Video:Senator Sessions Questions Atty. Gen. Holder + Latest Polls and More

I got the feeling that Sessions is not in favor of civilian trials for captured terrorists…see if you come to the same conclusion:

Andy McCarthy did an epic fisking of Holder’s initial testimony and answers to the first rounds of questions, here.

This is the one that frosts me the most:

8. For eight years justice has been delayed — no longer, “It is past time to finally act.”

Holder, of course, does not mention the role of his firm and others in delaying and derailing the military commissions during their representation of America’s enemies. Senator Kyl just confronted him with my contentions on that score (from this column). The attorney-general responded that I am a polemecist who says inflammatory things for talk shows, whereas he is concerned with facts. (I guess he means pertinent facts, like how he is not “scared of KSM.”) I’m delighted to let people judge that one for themselves.


51% Oppose Decision To Try Terrorists in New York City

Only 30% of Americans said suspected terrorists should have access to U.S. courts.


Two-thirds of Americans disagree with the Obama administration’s decision to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a civilian court rather than a military court, according to a new national poll.

Obama: Don’t blame me, it wasn’t my idea:

Video via Pat Dollard

Hear that? The majority of Americans who disagree with this, according to Obama are yahoos who are “fearful” and who believe these terrorists have “special powers” that prevent the patriots in the his justice department from presenting evidence against them.

It’s not that we simply find it Inconsistent, Indefensible, Inexplicable.

The truth is Obama has no argument at all to justify trying this unlawful enemy combatant who perpetrated war crimes against America in a civilian court designed for civilian crimes.


Hot Air: The Definition of Show Trial

Baldilocks: Obama really doesn’t care  how much he and  his administration horrifies us:


Obama wants to destroy this country and, to that end, destroy or weaken the things which make this country great.  Two things which make this country great– country’s systems of jurisprudence and its due process –will be weakened by the venue alone of the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and friends.  So President Obama can be as careless about commenting on the prospective outcome of the trial as he is about every other item that is part of American Exceptionalism.

He does, however, think everyone else is stupid, as does Attorney General Eric Holder.  That’s why the two keep assuring the public that these terrorists will be “convicted and get the death penalty”.  That’s why the AG says irrelevant things about “not being scared” when questioned about the venue decision before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The two play on the emotions of the public but never address what will happen as a result of this trial; they think that all the public cares about is hanging these terrorists.

Neo Neocon:

America held hostage: the Obama administration so far

The trial promises to be many things: an opportunity to embarrass the Bush administration and put it on trial ex-post-facto, as well as a way to appease the Left, give terrorists a bully pulpit, set some dangerous legal precedents, endanger the people of New York and cause the city to edge ever closer to bankruptcy, further neuter the CIA, and ensure that any judge and jury involved will be risking their lives for the rest of their lives. But it is also the clearest signal so far that President Obama is in fact what the craziest of right-wing nutjobs said he was long ago: a man who lied his way to the office while bent on harnessing the power of that office to undermine the country he swore an oath to protect.

12 thoughts on “Video:Senator Sessions Questions Atty. Gen. Holder + Latest Polls and More

  1. If civilian court is the way to go, why are other suspects being tried in military commissions in Gitmo? If military commissions are sufficient, why try terrorists in civilian court?


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