap and tax?

    I only ask enough coal to set myself on fire if it’s true that Pelosi is your replacement.




  2. Yes Virginia,

    Santa will steal your freedom, but here is a union built big wheel, though it is not safe over speeds of 1/387th a mile an hour and any complaints should be forwarded to our complaint department and you can expect a response approximately never.

    Love Santa.

    PS. GO eff yourself virginia, you don’t vote yet.


  3. Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas is my Country back. Please take the Congress and the Senate to the Island of Misfits.
    I Believe.


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