Is Obama Flipping The Bird?

Gateway Pundit says:

There were reports yesterday that Barack Obama flipped the bird again during his speech in Allentown, PA at a former Hillary supporter.

Is it the “fickle finger of hate”, as a Breitbart commenter dubbed it, or does Obama just have an itchy face? You be the judge.

It always seems to come out when he’s mentioning rivals…


It’s not like Obama doesn’t know how to scratch his head with with his index finger:

Thanks to commenter, MirCat at Hot Air.


12 thoughts on “Is Obama Flipping The Bird?

  1. he knows what he is doing, & i bet it’s on purpose.

    one day his former buddies will come out and spill the beans on him & his radical past. Light always pokes thru to reveal what is hidden in the darkness.


  2. Fortunately obowma can’t see what I do to pictures of him. His followers are starting to come out of their deep sleep. Oh it’s so beautiful.


  3. It always seems to come out when he’s mentioning rivals


    At first I thought the clinton clip was trite, and meaningless, but the McCain one is blatant.

    Maybe he’s just a coward who is used to hiding his aggression, or whatever. I sometimes do the middle finger scratch thing, but I grew up knowing that the middle finger is a bad thing, since my father likes to flip it while driving, but I always keep my finger bent. ( I use the finger with the coarsest nail, but I don’t get manicures )

    Could it still just be an act of habit? yeah, but what is the foundation of that habit? I use the Eff word, one friend said “Doug says Eff like it’s an effing comma” and used to call me “and effing (my last name)” because I used to use such coarse language, and would start sentences after being cut off with “And Effing anyways. . . .” so she called me “and (effing) (my last name)” The foundation of that vulgarity is specific, though it was commonplace by then, at least for me.

    Is obama “and eff youing obama” expressing his ingrained habbits?


  4. Interesting theory.

    The weird thing about it if he’s really just scratching, shouldn’t his finger be more bent? You almost have to make an effort to keep it straight…so that would make it purposeful. And shouldn’t he try a little harder to use his index finger, since using his middle finger looks untoward?


  5. another thing about when I do a face scratch, I can’t speak for anyone else but myself, so I’m going anecdotal (which I do anyways) I don’t scratch down, I scratch up.

    I cup my hand at my jaw, and then open my fingers. I don’t flip the bird and then draw down.


  6. Even if …. (and that’s a big * if *) ….. it was inadvertent, wouldn’t a caring person who doesn’t wish to offend others make an effort to curtail a bad habit?

    This guy is a coward …. punk …. thug …. who can offend, then hide behind the innocent ‘it was all in your mind’ defense. Remember when he called us “teabag, anti-government people”? As if he didn’t know that was offensive…?

    coward … punk … thug

    but don’t think it isn’t making me sick that I am using those words in reference to my president.


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