Video: Stop Feeding The Nuts, Boycott The CCHD Collection

Take heed,  Catholic readers:

Another worthy cause:

“Thank you meals” to our severely wounded troops.


See Pundit and Pundette for more unworthy organizations funded by CCHD.


Heads Up Conservative Catholics

Video: Obama Bows Again In China

It was surmised that after he bowed so deeply to the Japanese Emperor, he would have to bow in China, as well, or risk insulting his Chinese hosts. That analysis appears to have been spot on.

Here he goes again following the student town hall meeting in Shanghai,  yesterday, watch around the 1:00 mark as he makes several small bows, and one deep one:

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers


Now it can be told:

But White House aides say the approach is deliberate — part of Obama’s determination to deliver on his campaign promise of directly engaging friends and enemies alike, giving America a less belligerent posture abroad.


Downplaying bald assertions of American self-interest, Obama in his speeches has emphasized the pursuit of enlightened shared interests with other nations. The approach also invests deep faith in the power of Obama’s personal presence—a belief that a calm and reasonable style will summon calm and reasonable responses around the world.

White House senior adviser David Axelrod, who is accompanying the president on his four-nation, nine-day trip, told POLITICO that Obama is “governing in just the way that he said he would” during his campaign.

“He believes in vigorous engagement around the world — in strong alliances, in confronting our adversaries and standing up for human rights by making these points in a very public way,” Axelrod said. “He is confident. He’s someone who’s leading from strength and a deep belief in who America is and what we stand for. That confidence is reflected in the way he conducts himself on the world stage.”

Ace commenting on the Obamabow blog fodder:

Now, all that said, all that acknowledgement that maybe this is a “blog issue,” as Greg Gutfeld said, let me note again something that makes it not just a “blog issue” at all: Obama lied. Gibbs lied. White House sources lie. They all denied down the line that they were offering a sycophantic servility — bowing like an inferior — to royalty, and they now are forced to admit it was a lie all along.

They were deliberately bowing to royalty, and just lying about it to the American public. Because, I guess, sometimes a lie is “diplomatic.”

So it seems while foreign royalty gets deep bows, the American public gets lies and fast-talk about it.

Actually… also taking it out of the realm of “blog issue” is that any symbolic act stands for something concrete and real. And Obama isn’t just showing the symbolism of deference, weakness, and appeasement; he’s actually practicing deference, weakness, and appeasement. His symbolic gesture then is simply confirmation of objective reality.


Here’s the bow to the Chinese Premier,

See HotAirPundit for all three Obamabows from his trip to Asia.

Aw: ACORN Ain’t Gettin’ Nuttin’ For Christmas

‘Cause they ain’t been nuttin’ but baaad.

Matthew Vadum at The American Spectator reports:

As its financial resources dwindle, radical advocacy group and organized crime syndicate ACORN may have to file for bankruptcy protection before Christmas, ACORN insiders say.

“They may have to file for bankruptcy if they don’t have several big pending grants approved or get emergency loans,” a highly placed ACORN source told me over the weekend. This information bolsters Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-Calif.) claim last week that ACORN is in turmoil amidst internal power struggles and on the verge of bankruptcy.

Given that ACORN is a network of hundreds of affiliated nonprofits, it’s not exactly clear how a bankruptcy filing would work, but the idea is under serious consideration by ACORN’s leadership. It was discussed at length at the group’s most recent national board meeting, which took place in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., during the Oct. 14-15 weekend, ACORN sources told me.

But even if ACORN were to go bankrupt, that doesn’t mean it would disappear.

Keep reading.

ACORN spokesman Scott Levenson likes to claim that ACORN receives “no significant federal funding”, so I’m sure that it’s just a coincidence that this is coming on the heels of Congress voting to cut off their access to federal dollars.

According to Big Government ACORN has been more naughty than nice:

Hat tip: Bluegrass Pundit

Obama To Be Interviewed On Fox, Tonight

TV Newser reports:

It’s official. Fox News’ Major Garrett will interview Pres. Obama at 9:20pmET tonight. He tweets:

I will interview POTUS on camera Wed am here in Beijing. 4 other networks will too. 10 mins per. Many had asked. Can say now.

Follow @MajoratWH

Shucks, too bad, I’ll be chauffeuring my girls back from dance class at that time, I’ll have to miss it.

Poll Shows Majority of Americans Disagree With KSM Trial In NYC

(Photo: Associated Press) The last thing KSM should see.

The Obama administration’s decision to give 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shieikh Mohammed and other terrorists ” fair trials”, (as opposed to a military tribunals) we are  told “upholds American values”.

It turns out, two thirds of us don’t share those values:

Two-thirds of Americans disagree with the Obama administration’s decision to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a civilian court rather than a military court, according to a new national poll.

William Teach has more at The Pirate’s Cove.

Among those two thirds happens to be New York’s Democrat Governor Paterson.

“This is not a decision that I would have made,” he said when asked about the upcoming trials of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and his four underlings in Manhattan Federal Court.

“It’s a little inconsistent with what he told me last week,” U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told the Daily News last night after being honored on the East Side with the Brennan Center for Justice Legacy Award.

Slightly less measured in his tone is Dan Riehl:

The Un-American Elitist Moron In The White House

Let’s just hope he isn’t successful in dragging America too far down with him before he’s run out of town in 2012 as the absolutely worst chief executive in America’s modern history. With his latest stupid move he’s simply handing radical Islam a perfect propaganda tool and causing NYC and America to experience more sadness and potential mayhem than they’ve already endured due to those miscreants.

Obama is a disgraceful incompetent never tested for the job he holds, not once in his entire life. And he lacks the wisdom, experience and genuine patriotism to even understand it. In two years, the half of this country that has come to outright despise him will join with the smaller segment of the electorate that is simply sick of him and his bad, dumb, holier than thou ideas and throw him out of the WH further than perhaps any former American potus has ever been tossed on his overly large ears.


The WSJ’ Bret Stephens has long thought that bringing KSM et al back to NYC is a good idea, but his vision is somewhat different from the Obama administration’s:

In my concept, the men would be taken by helicopter to a height of about 1,000 feet over Ground Zero and pushed out the door, so that they, too, could experience what so many of their victims did in the awful final flickering seconds of their lives.

And since al Qaeda intended the attacks as a spectacle for the benefit of its would-be recruits, I’d give al Jazeera the exclusive TV rights.

I get it now…ground zero should be the last thing KSM sees.


Baldilocks: Malevolent Outcomes


Newsbusters asks: As They Pound Palin with Polls, Where Are the Gallup and Network Polls About Fort Hood? Or the KSM Trial?

So far there’s only one poll out on the KSM trial, the CNN poll cited here.

Ed Morrissey:

CNN poll: 64% of Americans are … un-American?

This weekend, Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) called people who oppose criminal trials in federal court for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the 9/11 plotters “un-American.” It turns out that there is an epidemic of this lack of patriotism, according to CNN.

Oh brother! Just when you think they couldn’t be more incompetent…

Just One Minute: The Fast Track To Dumb:

As he told us last Friday, Eric Holder wants to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in civilian courts because he (mostly) attacked civilians, while the attackers of the USS Cole will be sent to a military tribunal.  The Dallas Morning News explained:

There is no contradiction here: military courts for attacks on the military, civilian courts for attacks on civilians.

OMG.  And if the next batch of terrorists are clever enough to attack an elementary school will they be tried in juvenile court?

There’s more, keep reading.

Yes, let’s give more rights to the nice folks who target civilians. Makes perfect sense. OMG indeed.


Bill Whittle weighs in on PJ Media’s Afterburner: Memo to Obama: Detainees Are Not Soldiers, They Are Weapons in this War.