Massachusetts School Bans Christmas Items From “Holiday” Shop


Santa Clause items deemed one step away from Nazi stuff  according to one parent.

When a couple of parents suggested, you know…Christmasy items be allowed in the school’s holiday shop, even red and green tissue paper was rejected. No holiday related items to be allowed at the holiday sale!

After meeting with members of the Byam Elementary School PTO, two mothers asking to put the holidays back into the school’s annual holiday gift shop say Byam isn’t budging.

Kathryn McMillan and Kathleen Cullen, who both have children at Byam, asked school officials to allow all holiday items at the gift shop following a ban on Santa, candy canes, stockings, and all Christmas, Hanukkah and other “religious items.”

But a meeting with some PTO parents on Thursday night grew heated as emotions got in the way.

Red and green tissue paper to wrap presents was also crossed off the list because it looked too “Christmasy,” McMillan said.

“One of the parents said, ‘If we allow Santa, what do we say if a child brings in a swastika? Do we allow that too?’ ” McMillan said. “All I could think of was, are you kidding? You’re comparing a Christmas ornament to a swastika? It seems as if reason is lost somewhere and I just hope we can find it again.”

Let’s see… Santa is is a fictional character who brings joy to children all around the world…. and the swastika represents one of the most evil regimes the world has ever known; one that killed millions of innocent men women and children…

Yeah, sure…I can totally see the confusion, there…..GAH! I am so glad I don’t live in Taxachusetts.

What’s sad is, this type of demented, leftist mindset now infects the highest levels of our government.

Hat tip Weasel Zippers

Linked by KTLK’s Chris Baker

We used to listen to Chris when he was on KCMO here in the KC area. Loved him.

Does he still pal around with Larry the Cable Guy?


Speaking of Nazis….

How Hitler’s Nazi propaganda machine tried to take Christ out of Christmas

Yet it happened.

Also linked to by Cindy Hailey who has the latest at  the Norfolk Grandparenting Examiner:
Is a spirit of Scrooge limiting your grandchild’s school’s Holiday Season?

30 thoughts on “Massachusetts School Bans Christmas Items From “Holiday” Shop

  1. “One of the parents said, ‘If we allow Santa, what do we say if a child brings in a swastika? Do we allow that too?’

    ummm, this person has mashed potatoes where a brain should be. pity their child.


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  3. O-kay, so if no “holiday” type materials of any kind are allowed, what freaking holiday warrants a “holiday shop”???

    I think this may very well take the PC cake.


  4. Bring in a Koran and see if they stop you… Show them how two-faced they really are. It’s ok to push Christians around.


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  6. I live in one of the reddest, conservative spots in the country….and at my children’s school, the class parties during the “holidays” can not have ANY symbolism of Christmas in them….no Christmas Tree cookies, no stockings, no Santa,….and of course, no Jesus.

    Disgusting…and believe me….I am working on fighting it.


  7. Until the elections next year we will have to put up with all the insanity the extreme leftists are presenting. Obama and all his czars represent the highest level of insanity. They are all trying to ruin our country. The extreme left is burying itself so far in a hole that they will have to have sunlight pumped into them after next years elections. If they think New Jersey and Virginia are the end, they are greatly mistaken. Our own “president” and I use the term very lightly, even publically announces that we as a nation should realize that we are no longer a Christian Nation. Well, the funny thing about it is that 70% of all Americans claim to be Christians.

    This story is so upsetting. Americans are finally standing up this insanity and it will end, I hope peacefully.


  8. Hi…Just wanted to thank you for your coverage on this matter. I write for (Norfolk Grandparenting Examiner), and linked to this article because I want more people to know. I like the site anyway, and hopefully, once folks see this, they’ll see what else you have to offer.
    Thank you


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  10. The majority of these parents who want their kids to enjoy Christmas should start saying to hell with these secular schools, rent a place and start having their own Christmas thing and then the school board and the parents who dont want Christmas can twittle their thumbs. Start stand up for the Christian values you have and what this country was founded on.


  11. You have got to be kidding me! Muslims can wear a hijab to school everyday in this country celebrating their religion. We are a Christian nation and enough is enough. Put Christmas back in the shop and back in to schools or lose your job. Plain and simple. Americans have had it with this kind of stuff.


  12. One of our middle schools in Evanston, Illinois, has had a Christmas party for 28 years. It is absolutely a non-religious event that attracts hundreds of Hispanic parents and their kids to the school. There is a tree, and a Santa, and lots of food and presents. But this year one board member decided to stop the practice on “separation of church & state” grounds. A spokeswoman for the school even suggesting that “Illinois might even have a law against religious demonstrations in public schools.”
    Well, we checked. No such law exists in Illinois, those decisions are the boards. Byam’s big mistake was to argue from the side of “religious” celebration. A tree, gifts, Santa, candy canes…. are not religious symbols, they are part of the American tradition, and as such they should be allowed. Isn’t Obama having a Christmas party? Fight on! We must rescue our country! Margarita
    Well we checked again, and found two cases where the US supreme court ruled that “Christmas trees and Santas” are secular and part of the American Culture. We sent a letter stating these things to all the board members and two days later the superintendent called the principal of the school to tell him that they could have the party.


  13. It’s not fair that muslims and islamics can wear their religious symbol to school every day and christians can do nothing. The younger kids need their Christmas party back.


  14. “I Jesus am the light of the world. Whoever walks on my path shall not walk in darkness, but will have the light lof life” (John 8:12) . That quote came out of the book the Christians use. America was founded on Christianity. I am a lutheran christian and know that there is something missing in the public schools. The true meaning of Christmas. If those non- christian wackos dont like our religion then they can just get the hell out of America. I have had enough. I got in trouble for expressing christianity in my school. I am 15 years old. I was given detention for handing out Happy Easter Cards with Bible verses in them to my teachers.
    I have had enough of it and I damm well mean it this f….. time. Merry Christmas to everyone supporting what I am saying and may God Bless You using the blood of his son who died for us to save the world.


  15. I was given detention for handing out Happy Easter Cards with Bible verses in them to my teachers.

    That’s outrageous. It’s one thing to not have any feeling for religious holidays, but these people seem positively hostile to it.

    You didn’t knowingly give the cards to Jewish (or Muslim, Hindu, etc..) teachers, did you? That wouldn’t be cool.


  16. I did not know tht one of my teachers was Jewish. He thanked me for the card and very calmly and nicely explained to me that he was a Jew. someone else got mad and gave my the detention and that Jewish teacher was on my side of the problem.


  17. Ah. How unfortunate.

    someone else got mad and gave my the detention

    What a scrooge. Shame on him. And shame on the school for allowing it to happen.


  18. Amen to that. It is bad enough that I was given detention but someone told me that I would be given a week of lunch and after school detention if i did it again,. They are just going to have to give me the detention than. I will not stop wishing my teachers merry christmas or Happy Easter because “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (philipians 4:13) I need your help to fight the scrooges of America. I also saw a child crying when the got home. He was about 4. His father picked him up and asked him what was wrong. He said that someone took away hsi little stocking his teacher gave him. then he began crying again. This is sad and i will not tolerate it anymore.


  19. I have one question for America, Where is the christmas that we used to know? All of the decorations have been banned because of those nonchristian jackasses. They come in to our country thinking that they are in charge. We have lost christianity becasue of those fools. Those people are being rediculous. Why can’t we have Christmas back? Why doesn’t our own government stop and think about what God wants them to do before they ban the only religion from their own country? Just incase you are wondering I am a Christian. What is wrong with the Scrooges?


  20. I would like to know that my self. I hate also, having a president that supports those damn fuckers. He and his people jsut want one thing similar to what hittler wanted. Extermination, only this time of the christians. I have had enough of this bull shit and will no longer tolerate it. Where i go to shcool, if a teacher says merry christmas they get FIRED. That is rediculous. If i was a teacher i would say it anyway, because I know that God is always with us. “For God so loved the worldtat he gave his one and only son, and that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life. Whoever beilieves is not condemned, but those who do not believe are already condemned because they have not believed in God’s one and only son. (john 3:16, 18-19) to all nonchristians get the fuckin hell out of our country and stay out forever!!!!!


  21. I know several teachers that when I give tem a christmas card the (after i have said MERRY CHRISTMAS) say “happy holiays to you to” you have got to be kiddding me . I work my ass off for two weeks making those CHRISTMAS cards and happy holidays is the only thing they can say. I don’t know about you, but i am about ready to ask the superintendent a few questions and send the school board a christmas card with a picture of mother mary inside of it. Who’s with me


  22. I am with you for sure. I do not want to tolerate this religious bull shit anymore. Us christians have lost almost everything in public reguarding our faith. What is even more rediculous is that some teachers can get fired for wishing their students a merry Christmas. I will protest with you and show those wackos whos boss in this country. (Luke 2;10)


  23. If you think that is bad (which it is) you should expierience what i have to put up with in my school at Christmas time. after giving my teachers Christmas cards if the say Merry Christmas the risk their job! This is going to far. Anyone else agree?


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