Doug Hoffman Announces He’s “Un-Conceding” NY-23 Race On Glenn Beck Show

Can he do that?

Just saw this via Twitter:

Doug Hoffman now only trails Owens by 2,000 votes. There are over 10,000 ballots left to count.  The final count will be complete by Thursday.

Another update: AT 9:30 am CST on the Glenn Beck radio program, Doug Hoffman said he’s “UN”-conceding and looking forward to the vote count! The un-conceding is of course unofficial, BUT Owens has said that if the vote count goes to Hoffman, he will step down.

This Free Republic post corroborates:

Doug Hoffman just told Glenn Beck they are 2000 votes behind in NY 23with 10,000 absentee votes left to count.

This is NOT over.

Still a long shot…and if it turns out that he won the most votes, then what? Owens has already been sworn in. Would Pelosi really allow him to step down?

Ed Morrisey threw cold water on the prospect, last week, when it was widely reported that Hoffman still had a chance:

Now that Owens has taken the oath of office, the count of absentee ballots is technically moot.  The House would have to reject Owens in a floor challenge in order to seat Hoffman instead.  That’s even less likely than Hoffman winning the election with a 3026-vote gap prior to the absentee ballot count.

It would be a moral victory, anyway.


The plot thickens…

Hoffman told Neil Cavuto on Friday that The NY Board of Elections had told Nancy Pelosi that they could not certify the vote, but she still chose to swear in Owens (so he could vote for Pelosicare).

If she went ahead an seated Owens to the objection of the New York Board of Elections…well, that changes things in my estimation. It would be a major scandal for Owens not to step down under those circumstances.


Via Hot Air, here’s the video  from the Glenn Beck Show:


8 thoughts on “Doug Hoffman Announces He’s “Un-Conceding” NY-23 Race On Glenn Beck Show

  1. …and even if ACORN is thwarted, and Owens tries to step down, Pelosi will have a conniption. she will claim that Owens vote still counted. even if the state of NY certifies Hoffman the winner.

    this is gonna get real ugly – in a good way. 😉


  2. I doubt he’ll actually get the office, but it’ll be worth it just to see all those “see how badly the conservatives blew it” pundits hung by their own smuggery.


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  4. It will probably take a supreme court decision to remove Owens if Hoffman wind in th absentee count! Pelosi & the dems will fight tooth & nail to keep Owens in the house!They will use the Franken method to make Owens the winner. Keep demanding recounts & contesting every vote for Hoffman until they get the desired result.


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