My Top 10 Top 10 Lists For 2009 And Predictions For 2010

Because I’m too lazy to come up with one, myself…here they are in no particular order:

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I know, I know…some of the lists have more or less than 10 – NITPICKERS!


Bob McCarty: Top BMW Stories the Mainstream Media Missed

I think these “What the MSM missed” lists may have to done on a biannual, triannual quad-annual basis in order to keep up with them all.

Dri at AoSHQ: The 30 Most Disturbing Ads of 2009.

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Oh, uh huh….See? See? – What did I tell you? I knew there would be nitpickers!

No, they’re not all lists of ten, or even particularly lists…why should I let that stop me? I had my heart set on “my top ten top ten lists”, by God, don’t ruin my fun!




We Are Being Governed By Children

Lying, petty, hypocritical, finger-pointing children who do not have grown up priorities.

Oh. My. Gosh.

On December 26, two days after Nigerian Omar Abdulmutallab allegedly attempted to use underwear packed with plastic explosives to blow up the Amsterdam-to-Detroit flight he was on, and as it became clear internally that the Administration had suffered perhaps its most embarrassing failure in the area of national security, senior Obama White House aides, including chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and new White House counsel Robert Bauer, ordered staff to begin researching similar breakdowns — if any — from the Bush Administration.

Let that sink in…instead of treating the issue as a national security problem, their first instinct was to treat it as a political one.

I was just saying the other day, after Gibbs played the (by now fully expected, and unsurprising) “blame Bush” card:


They still have no idea how petty and small this makes them look?

Apparently not.

The idea was that we’d show that the Bush Administration had had far worse missteps than we ever could,” says a staffer in the counsel’s office. “We were told that classified material involving anything related to al Qaeda operating in Yemen or Nigeria was fair game and that we’d declassify it if necessary.”

The White House, according to the source, is in full defensive spin mode.

This is via the Prowler, mind you, which also notes that David Axelrod sits in on national security briefings with the President, something political advisers, like Karl Rove, traditionally have not done.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers


Verum Serum: White House Finds Way to Blame Bush for Terror Attempt

What the grown ups are saying:

Cheney and Congressional Leaders React to Obama’s National Security Policy


Mind Numbingly Hypocritical: Gibbs Decries “The Blame Game”


I said it first!

Mike Hendrix, Cold Fury:

Fire Napolitano? What’s the point?

Andrew McCarthy:

The ‘Fire Napolitano’ Debate

Me, 4 days ago:

Janet Napolitano Echoes Obama:

I understand the disgust with Napolitano, but why would Obama fire her if this is in fact his own policy she’s echoing?

Just sayin’, just sayin’, just sayin’.


“Full spin mode” in action:

Democrat Spinners: Obama More Aggressive Than Bush Against Al Qaeda


Rush Rushed To Hospital With Chest Pains

Awful news coming tonight from  Honolulu:

Conservative radio talk host Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a Honolulu hospital on Wednesday afternoon with chest pains, sources told KITV.Paramedics responded to the call at 2:41 p.m. at the Kahala Hotel and Resort.

Limbaugh suffered from chest pains, sources said. Paramedics treated him and took him to Queen’s Medical Center in serious condition.He was seen golfing at Waialae Country Club earlier this week. The country club is next to the Kahala Hotel and Resort.The radio show host had been in the islands during the holidays. Coincidentally, his visit comes at a time when two of the nation’s most powerful Democrats, President Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are also staying in Hawaii.

It didn’t take long for some ghoulish vultures on the left to start circling and crowing, as noticed by iOWNTHEWORLD’s Snark and Boobs:

Some on the Left, however, are on full display as the hateful, creepy people that they truly are. They are wishing for the worst and are almost giddy with excitement, as the comments at TMZ indicate. Some examples:

I hope he dies.

Posted at 10:03PM on Dec 30th 2009 by Chris
2. Best news I’ve heard in years…Hope he joins MJ, the sooner the better!

Posted at 10:02PM on Dec 30th 2009 by Ron Burgundy
1. good riddance!

Posted at 10:01PM on Dec 30th 2009 by james
18. Oh, please let him die! Preferably quickly and very painfully.

Please, please, PLEASE!!!

Posted at 10:06PM on Dec 30th 2009 by Shittohead

@TommyXtopher, a lib, but always a class act, tweeted:

Thoughts and prayers are in order for Rush and his family. Or silence.



Latest reports say Limbaugh is now in stable condition.


The Right Scoop reports:

KITV has confirmed that Rush will not be released on Wednesday night.


Check out these sweethearts on Twitter via some bastion of left wing mind-farts pharts called, The Phlog:

  1. demonbaby
    demonbaby Come on 2009! There’s time for one more!! RT @BreakingNews: Rush Limbaugh rushed to hospital in Honolulu after suffering chest pains. 31 Dec 2009 from TweetDeck
  2. Black Canseco
    BlackCanseco I wonder what Rush Limbaugh will think of healthcare reform come Monday. Hmmm… 31 Dec 2009 from web
  3. J-Breezy The Poet
    WatchJ Rush Limbaugh is in the hospital with severe chest pains…God if u can read this tweet please give him a black doctor. Thanks 31 Dec 2009 from TwitBird iPhone
  4. Brian McFadden
    BigFatWhale I hope Rush Limbaugh isn’t exaggerating his symptoms like Michael J Fox did. 31 Dec 2009 from TweetDeck
  5. Bill Palmer
    billpalmer come on God, I don’t ask you for much, and I very rarely ask you to smite anyone. but please kill Rush Limbaugh tonight. 31 Dec 2009 from web
  6. Dennis Stangl
    djstangl Breaking news – Rush Limbaugh has a heart! 31 Dec 2009 from Tweetie
  7. Richard Zangrillo
    plan9production Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital. I told him Oxycontin and bacon cheeseburgers were a dangerous mix. 31 Dec 2009 from web
  8. Ashley Stephens
    Ashley_Stephens So…if Rush Limbaugh dies in Hawaii, will his listeners believe the death certificate? 31 Dec 2009 from web
  9. Tristan Thomas
    ItzTrizz617 so rush limbaugh did go to the same hawaiian hospital obama was born in #ironysabitch 31 Dec 2009 from mobile web
  10. Keegs
    guitarbassfire RT @JoeMyGod @JamesAkersJr: I hope Rush Limbaugh is saved by a black homosexual doctor with a questionable immigration status. #fb

Not even ashamed at how nasty and vicious  they are.

Hey, you  idiots who are praying for Rush to have a black doctor…did you know one of his best friends, James Golden, AKA Bo Snerdley,  happens to be black? Did you know that his co-host on Thursday is his black friend, Professor Walter Williams?

Hello? Why do you care what color Rush’s doctor is? Rush doesn’t.


The Rush Limbaugh Show website issues a statement:

ALERT: Rush was admitted to a Honolulu hospital today and is resting comfortably after suffering chest pains. Rush appreciates your prayers and well wishes. He will keep you updated via and on Thursday’s radio program.


Speaking of Scott Brown…

William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection notes that MA State Senator, Scott Brown, who’s hoping to fill Teddy’s all important US Senate seat in a special election January 19, is “winning the online battle”.

In fact a Scott Brown in Australia has been the be the unwitting beneficiary of all the enthusiasm:

As the Boston Globe reports, in the past few days, as @ScottBrownMA has gained momentum through bloggers and twitterers and other social media, @ScottBrown has been inundated with people seek @ScottBrownMA.

Brown’s Facebook page has 8689 fans versus 6255 at Coakley‘s Facebook page. The BrownBrigade online network has 2517 members; I could find nothing similar for Coakley.

You can join the fray by following  @ScottBrownMA on Twitter, and becoming a fan of his Facebook page, linked above.

FYI: I listened in on a conference call with Brown, yesterday, and was surprised to learn that those rumors about the GOP leaving him in the cold were greatly exaggerated. In fact, “Don’t believe everything you read” is a direct quote from Brown. He wanted us to know that the GOP wasn’t stiffing him. But he is being greatly outspent by his well connected opponent, MA Atty Gen Martha Coakley, who has special interest, and  union $$$ backing her.

Scott Brown has something she doesn’t have, however…and that’s momentum.

You can donate to his campaign here, any time, but a “money bomb” is being planned for Jan. 11  for the last stretch of the campaign. You can go make a pledge, now, too.


Oh my… I just discovered this strictly by accident, I swear, but HUBBA HUBBA!

Long before he was a politician, the Republican candidate vying for Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat posed nude for the centerfold of Cosmo. Scott Brown won our “America’s Sexiest Man” contest and appeared in the June 1982 issue. In those days he was a 22-year-old law student at Boston College who was cramming for finals just days before stripping down for our photographer.

“Here at Cosmo we’ve had bachelors go on to be actors, models, and reality show stars, so we’re thrilled that one has gone on to become a politician,” says Kate White, Cosmo’s editor in chief. Obviously we know how to pick ’em. This particular bachelor has always had political ambitions and even admitted to being “a bit of a patriot” when we interviewed him.


Safe for work (I think…)pictures at link.

Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings Hasn’t Been Fired Yet?

This isn’t a gay/straight issue. It’s a *creepy, pervvy, cultural Marxist who recommends hardcore kiddie porn to school aged kids being put in charge of “Safe Schools” by Obama and their creepy defenders (Media Mutters)* issue.

Gateway Pundit and Andrew Breitbart are  not letting up on their vendetta against Jennings, and I thank God for that. Nothing good can come from having a person like this in a position of authority over children.

The latest via Gateway Pundit:

This week Mass Resistance reported that Kevin Jennings was promoting this porn books to kids for years:

Here’s proof that Kevin Jennings was certainly aware that his organization, GLSEN, recommended porn books for teens.  He had recommended them himself in his 1994 high school reader Becoming Visible porn publisher Alyson Books). On p. 278 in his Questions/Activities section for Chapter 17, he wrote:

15. Other resources for reading are Bennett Singer’s Growing Up Gay, Ann Heron’s One Teenager in Ten: Writings by Gay and Lesbian Youth, Aaron Frick’s Reflections of a Rock Lobster: A Story of Growing Up Gay, and Paul Monette’s Becoming a Man. Films include Robert King’s The Disco Years and Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, based on Jeanette Winterson’s autobiographical novel.

These questionable books (haven’t looked at the films yet…) have been described by Linda Harvey in 2002here), NARTH (late 1990s), and more recently at Gateway Pundit/ (Dec. 2009).

One of the books personally recommended by Jennings; Reflections of a Rock Lobster, (where gay sex between kindergartners in the school bathroom is treated as normal), is examined over at Gateway Pundit.

As always extreme content warning.


Kevin Jennings Still “Safe School Czar” – WHY?

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