“Hide The Decline”, The Movie

Oh my…swiped this from Purple Avenger at AoSHQ. He’s right…it’s harsh:

Can someone explain the dude with the blue mask and the big mouth to me? I …didn’t get that.


But of course!

Mr. Right informs me that it’s a douche.

Okay, so what’s with the cat?

Video, courtesy of Minnesotans For Global Warming


7 thoughts on ““Hide The Decline”, The Movie

  1. Off Topic, Jimbo’s bash on Allah is uncalled for.

    Jimbo is too close to the situation, and that is understandable.

    I wasn’t even close as jimbo to the situation, but I know that you have to accept “they just don’t know.” as a fact.

    Like with family, and you have waited a long time to have a family and someone suddenly says something (LITERALLY THE WEEK AFTER) and you go apecrap.

    They Just Don’t Know.

    I do it all the time, I put everything into terms of my own experiences, and the truth is that everyone else does too, at least for passionate concepts.

    Allaha is obviously almost exclusively passionate about 9/11.

    But he doesn’t understand what it is to be in, or to have USED to have been in, before 9/11, and for those of us true believers, (a rare grouping) who were chased out BEFORE 9/11 for lesser charges than allah thinks are reasonable (I have told the story of my ONE punishment, followed by my NAM and my 4 Merit promotions, my Marine of the Quarter stuff) but despite the fact I made ONE mistake, lesser than these guys are accused of, I was chased out of service.

    I mean CHASED! they tried to 4C my ASS, that’s just not gonna happen, I’m 1A, and I had to fight for it, not by using legalese, but DESPITE it.

    And 1A was all I needed, at the time.

    I was validated, how many “birds” schedule their discharge on the day of the ball?

    I wanted to die in service. I’m not kidding, it was my dream, it’s why I chased away . . . all of the people I chased away, but I screwed up, and I got punished (I got courtmartialed even though I performed no affirmative action, COURT-MARTIALED) sorry this isn’t about me, but I’m a comparisson.

    These guys did their EFFING JOBS! I was a drunk in my own room, and it doesn’t matter.

    Their careers, if they didn’t demand at “general” and force rules of evidence their careers would have been destroyed. Just as mine was, only they didn’t even screw up.

    My bet? Whoever recommended this CM is the one killing his own career as he hoped to sweep something under the rug. (remember that scene in “Band of Brothers?” where Winters Bitches sobel?)

    I did screw up, I admit it freely, but these guys? throwing a punch at an enemy? WTF!!!! they tossed a punch at most. The night I lost my career in the Marines, the night that created a large portion of my crazy because I wasn’t WANTED to re-enlist, I got hit, I TOOK the punch, more than once, hell, I looked like a swollen potatoe, and I was the one who got charged (rightly so)

    But some politically frightened jackass sells out 3 navy seals for political reasons, cuz one of their captives (not prisoner) had a bloody lip?

    I got more than a bloody lip after a request mast. (tiny little scar on my right cheek.) (military doctrine in real practice is almost comletely informal, you can know all the rules, but there is one rule. that rules, If you give you take, if you take you can give, You FIGHT! Yes the “treeline” concept still exists, but it’s rare.)

    But lets break this down. This guy who got a bloody lip after orchestrating murder will get an open exercise of law standing up in his defense.

    Those three, were asked to take NJP/captains mast (it’s called captains mast, not admirals, admirals is an internal reference of degree. I got my ass kicked once, I mean KICKED, by a number of people, one of them was a Marine. I later confronted him and I just punched him once, and was recommended for “battallion” NJP, I then explained the situation, and then the guy I punched went up for battalion, but I refused to charge., It’s a VERY complicated life, consisting of a lot of violence when there never should be any. One fact, ANYONES family gets hurt? You are dead.)

    Sorry back. These guys did their job, they didn’t eff up. I Effed up.

    You wanna know how damaging it is for someone to lose a career in the armed services? I know this, that’s why I fought for my 1A even though they tried to sneak in a 4c.

    I screwed up, and I was forced out, and they tried to 4c me, and I was an electronics tech. (2881/4911/0411/0111, I was the smart kid, they kept sending me to classes) After a fight through administration (request mast) I was redefined as 1A, so I left as my commanders asked.
    I left the Corps on Nov 14th 1999 (it was the day of the MC Ball.) my last day in uniform had me wearing THE Uniform.

    2 years later I was a crying wreck thinking “I should have done something, I should have done something, that’s my job! THATS MY JOB!” when actually my job was fixing mailing equipment, but I AM MARINE DAMNIT! IT’s MY JOB! to have done something.

    I betrayed my ideology, and my service by leaving just because it was convenient. Punish those 3 men? and this government has betrayed their service.

    It’s a BETRAYAL!

    I’m to blame for my failings, but to punish these guys for what they did, that is US betraying THEM! and if we do it this time, how long will they keep the trust with us?

    I WANTED to die for you, but I wasn’t good enough. These guys didn’t die, the succeeded for you, and you PUNISH THEM!?

    It’s a BETRAYAL.

    Sorry deb for the horrendously long winded comment that was off topic.


  2. Deb!

    Everyone who knows me would tell you the kitty in the vid is me!

    tee hee

    My cat avatar is very well known in certain circles by both Socialists who hate me and Conservatives who are my friends!



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