Al Gore Cancels Lecture In Denmark

The Danes seem a little miffed over this. Around 3000 chumps had already purchased tickets, but “unforeseen changes in Al Gore’s program”, have caused him to cancel.

Weird! I wonder what could have precipitated this?

Berlingske reports, (via Google tranlate):

Al Gore has this morning told Berlingske Media’s great annoyance has canceled his planned major climate talks for Danes 16th december i Tap 1 på den gamle Carlsberg grund under titlen ”Klimakonklusion”. December 1 Tap in the old Carlsberg because, under the title “Climate Conclusion”.

(rest redacted due to bad translation…go to Berlingske to read).

Newsbusters has more:

Al Gore apparently has canceled a high-priced speaking engagement during the upcoming climate change conference in Copenhagen.

As NewsBusters reported Tuesday, the Nobel Laureate was slated to lecture about his new book “Our Choice” where attendees could pay over $1,200 a ticket for the right to meet the Global Warmingist-in-Chief and have their picture taken with him.

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Allahpundit made me lol with this snark: Alternate headline: “Pope to skip Easter mass.”

He thinks it’s not a big deal. Gore’s still going to be a very conspicuous presence in Copenhagen. The “high priest of global warming” is not gonna bail on this easily. Allah’s probably right not to read too much into this.


A rebuttal from Jackstraw in the comments:

No, actually Allah is wrong. Gore has been pimping this meeting for months and had over 3000 people signed up to come hear the climate god spew his nonsense.

For him to back out of this very public meeting means he knows that the walls are crumbling and he wants to keep away from any public venue where he might actually get asked questions by “skeptics”.

This fraud is coming undone.


Climategate Photoshop

I made a slight change in the Climategate photoshop I made last night. I liked the chart used below, (seen at Michelle Malkin’s) better than the one, I used earlier, because the monkeys in that pic cover the lower part of the chart that shows the decline. (They were hiding the decline).

This one works much better:


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Network News Not Reporting On Climategate

Julia A. Seymour of the Business Media Institute reports today that ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news have not yet reported on the Climategate scandal…12 days into the story, and all three networks are AWOL. That to me, is a scandal in itself:

12 Days, 3 Networks and No Mention of ClimateGate Scandal
Even as Copenhagen looms, broadcast news ignores e-mails suggesting warming alarmists ‘manipulated’ data, conspired to destroy information and thwarted peer reviews.

It’s been nearly two weeks since a scandal shook many people’s faith in the scientists behind global warming alarmism. The scandal forced the University of East Anglia (UK) to divulge that it threw away raw temperature data and prompted the temporary resignation of Phil Jones of the university’s Climate Research Unit.

Despite that resignation and calls by a U.S. senator to investigate the matter, ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news programming has remained silent – not mentioning a word about the scandal since it broke on Nov. 20, even as world leaders including President Barack Obama prepare to meet in Copenhagen, Denmark next week to promote a pact to reduce greenhouse gases.

Read the full report.

This is reminiscent of  the treatment the networks gave the revealing ACORN sting videos featuring Hannah Giles, and Michael O’Keefe just a couple of months ago.

If I remember right, Charlie Gibson was particularly clueless on that one. He’s asleep at the wheel on Climategate as well:


Read Mark Tappscott’s excellent post:  The fix is in, liberal media selling out for pot of government gold

Watching liberal journalists desperate for a government bailout as they prostrate themselves before Congress can be so confusing:

Should we be embarrassed as these media representatives of the “best and brightest” beg for official handouts while proclaiming their devotion to independent journalism?

Or should we laugh at the irony of what is left of a once-proud liberal media establishment choosing to become wards of the very state they so vigorously promoted for the past several decades?

Speaking as somebody who has made his living reporting and analyzing the news for more than two decades, I tend towards the embarrassment option.

In any case, it’s clear that the fix is in and all that is left now is for the liberal journalists and their new masters in government to complete their kabuki dance enroute to congressional approval and presidential signature on a massive package of aid for politically correct newspapers and broadcasters.

New improved climategate chart:

The monkeys are “hiding the decline”  in the first chart.


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