Video: Weather Channel Founder Suing ManBearPig For Fraud

John Coleman, founder of the weather channel says he and 30,000 other scientists can’t get on the air to debunk global warming. Al Gore won’t have a debate because “the debate is over”. He is suing Gore to settle the issue.

Here is his appearance on Red Eye:

See also Coleman’s: The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam from January 28, 2009.


Oscar/Grammy/Nobel Peace Prize winning, scary smart, former Vice President Al Gore managed to attract “a few hundred people” to his book signing in Chicago for his timely new book, “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis.”  (Meanwhile…*cough* Sarah Palin.…*cough*)…

I was actually searching Youtube for the following exchange when I came upon the above clip. Please tell me  someone has a recording of this:

Al Gore chit-chatted as he signed books.

One young fan asked him which was cheaper, power from wind or from water?

“Wind or water?” Gore asked.

“Which is cheaper?” the young man wanted to know.

“Water is presently the cheaper,” Gore explained, “because it’s hard to get new hydro-sources.  So wind is cheaper for the new…  Thanks for coming.”

I think I understand why Al Gore doesn’t want to have a debate, now.


11 thoughts on “Video: Weather Channel Founder Suing ManBearPig For Fraud

  1. The pace at which this is unraveling is amazing. I’m losing sleep (not to mention work hours) tracking this mess.

    And. Loving. Every. Second.


  2. It really is amazing to watch the reaction of the left.

    “No big deal”. “Doesn’t mean what they think it means”. “The right wing nut deniers are crazy”.

    These people are truly pathetic. This is out right fraud and is costing us billions, potentially trillions, and they still cling to the myth of AGW. They are too dumb to participate in a democracy.


  3. The establishment is trying to brazen it out, like Scarlett O’Hara in her little red dress. They had all these global warming stories to queue up in the run-up to Copenhagen, and they’re by-god going to run them. Meanwhile, all the sites that allow commenting have exploded.

    Now would be a great time for Obama NOT to go to Copenhagen and risk one more hit to his image. Wotta maroon.


  4. One hundred years from now…..a father reads a bedtime fairytale to his little 7 year old son….

    Once upon a time, long long ago, there lived an evil liar who cooked up an evil plot to steal all the mommie’s and daddie’s and kids’s money. He called it global warming and said it was a climate crisis, his name was Al Gore.


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