Video: Obama Bows Again In China

It was surmised that after he bowed so deeply to the Japanese Emperor, he would have to bow in China, as well, or risk insulting his Chinese hosts. That analysis appears to have been spot on.

Here he goes again following the student town hall meeting in Shanghai,  yesterday, watch around the 1:00 mark as he makes several small bows, and one deep one:

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers


Now it can be told:

But White House aides say the approach is deliberate — part of Obama’s determination to deliver on his campaign promise of directly engaging friends and enemies alike, giving America a less belligerent posture abroad.


Downplaying bald assertions of American self-interest, Obama in his speeches has emphasized the pursuit of enlightened shared interests with other nations. The approach also invests deep faith in the power of Obama’s personal presence—a belief that a calm and reasonable style will summon calm and reasonable responses around the world.

White House senior adviser David Axelrod, who is accompanying the president on his four-nation, nine-day trip, told POLITICO that Obama is “governing in just the way that he said he would” during his campaign.

“He believes in vigorous engagement around the world — in strong alliances, in confronting our adversaries and standing up for human rights by making these points in a very public way,” Axelrod said. “He is confident. He’s someone who’s leading from strength and a deep belief in who America is and what we stand for. That confidence is reflected in the way he conducts himself on the world stage.”

Ace commenting on the Obamabow blog fodder:

Now, all that said, all that acknowledgement that maybe this is a “blog issue,” as Greg Gutfeld said, let me note again something that makes it not just a “blog issue” at all: Obama lied. Gibbs lied. White House sources lie. They all denied down the line that they were offering a sycophantic servility — bowing like an inferior — to royalty, and they now are forced to admit it was a lie all along.

They were deliberately bowing to royalty, and just lying about it to the American public. Because, I guess, sometimes a lie is “diplomatic.”

So it seems while foreign royalty gets deep bows, the American public gets lies and fast-talk about it.

Actually… also taking it out of the realm of “blog issue” is that any symbolic act stands for something concrete and real. And Obama isn’t just showing the symbolism of deference, weakness, and appeasement; he’s actually practicing deference, weakness, and appeasement. His symbolic gesture then is simply confirmation of objective reality.


Here’s the bow to the Chinese Premier,

See HotAirPundit for all three Obamabows from his trip to Asia.

21 thoughts on “Video: Obama Bows Again In China

  1. It’s time we put this IDIOT back in Chicago. What the hell is wrong with the people? How can anyone support this bird brain after all he has done and all he is trying to do?


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  3. so what or which adversaries has he confronted?
    Iran – FAIL
    Afgan- FAIL
    Nancy Pelosi – FAIL
    Fox News – FAIL
    US Economy – FAIL
    Gitmo – FAIL
    etc, etc, etc.

    he’s just a doofus, thinking that he’s going to change the world with his sex appeal. Mr. President – we are laughing at you!


  4. This is the kinda bow he should have offered akihito. Simple straightforwards and not to far outside of courtesy. That is, if he MUST bow, but as pres, he must not.

    the bow itself, is not offensive. What is offensive is that China, the Communist Utopian “Republic” of China, is COMMUNIST!

    A supposedly an egalitarian society, but The President, chose to bow before a man who enforces the mandatory equality of marxist fantasy.

    At least this time he performed it closer to actual protocol for an equal, but he did it to the leader of a people who do not execute bows in politeness or political respect.

    I guess all short brown people look alike to obama.


  5. I look at this as akin to the American flag. It is NEVER to be flown lower than any other nation’s flag. If there are 2 flags on the same staff, the American is ALWAYS the uppermost.

    The only time an American flag is to be flown lower is when it is at “half-staff” out of respect for some tragedy.

    It does not lower itself to appease dictators or tyrants, or to show “vigorous engagement around the world ” or “the pursuit of enlightened shared interests”.

    This guy has taken the axiom of “Walk softly but carry a big stick” and turned it into “Talk softly and be a big dick”


  6. Who cares if he bowed.

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower bowed to Charles de Gaulle (France) and President Richard Milhous Nixon bowed to Emperor Hirohito (Japan).

    The haters don’t let the facts get in the way, they believe the lies they want to believe but the reality is that the facts stay constant.


  7. President Dwight D. Eisenhower bowed to Charles de Gaulle (France) and President Richard Milhous Nixon bowed to Emperor Hirohito (Japan).

    Completely different bows, completely different context, and completely different international impact.

    Why do want to stretch the truth so badly?


  8. You call that a bow? My goodness, he was shaking hands with a much smaller man and nodding his head. Having been to foreign countries, it’s hard to communicate due to the language barrier and people use body language to a heightened degree.


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  11. “giving America a less belligerent posture abroad.”

    His position is perfect for taking it in both ends at once. Veuy non-beligerent indeed.


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  15. Seems to me that are oppossed to leaders adapting to a host countries cultural etiquette should consider studying the issue more. Why no hype about the Chinese bowing also? Does this mean that the Chinese are willing to “submit” to Obama? No. This is silly. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Mutual respect is a GOOD thing.


  16. Thanks for being 2 and 1/2 years late to the story. Obama has breached Presidential etiquette with his serial bowing to world leaders and politicians. It’s unseemly and undignified. A US President bows to no one.
    Why no hype about the Chinese bowing also?
    The only person doing a deep bow in that video is Obama.


  17. Does this mean that the Chinese are willing to “submit” to Obama?

    You obviously haven’t bothered to study Chinese etiquette.


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