Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s what I’ve created for Thanksgiving (which will be at my sister’s) so far.

Sadly, my pumpkin muffins all got eaten. My son, just home from college for the holiday had some friends over last night…I should have hid them like I hid the chex mix.

I’ll also be making cole slaw, the veggie tray, and meh-be truffles, if I get ambitious later tonight.

Actually, the turkeys are something my nine year old, and I made together. She already gave one away to her teacher. The other two will be given away, tomorrow:

I’d give you directions, but boy…it’s pretty self explanatory isn’t it? We used the miniature pots because that’s what we had on hand, and we glued fun foam feathers on the back, (you could use real feathers, too), fun foam for the head, too…we would have used googly eyes, but didn’t have any, so we made ours out of paper. You can make some feet out of fun foam, too…it looks like Maggie’s fell off, whoops. We filled some tissue paper with holiday M&M’s and wrapped it up with curly ribbon, and voila. Easy peasy lemon squeazy.

This chex mix is special. It’s a damn sight better than the garden variety chex mix you buy at the store. I’ve had the recipe for over 20 years, and I always use it at holiday time. Here’s the recipe:

1 pkg Rice Chex                                                                                             4 T BBQ sauce

1/2 pkg Wheat Chex                                                                                    4 T Worchester

1/3 pkg Cheerios                                                                                           2 t celery salt

1/2 pkg stick pretzels                                                                                  3t onion salt

1 can of mixed nuts                                                                                      2 t garlic salt

1/2 can cashews                                                                                            1 cup salad oil

1/2 can of almonds                                                                                      1 cup butter

(I don’t use quite as much seasoning as the recipe calls for myself…I don’t like it that salty…play around with it).

Heat oil and butter. Dissolve seasonings in oil. Spoon over nuts and cereal mixure. Mix well. Put in shallow pans and heat at 200° for 2 hours.

I’ve started making my own cranberry sauce from scratch. It’s so much better than the canned stuff:


12 oz bag fresh cranberries

3/4 cup orange juice

2/3 cup brown sugar

1/3 cup white sugar

Optional: 2 oz gold rum


Place all the ingredients in a sauce pan and cook on medium-high for 15-20 minutes or until most of the liquid has reduced – stirring occasional. You’ll hear the cranberries popping – don’t worry, that’s what you want them to do. Remove from heat and serve.  Cranberry sauce can be made days ahead and brought to room temperature or slightly heated before serving.

Cross posted at the Cotillion’s Carnival of the Turkeys.


15 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. NiceDeb,
    u are indeed amazing. u are constantly on top of things in the blogosphere – which would take a normal human being all day 24/7, but also running an entire household. God bless your heart, but are u a superwoman or alien being?

    i’ve been to your house. i’ve witnessed your graciousness as hostess. i sampled your excellent cooking. i buddied around with your hubby. i even tried to count all the kids… what a tribe! and, if not mistaken, that wasn’t even all of them! i can only imagine what it’d be like there around a holiday…

    from an old bachelor who didn’t raise anything but hell…
    salute! props to you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all yours! 😉


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Deb. Every morning I get up (this is good), walk downstaris, start the coffee, take the dog out, grab the paper, and come back to my office and check your blog. Thank you for making all of us feel like we are not alone. You, along with other conservative blogs allow us to blow off steam, and bond with each other. Thanks for being here Deb!


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  4. MMmmm Chex Mix. Been a while since I even thought about that. Now? It will be on my mind for some time, I’m sure. Sounds absolutely yummy, Deb.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family, and Happy Thanksgiving to the rest of the following here at Nice Deb’s place!!!


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  6. hope everybody had as big and happy a Thanksgiving as i did! wow. the amount of chow my family can throw down for a spread… every year, the wimmen try to out-do each other. it just gets better and better. 😉

    this year’s new entry was a smash hit: bacon-wrapped green beans in a bundle with a toothpick holding them, baked in a pan with teriyaki sauce. YUM!

    learned this also: everybody thinks Lincoln was the first to proclaim a Thanksgiving. nope. it was GW, and he was asked to – by congress – and then the proclamation was lost. its been found. not a long read but imagine if this was re-proclaimed today. the ACLU wouldn’t allow it:


    the US still remains the only nation to have an official holiday originally intended to be a shout-out to the Almighty Creator God. (i think its been watered down a bit eh?)


  7. ooh gotta pass on this quick recipe for all that leftover stuffing. i call it “bachelor chow”. its actually meatloaf.

    equal amount of lean ground meat and leftover stuffing. cornbread stuffing works best, but bread stuffing ok.

    mix well. do NOT add any other season, ketchup, bbq sauce etc. place in pan and bake.

    viola! bachelor chow! some of the best meatloaf ever! i always ask my sis for an “extra” pan of dressing – just so i can take it home for this later. i even cut it up wrap it and freeze it. works well. 😉


  8. Thanks, Reeko. I don’t have any leftovers like that because I had Thanksgiving at my sister’s.

    bacon-wrapped green beans in a bundle with a toothpick holding them, baked in a pan with teriyaki sauce. YUM!

    I LOVE THAT. We ordered that as an appetizer once for hotel room service and I almost died. That’s why I got into the habit of stir frying my green beans in teriyaki.


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