IA Rep Steve King Says ACORN Investigation will lead to the White House

Congressman Steve King Spoke at an ACORN forum on Dec 1st.  It’s nice to know that some of our Republicans are on top of this issue, and keeping the heat on:

Transcript via Atlas Shrugs:

King said “Obama has worked for ACORN,” and he has been part and parcel of that – Project VOTE in particular.” That entire network is something the Chicago Organization that now sits in the White House knows a lot about.”

King also pointed out that the new White House Counsel – Robert Bauer – sent a letter to the Attorney General last year urging an investigation of President Bush and the McCain Campaign for “alleging that ACORN was promoting fraudulent voter registration activities.”

Nice Deb remembers it well.

Barack Obama’s campaign attorney today asked Attorney General Michael Mukasey to add a probe into allegedly false Republican claims of voter fraud to the investigation into the firings of U.S. attorneys.

Republican voter-fraud accusations “seek both to suppress the vote and to unduly influence investigations and prosecutions,” wrote Robert Bauer, general counsel for the Democratic presidential nominee. He made the statement in a letter to Mukasey and special prosecutor Nora Dannehy, who is looking into the nine U.S. attorney firings in 2006.

Soooooooo……do people actually believe this Orwellian b.s.? It’s not like libs haven’t used this commie tactic before: Accuse your accusers of that which you’re guilty…..but I’ve never seen it done this brazenly, with an attempt to employ so much power  behind it. It’s a grim farce.

This entire White House is a grim farce.


A must read if you missed it Friday, is Andrew McCarthy’s; Alinsky Does Afghanistan. Yes, it’s about Obama’s Afghanistan policy, but it’s also a very salient piece about how Alinskyite Obama operates.

Video courtesy of the Washington News Observer.


Thanks, guys!


ACORN Investigation Will Lead To The White House Part II



4 thoughts on “IA Rep Steve King Says ACORN Investigation will lead to the White House

  1. Investigation will indeed lead to the W.H. and bring the Pelosi and Reid with it. The democratic party saw Acorn as their golden goose. Having been a democrat for way too many years…I get sick when I see them today.


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